Ivins Went Nuts . . . But It Was the FBI Who Drove Him Crazy


One of the FBI's pieces of "evidence" against Dr. Ivins is that he sounded nutty, and thought the FBI was out to get him.

Maybe, he might have been a fruitloop, but:

  • Ivins' colleagues have noted other abuses, and the FBI undoubtedly harassed Ivins in ways which we have not even heard about

As leading reporter Larisa Alexandrovna writes:

"The FBI alleges that Ivins lost his mind and told the counseling group he was attending that he was a target in the FBI investigation and made threats. Remember, this is AFTER the man had been stalked and threatened for several years, and his children harassed, including an attempted (allegedly) bribe of his son. Yes, he lost his mind, but was that not the point after all?"

Indeed, the FBI's tactics in driving Ivins batty and then saying "see, he must have done it" are similar to the government's tactics of torturing the Gitmo detainees until they were literally crazy, and then getting "confessions" from them once they were nuts.

reminds me of that old saying...

Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they are not out to get you.

Next Question?

If they can't sell Ivins as perp, then what's next? Does the FBI quit with a flat, "we got our man," assertion, or, do they go shopping for someone else?

Couldn't agree more with you, RobinDallas, even paranoid schizophrenics have real enemies. I'm certain, they could do a job on just about anyone!

...don't believe them!

A common MO used to target "threats"

Calling people "nuts" because they are a threat or have damning evidence. "Deranged" and "disturbed" are other favored ad hominums. The object is to make the target feel isolated and hopefully question their own sanity, and of course, encourage others to dismiss the damning evidence.

For example, the Larouchites are documented to use these tactics with the goal of causing mental instability. Its not a surprise that our un-intelligence agencies are willing to stoop to these tactics.