The FBI's New Anthrax Evidence

The FBI has just released a bunch of evidence it thinks is bad for Bruce Ivins in the anthrax case. You can find a report about it here.

There are several new points against Ivins. Let's look at them one by one:
(1) He sent e-mails saying Osama had anthrax and sarin (not actually true) and that he decreed death to all Jews and all Americans. This is apparently similar to the wording in the anthrax-carrying letters, which said "Death to America" and "Death to Israel." This is actually the first point in the NYT story today.

You have got to be kidding me - we are talking about the period shortly after 9/11, everybody thought Osama wanted death to America and was writing e-mails about it. This is hardly damning. Google "Death to America" and see how many hits you get.

(2) The envelopes used for the letters were bought in Maryland or Virginia.

That's just in no way conclusive, although if there were a prize for the most circumstantial evidence, it might just win.

(3) "searches of Dr. Ivins’s home in Frederick, Md., turned up “hundreds” of similar letters that had not yet been sent to media outlets and members of Congress"

Hundreds of similar letters? You have to doubt this one, if they found hundreds of similar letters - letters actually written in the style of the anthrax killer - then that would be pretty conclusive, but Ivins would have had to have been a complete idiot to keep them in his house. When were they found exactly, and let's see them?

(4) He worked late hours around the time of the mailings.

Again, completely circumstantial. When did he start working long hours - it wouldn't have been after 9/11, would it? That would be around the time of the mailings. A counterterrorism employee working long hours after 9/11 - can anybody think of another reason he might have been doing that.

(5) Ivins deliberately gave investigators wrong samples of anthrax to hamper their investigation.

This is the best one, but it still doesn't prove guilt.

I guess Ivins may have been the attacker and he may have been acting alone, but I'm not convinced - the DoJ was going to take this to trial?!

All the people who were

All the people who were testing the anthrax letters had custody, including the FBI and the people at Ivins lab who were helping the FBI.

Ivins has been cooperating with the anthrax investigation for 7 years, passed polygraphs, and answered every question the FBI asked.

Also, Ivins wasn't in New Jersey the day the letters were mailed, nor does he have a motive.

Nor did he have custody of dry anthrax, nor the equipment to make it, or the technical training.

Fox "news" is just repeating bullshit form the FBI looking for a scapegoat.

The anthrax attacks were orchestrated by Dick Cheney and the FBI.

That's why Cheney and his staff were taking Cipro before the "surprise" anthrax attacks.

It's pretty apparent

that for the last seven years, the FBI has not been looking for who did it. They did it. They've been looking for someone to pin it on.


yeah, that is just incredible; he knew the FBI was investigating him (they investigated everyone there)- did he destroy his porno collection, and leave a bag of "hundreds" of letters in the middle of the living room floor for the FBI to find?

This seems similar to the trail that was left for the FBI to chase after 9/11.

Let's see the letters.

EDIT: Just caught some of the press briefing on CSpan- in the Q&A a reporter asked about a link between Ivins and the Quantico letter that attempted to frame Assaad before the outbreak even happened; the US Attorney shill quickly and dismissively said he wasn't aware of a connection and moved to the next question

9/11 Family Steering Committee Review of the 9/11 Commission Report:

Complete 9/11 Timeline

All they have is very circumstantial evidence

They refuse to acknowledge the giant holes in their case. Instead, they are trying and convicting Ivins via the M$M and in their version of events, there is no doubt he is the only killer. Except, they have no hard evidence, they've got no motive and the suspect is conveniently dead, so he can't defend or explain himself.

One reporter at the press conference today asked about the Dr Ayaad Assaad case and the FBI were quick to brush off the question, with a nothing to see here, move along answer.

FBI's Anthrax Media Strategy

FBI's Anthrax Media Strategy Explained


After seven years, the FBI is unable to find out who mailed the deadly anthrax.


The deadly anthrax came from a government lab.


Sherlock Holmes said; "Once you have eliminated everything that is impossible, whatever is left, no matter how improbable, must be the truth."


The FBI leaks alleged circumstantial evidence and rumors to the mass media that points to Dr. Ivins' guilt.


Since this was a highly sophisticated crime that no one else could have possibly done, most people will believe, by process of elimination, that Dr. Irvins is guilty.


The FBI is counting on a majority of the people to hear only what the FBI is leaking, and not read the good investigative stories that demonstrate Dr. Ivins is innocent.


If the intelligentsia of the United States cannot absolutely prove Dr. Ivins is innocent, based on what they've read, the FBI is counting on the intelligentsia to use their lack of proof as an excuse to do nothing.


Enough investigative stories have already appeared that prove Dr. Ivins is innocent, if you connect the dots.


If we, the American intelligentsia, connect the dots, an act, we can demonstrate to the American people that Dr. Ivins is innocent.


If Dr. Ivins is innocent, then who is guilty?


"Once you have eliminated everything that is impossible, whatever is left, no matter how improbable, must be the truth."


