Is Google Censoring Anthrax Coverage by Glenn Greenwald?

See original for hyperlinks and referenced graphic. What do you think? Anyone getting different results from the NEWS search engine, not the WEB engine?

Can you believe NONE of Glenn Greenwald's articles in come up in the first 3 pages of a Google NEWS (not WEB) search for "anthrax"??? How can that possibly be, when numerous mainstream pundits have been commenting on and linking to his articles??? Anthrax salon pulls one (1)- along with many articles commenting on and linking to his articles. Anthrax Glenn Greenwald got NONE. I’m not using quotes on anything.

A couple of his articles are top hits in WEB searches:
Google WEB: Glenn Greenwald Anthrax

It’s the NEWS searches where they are strangely absent:
Google NEWS Glenn Greenwald Anthrax

See the graphic at the bottom of the page to get an idea of how this affects how many people will see his articles, when searching for NEWS on the Anthrax case.

Also, I set up a “comprehensive” Google Alert for "anthrax" on 8/1 or 8/2; it hasn't returned a SINGLE link to a Glenn Greenwald article on Salon (a mainstream NEWS website), and has actually only sent me one alert, period, despite the daily news coverage of the leaks; have YOU gotten a Google Alert with a Greenwald article on Anthrax? Google NEWS indexes a lot of blogs, including, even the Diaries; In the past I’ve gotten plenty of alerts including articles and diaries.

Please try it yourselves, and set up some Google Alerts to see what results you get, and leave comments here. Google NEWS is different from Google WEB; the News site focuses on news/blog coverage relevant to current events, and this engine governs the vast majority of Google's traffic. I will not be surprised if the results have improved by later today or tomorrow, Google monitors whatever mentions it. ranks 1508 on Alexa as of now; this means only 1507 websites are more popular. None of the websites turning up in the Google NEWS rankings are anywhere near this popular; some are above 500,000

A Google NEWS search of “Glenn Greenwald”, who has been writing for since 2005 and has written 2 bestselling books doesn't hit any of his Salon articles; but check out the Google NEWS search results for "Stephanie Zacharek", a much less famous writer who also posts at Salon.

How can Google NEWS be returning these hits on articles linking to Glenn Greenwald at, and not be returning the article all these articles are linking to? The top hit for Glenn Greenwald Anthrax on Google WEB is “Vital unresolved anthrax questions and ABC News”, which has 573 comments, a measure of its popularity. This August 1 article is his most commented one so far in the series, and the number of comments correlates with its position in the search rankings. Searching “Vital unresolved anthrax questions and ABC News” on Google WEB gets 12,200 hits, and 2 (two) on Google NEWS. These are and, fine sites, but neither of these 2 (two) sites are, and neither get anywhere near the amount of traffic does.

What a crappy service Godgle runs; as soon as an alternative appears that gives better results, i'm kicking them to the curb ( isn't great- yet, anyway. isn't running yet, but might be good; it uses but isn’t limited or controlled by Google, and is supposed to be less commercially oriented than some of the other multi-search engine services, who I won’t promote by naming them, as they’re generally less useful than Google).

Google has one of the worst privacy records, in addition to aiding the Chinese Communist government’s censorship, and they frequently eliminate relevant stories from search results and their Google Alerts service. Is something wrong with my computer? Am I spelling "Anthrax" incorrectly? Or is something wrong with Google? This is making me feel Chinese, and gives meaning to the phrase "Don't be Google".

What are you afraid of, Google? Don’t you believe in free speech and the sanctity of information? I know you’re reading this; you read everything that mentions you. Who are you working for Google? Whatever will you do when consumers run from you to alternatives that will no doubt appear, because you are not providing the service people want; relevant search results? You better calculate if the payoff of a close relationship with Big Brother is worth your getting marginalized and/or going under in the future.

Google’s “glitch” or “censorship” might actually might not be affecting whether or not people find out about Greenwald’s reporting, given the number of articles returned in search results that link to Glenn Greenwald's Salon articles. The shoddy service will likely be making people start to question what's wrong with Google and start looking for alternatives, even inventing them. This is the information age, and the old disinfo models no longer work, to paraphrase John Albanese

Yahoo! NEWS is only *slightly* better; but as the vast majority of people use Google to search, how do you think this is affecting the public's understanding of the issue?

PRWeb search engine stats, as an example of traffic share: