16 Labs Had the Killer Anthrax Strain


Page 6 of the FBI's search warrant affidavit in the Ivins' investigation states:

"Of the sixteen domestic government, commercial, and university laboratories that virulent RMR-1029 Ames strain Bacillus antrhracis material in their inventory prior to the attacks. ...."

As the Baltimore Sun summarizes it:

"The government said that 16 government, commercial and university labs had the strain of anthrax with the same genetic mutations as the anthrax used in the attacks.


And even at Fort Detrick, the government said that more than 100 people had access to the flask, creating a lot of room for reasonable doubt."

According to the Washington Post, the other labs obtained the RMR-1029 from Ivins:

"The FBI determined that Ivins had shared samples of his RMR-1029 bacteria with as many as 15 other labs and institutes nationwide."

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FBI "Case" So Full Of Holes

Even the Washington Post, in an editorial, was not very satisfied with the FBI's press conference.

Ivins' supposed "obsession" with a college sorority sounds like something from a grade B slasher movie.