Countdown: Bushed! August 6, 2008 (7 Year Anniversary of The PDB . . .)

It was great of Keith O. last night to emphasize the anniversary of the infamous 08.06.01 PDB . . .

Watch particularly at 1:40. Though it's just about the, so far, publicly known facts (and not deeper truths, YET), at least lots of people across this country saw and heard this last night, so it's either entering their consciousness on some level if it hasn't already, or it's being refreshed . . .

I watched Olbermann last night

... after hearing that he is not letting the Anthrax attacks go down the memory hole. It was the cherry on top to hear him cite the anniversary of the Aug 6, 01 PDB. Where have I been? I've been watching Anderson Pooper 180 which is on at the same time.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

It's easy to forget..or possibly, want to forget...

...some of these farces. It's serves a purpose to remind us how poorly it reflects in retrospect. Maybe, there will be a Time Life Video collection offered, at some point, "Bushwhacked USA"?

I don't want to forget the following farce, though. It represents Rumsfeld's insanity, as he related the existence of many of these comic book fortresses all over Afghanistan to Russert on "Meet the Press" in early 2002. The bin Laden mountain fortress of steel:


...don't believe them!

What about 10th anniversay of 8/7?

Since we're on the subject of anniversaries, I'm surprised there hasn't been any mention here--or anywhere that I've seen, actually--of the 10th anniversary on Thursday of the African embassy bombings of August 7, 1998. That was the event through which I and millions of others were first introduced to Bin Laden and his videos which conveniently furnished the military-industrial complex with the new enemy they had craved since the end of the Cold War. He, of course, had been very active at the time of the anti-Soviet war in Afghanistan, but I don't recall ever actually hearing anything about him or his 'legend' until these embassy bombings. Thus was the public mind prepared to believe claims of his resposibility for 9/11 three years later (his purported involvement in the USS Cole bombing in 2000 helped towards the same end).

He was the one--with the help of those handy videos--that the media conveniently pushed into the foreground as the 'mastermind' of those attacks. Meanwhile, others who we have reason to believe were involved with those attacks, such as Ali Mohamed--who used to train troops at Fort Bragg (!)--went unmentioned.


Thanks Betsy!

I would bet anything...

Olberman is a closet truther.

I think so, too. But he

I think so, too. But he obviously has to be very careful . . .

I'm going to mail him a copy of Zero: An Investigation into 9/11 -

Summer of Truth

Lets lynch KO...

Seems to me that just a few weeks ago some Truthers wanted to really hang KO out there because he didn't express exactly what some Truthers wanted him to express at that moment.

How about we start with the effusive use of the word TREASON that we hear all the time from our "friends" in the WAC gang of bullhorners. I think that it woud be very helpful right now to call everybody, except one's self, a traitor. That'l help.

It should be quite obvious now that blurting out that everyone is far more of a cointelpro line than the approach that a reasonable Truther might utter.

So, here is a test question.

Do you think that Olberman is a Truther?

If you say YES...well, you are beginning to really get what is actually going on all around you...and you have some deep and respectful listening devices in your being.

If you say no, well, that's a really worrisome answer because some stuff is happening all arond you that is not registering or penetrating your "beings". So, for you, I suggest that you get out the bullhorn and YELL at something...beause that always helps.

Oye Ve...a while back some Truthers even wanted to run Willey's 9/11 concert for him! I mean you gotta be kidding me???...and now, some Truthers want to run KO's news broadcast for him also...

This is understandible beacuse of course, THEY...know better than KO, or even Willie.

HMMM...I wonder what would happen if we rigged up some 12 volt batteries in a bullhorn designed for a 9 volt battery...maybe we can get 33% louder when we yell at...anything and everything!

Look, today's coffee is French Roast...and it smells pretty some of us!

PUHHHLEASE...grow up pills are free, and they are consumed on one's own prescription schedule...get out your pen and change the prescription!

And drinking some beers after a good day of CI is far, far more fun...and considerably less damaging to the 9/11 Truth Movement.

"Griffin's Ripples" are hard at work in the belly of some of the beasts aroud us. We need to be far more cool about all of this than the reactionary "hacks" that are so well assocaoted with cointelpro behaviors which serve to ramp up emotions when ever and where ever they can. Talk to Tom Hayden from the 60s...

KO NOT a Truther...come on, you gotta be kidding just gotta be kidding me!

When did we loose the ability to read between the lines? OH bullhorning school, sorry, I forgot.

So, here is my advice..SHUT UP ABOUT IT...and let him/them work his/their own games. Their games are a lot more difficult than your "grab a bullhorn and yell at something" game. your OWN thing...

Back off of Willie, he has been doing amazing stuff that most have no idea about.

And, he has become a very suuccessful entertainer WITHOUT our advice! Imagine did Willie do this without the wisdom of the We Are Change cartel? Just luck I'd say...yeah, right!

Willie doesn't even have a video camera taking pictures of a video camera taking pictures of video cameras which are taking pictures of video cameras. He must have magic or something because WACers have the REAL knowedge about all this stuff...especially this country's CW fans.

Hit the streets once a week, be polite, hand out some stuff, do some CI, have some beers...

Robin Hordon