The Huffpo censor

Although we've never had a two-way conversation, i can't help feeling that the Huffpo censor and I have formed something of a relationship.

I create a steady stream of 'rational' comments to their blogs and , if its even remotely controversial, let alone a 9/11 conspiracy theory, they make my comments go away.

Anyway. For no reason other than frustration, here's my latest little note to the Huffpo censor.

"Note to the censor.

Hello. Its me again.

Well, you've just 'disappeared' another of my comments and, as usual, I want to let you know that it hasn't gone unnoticed.

From a purely marketing perspective I'd like to draw your attention to the fact that your branding as a 'left wing', alternative news outlet is weakening daily.

I'm not the only one whose comments you smother. There is an ever increasing buzz out here in reality-land about huffpo and its wholesale sellout to the MSM paradigm.

Historically, when the good guys win, the bad guys in uniform suffer. The people who dress like good guys but shill for the bad guys suffer more.

And you. Yes you. Sitting in your nice office, in your nice town, with your nice job a huffpo... are a shill for the bad guys.

How does it feel?

Better hope that 'we' don't win."