Because I know lies when I see them and when I smell them

August 8, 2008


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Because . . . there are many Americans who think that those of us who asked questions about what happened on September 11 and how it happened and who did it and who's responsible . . . are somehow lunatics.

And I understand the arguments about the gang that can't shoot straight and how do you pull off a perfect conspiracy where nobody blabs . . . seven years later. Yes that's a serious question and it's a burden to overcome but it's actually a distraction too from what we know.

What we know is very simple . . that the official narrative driven by the media and affirmed by the 9/11 commission has more holes than Swiss cheese or any other metaphor that you want to use. It simply does not hold up to careful scrutiny and if you don't believe me pick up any of the six books by David Gray Griffin where he dispassionately dissects the official narrative and later the work of the 9/11 commission . . shows the contradictions and inconsistencies and the areas where they chose not to go.

And so in dealing with this I repeat what I've said many times . . I don't know exactly who is responsible how they did it and what the nature of that conspiracy was. But I don't believe that an airliner hit the Pentagon. I suspect that flight 93 was shot down over Pennsylvania . . . by American fighters . . and while I'm not one who is so far out there that I say oh no jets were slammed into building one or building two, I don't believe that those aircraft alone caused those buildings to collapse and no one has properly explained why building seven at the World Trade Center came down.

And I'm not embarrassed to raise these questions. I know there are people who think I'm a lune. People have told me that to my face and I don't give a damn because I know lies when I see them when I smell them and the official model of the story has a lot of lies in it. There's a lot of truthiness in there too . . . no doubt about it . . . and so I think we do have to keep asking.

And these anthrax attacks came so close after 9/11. And now we know that Bush wanted the FBI to falsely blame the anthrax on Al Kida. Now the FBI version today of Bruce Ivins as the sole source of the anthrax . . that doesn't quite hold up either . . but will give that one a little time . . it's fresh. . . . and as people raise questions about the anthrax investigation and what we're being told . . . some of them cannot go any further back not even a month back . . and say well gosh . . . if Bush was willing to falsely blame the anthrax on Al Kida . . . if they tried to get Habbush . . what a name . . . Bush with Haaaaaa on the front . . . they wanted to get a Habbush to certify falsely a non-existent connection between Iraq and 9/11. How can you then say I have no questions about 9/11 itself . . to do so requires denial and as Dire Straits told us . . denial ain't just a river in Africa.

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