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Okay, I think it's time to have "The Talk." No, not the talk about the Birds & the Bees. Not even the one about the Hard Core Truth and the state of the Union. The subject of this article is as complicated yet simple as both of these subjects. We are going to scratch the surface of the subject called "What are we going to do if the "SHTF?" There is a lot to this subject and when I say, "SHTF," I mean everything from a Global Economic Collapse to an Earthquake to another False Flag Attack from our Constitution Hating Owners. They are all pretty much downers and we don't like to dwell on them, we are already doing everything we can, right? Maybe.

Look in your cupboard or pantry. How much food and water do you have right now should the "SHTF?" Think about it. Do you have enough for you and your loved ones to live for a week, a month, six months? If you have an exit plan, do you have what you need in order to get where you're going? A little preparation now can save you from making desperate choices later. A few days with no food or water and a FEMA Camp might start sounding like a good idea.

About the time that Presidential Directive 51 got signed I started collecting some Food Insurance. Hell we have car insurance, home insurance, and renters insurance. Some of us are lucky enough to have health insurance, why not Food Insurance? I started doing some research. Say what you like about the Mormons, they have Emergency Preparedness down! That and love thy neighbor, they have it down!

I'm going to make some recommendations. First buy yourself a water filter and basic 72-hour survival kit.

Water Filters; I have an AquaRain. Berkey also makes a great filter- Berkey Water Filters
Emergency Essentials has outstanding 72-hour kits- Emergency Kit

Get yourself a weeks worth of MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) for $70 plus shipping- MREs

Have a backpack already packed with hiking/camping cloths and one or two "nice" outfits to "blend in" or go on a job interview in. Know where all your important papers are and anything you can sell quickly or barter with. Have some cash on hand. Have your resume on disk and any other important files. Have a months worth of any medications and vitamins you need. Take a basic tool kit and a bedroll. A self-powering flashlight/radio unit from the store is also a good idea. These can also be purchased through Emergency Essentials.

If you plan to stay put, get yourself some basic food storage. I recommend freeze-dried and dehydrated food in #10 cans. If stored properly this stuff can last 15 – 27 years. Emergency Essentials has the best customer service and selection I've found. I also recommend Honeyville.

If you don't know how to cook from scratch, don't try to learn after the emergency starts. Know your limitations, buy MREs or "just add water" food from Mountainhouse, also available at Emergency Essentials. Heat your food or eat it cold. Steven Jones has plans for a solar cooker online. Even if you can cook, don't just buy beans and rice. Although a great start, a month (or two) of beans and rice may also make that FEMA Camp sound fun. These #10 cans come with everything from Roast Beef to Chocolate Brownie Mix. Have some fun with your food storage, it may keep you from going koo koo for Cocoa-puffs later.

Store vitamins, aspirin and first aid. Have enough foresight to keep yourself clean. Baby wipes work wonders. 99-cent stores are a great place to buy soap, shampoo, q-tips, shavers, sunscreen, deodorant, toothpaste, dish washing liquid and detergent. Keep it all in a storage tub that can be used as a washbasin. Smart and Final has large containers of hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and bleach.

Girls, you need a little extra equipment. Imagine two or three months without what you need. Also, Girls, if you color your hair consider packing a home color kit of your natural color. That way you can go back to your roots, as it were, and not have to worry about upkeep. My best cosmetic advice for the worst of times is keep a compact mirror, tweezers, moisturizer, facial sunscreen and a good bar of soap. Keep yourself clean, healthy and fed and you will be just gorgeous.

Most importantly have water on hand and know where to find more. Your waterbed is no good, neither is your pool. Know where to find fresh water or better yet store it yourself. I can pee in my AquaRain and it will give me drinking water, but if I put water from my waterbed through it, the fungicide will kill me (or make me wish I were dead). Once the chlorine has evaporated out of your/your neighbor's pool you can filter that, but wait until a healthy bit of algae develops. Hopefully they will just try and starve us out and not take our water and heat, but be prepared for anything.

Long Term Food Storage and basic Emergency Preparedness is in no way enough to survive WWIII or other such possibility, but while the rest of the neighborhood is going up in emotional and psychological flames over whatever, you will be able to keep your cool and make choices based on a full stomach.

Expect the best but prepare for the worst while in the midst of working to create our reality from our highest aspirations and deepest dreams.



good advice. especially the

good advice. especially the part about not freaking out.
but since my neighbors include a house owned by two TS's and another house where the owner called the cops on me because I parked in front of it, I can pretty much predict that they will freak out lol
I have had two women tell me, in the last two days, that someone suggested they should have a gun and they wanted to ask me where they should get one
i dont know who suggested that i might have one or might know.
maybe they just assumed lol
anyway, it is a good idea and one can get a rifle from a sporting goods store for around $200 or so.

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