Boston Peace 2008 Hip Hop Festival welcomes Truth message

'DJ Waldo' Truths up the Mix
Peace 2008 Hip Hop Festival welcomes Truth message to Boston City Hall Plaza

August 3, 2008

Boston 9-11 Truth is seemingly everywhere these days. Hot off their successful "Patriots Question 9-11" canvassing party on Boston's Esplanade this July 4th, the group took their message this past Saturday to Boston's City Hall Plaza where they distributed over 1,000 "Revolutionary HipHop" CDs to a highly receptive crowd.

The peace festival, the City's fifth annual, went off without a hitch despite a soggy start, with this year's headliner, legendary Long Island duo EPMD, powerfully broadcasting the peace message to a roaring crowd of about 2,500.

"There is something almost organic about the rap/hiphop scene that jives perfectly with our truth and peace message," said Mike "Waldo" Alexander. "We just knew we had to be here this year."

The group was easily able to distribute its entire inventory of revolutionary hiphop disks, a compilation assembled by Alexander, which questions the official account of 9-11, the "war on terror," globalization and other man-made impediments to peace and prosperity. Included on the disk were underground smashes like "Death March" by Immortal Technique and Paris' "Truth Song."

"We saw this same level of receptiveness on July 4th," said volunteer Jonny Rys. "People are more open to dicussing 9-11 than ever before (because) they're realizing their freedoms are on the line."

Until recently, the group says they sometimes encountered resistance when pointing out that 9-11 is an unsolved crime. But they say 2008 has seen a big shift their way. "It's as if someone suddenly flipped a swit ch here in the Boston area," said volunteer Susan Allen. "Most peoplewe talk to are now accepting of the fact that we never got a true investigation into the 9-11 crime, and that we need to have one now."

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Immortal Technique anyone

Hope they had lots of Tech and Paris to pass out.

Immortal Technique - Bin Laden (feat. mos def

Immoratal Technique - Third World

Damn Waldo, great job.

Damn Waldo, great job.

What's snowstorm...

Look at what one little "noreaster" will do to scheduling public activisms!

Hey Boston, the HI PERPS are rewriting history, how about you guys "toss the harbor" on the NEW day for the Boston Tea Party?, in August or something?

Might have about 200,000 more people down to Quincy Market get a chance to see it all!

And the Barking Crab might have its wind panels raised and the heaters turned off...OR...maybe some folks would LOVE to take in Quincy Market's fine food and beverages...

Just some marketing approaches being discussed here...gotta do some good work to get past San Diego's "beach-bike-bashes"...

Can't tell you how much I appreciate your positiveness and your imagination. The fact is that EVERY TOWN has its places that people gather for good times...and its fun! Regular folks really DO appreciate that we are standing up for our democracy.

Those Truthers who dress in black, appear ominous and YELL...just never get to understand this rewarding aspect of our amazing journey for Truth...

Robin Hordon



With all due respect...

I actually know Jason and the gang fairly well and I have attended two major events out that way...and Boston Truthers have gone out of their way to ask me quite a few questions. You may be seeing the results of their deliberations from these...and many, many other thoughts that they go out of their way to collect. Its a great group, they think things through, had a HUGE hand in how to market 9/11 Truth, and are a fantastic example of what a solid, responsible, introspective and self evaluating 9/11 Truth Organization can do.

And only a few of us have performed public street actions on behalf of 9/11 Truth in the middle of a northeaster snowstorm standing in six inches of rain soaked snow atop a bridge over Boson Harbor in to which was thrown lotsa stuff with 35 MPH winds swirling all around.

Guess one had to be there to "get" my finger gently poked in their ribs...maybe you weren't there?

That was a story to tell the grandchildren once you have the cover of dimentia as an excuse for telling this fantasy...

Robin Hordon