Kucinich Impeachment Effort Continues.

Pressure on multiple fronts for Bushco. If you haven't yet, sign the Kucinich petition demanding impeachment hearings;

Congressman Kucinich

What the HELL is happening in Georgia?

Israel backs Georgia in Caspian Oil Pipeline Battle with Russia

If the Congress keeps its mouth shut about US-Israeli military "advisors", God help us all.

Iraq-Afghanistan-Iran is not enough?

Now we want to tangle with the Russians? More Private Mercs fuelling Oil-Pipeline wars?

The GrandChessboard for real?

We are heading for a big big war and certain draft when and if this escalates.

Your team in Congress and those supporting you better hurry.

The Russians aren't as patient as the American People.

And their subs are whole lot more silent than China's.

If we are expecting to win a nuclear confrontation with the Russian Federation, think again.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Speaking of the pipeline and Russia

Check out the latest from Karl Schwarz. http://www.rense.com/general82/zcrp.htm

impeachment must go foward

it is a necessary first step to restore the republic,. . . if that is even possible

It is possible

to restore the republic if we stick together at the grass roots level. Keep on truck'in truthers.


....Thank you Mr. Kucinich You do our country proud ! I signed your petition, and had my friends sign as well.
I think impeachment is on the light side......We need Bush & company prosicuted for the murder of three thousand people on 9/11, and treason.
After that we need to bust the hell out of our controlled media, and put those in charge in prison.
We need to make examples of this corrupt system so as to make sure this never happens again.
Honesty, integrity, accountability in our government.

By the way...

Friday, August 8th, 2008
WE DID IT!!! ...a note from Cindy Sheehan

The Department of Elections called... WE QUALIFIED!!!


Love, love, love!

Go Cindy! Go Dennis!

I emailed speaker "Palousy" and told her I want to move to her district to vote against her! God Bless you Cindy.

For the last two elections I have felt Dennis Kucinich was the smartest person on the platform with the brightest ideas and the most honest answers ! The press has kept him down but the people are waking up! Go Dennis!

I hope your right Orangutan

I would love to see Cindy kick some Pelousy ass. It just could happen.

Kucinich is right

It's a matter of principal. We need to save the constitution. That is the bottom line. Why the hell isn't he running for President?

I like what Kucinich says....

Kucinich is saying the right things and I signed the petition. I just wish there were more outspoken voices in Congress? Kucinich's lone voice seems troubling. I hope, he's just not playing a designated role?

I can't get past his British-born wife Elizabeth, either. Mrs. Kucinich has done volunteer work in the British House of Lords. She's also has a pierced tongue! Is this more corruption? I just don't have confidence this will lead to anything substantial?

I know, everyone loves Kucinich but these are valid observations?

...don't believe them!

DK is the real deal

I volunteered for the DK 2008 Presidential campaign and can vouch for its authenticity. The volunteers I worked with were honest true partiots, informed citziens and just plain folks who were "Mad as Hell and not going to take it anymore." DK's fights to be represented in the debates and against election fraud should be remembered. Only a person of high principle continues against the overwhelming obsticles put out by the Neo-Con, corporistic scumbags.

As with Cynthia McKinney, people of principle do not back down and can stand in open public with their head up high, speaking words of truth and wisdom.

Liars always have to look over their shoulders and espouse greater lies in efforts to cover-up previous lies. An honest person never has to worry about covering up for there are no lies.

The best way to discern a liar is by the techniques the liar uses...
1).obfuscation, mis-direction, straw-man,
2) logical falicies designed to appear like facts,
3) lack of comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter,
4) lack of genuine positive traits - empthy, sincerity, humility,
5) unrelentless self-promotion - false illusions of gandur.

All these traits apply to Bush, Cheney, Peloise, Reed, Hoyer, M$M and the rest of the Bush Crime family. They also apply to most of the corporate world.

DK, Cynthia and Nadar all seem to be lacking an any of the lair traits. Meet the real deal.

Thanks Mr Bill

Your post is honest and appreciated.

I want to believe. Congress has turned into such stinkin' cesspool, though, I have trouble entertaining any s-word they put out anymore. Thanks for the post.

...don't believe them!


"The best way to discern a liar is by the techniques the liar uses...
1).obfuscation, mis-direction, straw-man,
2) logical fallacies designed to appear like facts,
3) lack of comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter,
4) lack of genuine positive traits - empathy, sincerity, humility,
5) unrelentless self-promotion - false illusions of grandeur."

I think you've nailed these points. I would add:

6) obsessive and petty personal attacks, slander against others
7) refusal to legitimately debate through using all of the above techniques
Arabesque: 911 Truth

I did 8 years of formal debate in HS an college

One of the things I learned was to was build an air-tight case and never fear having it exposed to any attacks. Over time, I started to have contact with alot of the "pre-Neo Scum" types and DLC jerkoffs that today have ruined our country. I saw their feeble minds trying to grasp the truth or logical analysis and fail miserably. No, these Neo-Con types are dim-witted, narcisstic, egotistical under acheivers. They hide behind priveldge, money and fear. But when faced by a challenge well constructed, logical and fact based, they basically run around like a chicken with its head cut off.

The 9/11 Truth Movement is that challenge. FBI faked cases, an incrediably weak official conspiracy theory which flys against the laws of physics, super human suicide pilots, and half-assed domestic terrorist plots all crumble when the men and women who represent this movement get to work.

"The pen is mighter than the sword!!!"

N Pelosi Has Not Yet Read the Articles.

N Pelosi Has Not Read the Articles Yet.

Good Job!

It's another great 9/11 Truth encounter which documents the times in which we live!

Pelosi conceded Bush has eviscerated the constitution with an affirming, "that's terrible".

The country seems to have enough taste to reject Pelosi's book, which has sold less than 3,000 despite a full media push.

Pelosi Book Bombs

It's, at least, one small consolation to Pelosi's aiding and abetting the destruction of our country!

...don't believe them!