Only an insider from the executive branch of the federal government, someone not subject to FBI investigation, could have perpetrated the deadly anthrax attacks in coordination with the war on terror.


Bruce Ivins: The Movie

Anthrax mystery: the FBI/media narrative is laughable – and sinister

by Justin Raimondo

It sounds like a very bad made-for-television movie: a mad scientist – a violent sociopath, a "nerd with a dark side," who had already tried to kill several people, is obsessed with pornography, and is fixated on a particular college sorority – unleashes a strain of deadly anthrax through the U.S. mail, killing five, infecting 17 others, and terrorizing the country.

His motive, aside from sheer antisocial vindictiveness: he holds the patent for an anthrax vaccine, and he also wants to direct the nation's attention to the supposedly overlooked and underfunded problem of bio-terrorism. That'll teach 'em!

It reads like some pretty execrable fiction, yet the FBI is peddling this farrago of shopworn clichés as the facts surrounding the alleged guilt of Bruce E. Ivins, whose suicide the other day ostensibly closes the 7-year-old anthrax terrorism case that has baffled investigators and shone a cruel light on the Bureau's methods and standards of conduct.



"The anthrax attacks were orchestrated by Dick Cheney and the FBI.

That's why Cheney and his staff were taking Cipro before the "surprise" anthrax attacks."

That's some wild conjecture that anyone can say, but they can't prove, much like the FBI hasn't proven its case against Ivins.

First problem:

""The anthrax attacks were orchestrated by Dick Cheney and the FBI."

This attempts to treat Cheney and the FBI as a single entity (engaged in the same conspiracy). The evidence is not there.

We have evidence that Cheney took Cipro, well in advance of the public disclosure of the anthrax attacks.

Where are the articles saying that the FBI was also taking Cipro?

On 9/12/01, anthrax was allegedly found at Urban Moving Systems (the Israeli spy ring in Weehawken NJ), according to Wayne Madsen's report.

Cheney knew about this on 9/11?

He also feared being a target?

No honor among thieves and terrorists?

The news about a leaked CIA study using anthrax through the mail could have major relevance here.

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at--

Read these actual documents!! Must read!

From what I understand, these are the documents submitted to get the warrants to search Bruce Ivin's stuff. This is how they justified the searches. Read the introduction and see if that is what you deduce.

The government's circumstantial case against Ivins, who committed suicide last month, is sketched out in affidavits filed in support of 14 search warrant applications filed since November 2007, when agents raided Ivins's home, cars, and his safe deposit box.

This is the link to the documents on the smoking gun website:

After you have read the documents consider the following observations.

What strikes me is what sophomoric stretches they make in their attempt to justify his targets. They imply that he targeted Leahy and Daschle because they were pro choice.

They imply he targeted Tom Brokow because an NBC investigative reporter, not Brokaw, filed a FOIA request for his papers relating to the vaccine he was involved in producing. The vaccine is alleged to be tied to Gulf War Syndrome and wasn't passing muster.

They imply that he targeted the National Enquirer because he worried about someday reading a headline in the National Enquirer exclaiming, "Paranoid Man Works With Deadly Anthrax!!!"

Read the 14 documents.

In my opinion they are highly suspect.

If these statements are true about him being a paranoid personality. Where are the controls? How did he keep his paranoia and apparent MPD from revealing itself to his coworkers? That's a pretty tall order.

He surely used insurance to pay for his medications which supposedly included anti-psychotic drugs.

I have a friend who is a helicopter pilot. He was going through a divorce and was taking in pretty hard. I said why don't you see a psychiatrist and possibly get some antidepressants prescribed and/or get counseling to get you past the acute initial reaction. He said he couldn't fly if he took antidepressants.

If there are this stringent of controls on a man flying a single helicopter, surely there would more stringent controls on someone who has access to pathogens which are considered weapons of mass destruction.

This looks like a weakly put together, trumped up frame up.

And now they are trying to close the case.

I personally don't even believe he committed suicide.

Read the documents.

See what you think.

It is only 14 pages and well worth your time.

I think the timing of targeting Daschle and Leahy, and the attempt to make it look like an Arab Muslim was the mailer point toward a false flag psyop. Was the timing a coincidence? What are the odds? This is reinforced by members of the Bush Crime Family and even John McCain saying that they believed the letters came from Iraq. They already had the case for attacking Afghanistan. That was done by their false flag psyop known as 911. This psyop was to bring Saddam and Iraq into their cross hairs and to begin the justification of the illegal invasion of Iraq. They consistently lied about the Iraq threat and now we know from Suskind's book that the White House ordered a forgery to tie Saddam to 911.

The circumstantial evidence points more clearly to BushCo. than it does to Ivin's. Ivin's could have been in on it, but the motive, timing and attempted Arab Muslim/Iraq connection, point to BushCo..

Prematurely closing the case with these unresolved questions about BushCo. involvement glaring in the investigators' faces, just adds to the weight of the case against BushCo and the Pentagon.

Could this be a fascistic solution to an unpleasant reality?

I think so.