Anthrax Investigations: Dead Microbiologists Revisted

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What’s the average rate at which microbiologists die under mysterious or suspicious circumstances? Bruce Ivins is only the latest of many.

Murders and mysterious “accidents” involving microbiologists, confirmed and reported by mainstream media:

Scientists' deaths are under the microscope By Alanna Mitchell, Simon Cooper And Carolyn Abraham in the Globe and Mail, May 4, 2002

Conspiracy Theories: Does a rash of mysterious deaths around the world lead to Memphis? By Rebekah Gleaves in the Memphis Flyer, March 7, 2002

List of 16 who died in 5 months, starting November, 2001: compiled by
Mysterious Deaths of Microbiologists

List of 100 dating back to 1982; I have not researched this list, and am not vouching for the person/org who compiled it, or the list’s accuracy; I am posting it here to raise awareness, and so those interested can investigate: 100 DEAD SCIENTISTS AND MICROBIOLOGISTS - The Master List by Valis of Awoken Research Group, posted at June 16, 2006

Perhaps some are satisfied the FBI has proved beyond a “reasonable doubt” that Ivins and no one else was responsible for the post 9/11 Anthrax attacks on Democrats and “liberal” media, and that he killed himself to avoid prosecution. However, Ivins isn’t being autopsied, and the FBI was not ready to present evidence to a grand jury; they claim they were going to sit down with him and his attorney and present it to them!

As soon as Ivins was dead, a campaign was begun of anonymous leaks to corporate news media, who regurgitated them without questions. This has manufactured an appearance of involvement by Ivins, just as it did with the FBI’s leaks regarding Steven Hatfill and ABC’s reporting on “bentonite” and the false Iraq connection. So far, the FBI has ignored the many questions being raised in other media reports, but it looks they will have to deal with a Congressional investigation.

Many of Ivins colleagues and other experts believe Ivins couldn’t have created the Anthrax used in the attacks, and some of them believe the FBI’s harassment drove him to kill himself. For a review of problems with the FBI’s case against Ivins, see here:

Search of “Anthrax” on George Washington’s Blog:

Anthrax Vaccine -- posts by Meryl Nass, M.D.

Search of “Anthrax” for Glenn Greenwald’s articles at

The Anthrax Follies and the Bizarro Effect: The case against Bruce Ivins is pathetic by Justin Raimondo,

August 8, 2008 Scientists Challenge FBI to Release Data in U.S. Anthrax Probe By Avram Goldstein and James Rowley, Bloomberg

August 7, 2008 Experts Question FBI's Genetic Test in Anthrax Case (Update2) By James Rowley and Avram Goldstein, Bloomberg

August 7, 2008 Doubts persist on Ivins' guilt: Scientists and legal experts skeptical By Stephen Kiehl and Josh Mitchell, Baltimore Sun

And, of course, there are the really obvious questions the FBI is avoiding, such as why were White House staff put on Cipro on 9/11, who told journalist Richard Cohen to start taking it, and who tried to frame Ayaad Assaad for the Anthrax attacks, before the outbreak even occurred?

This is something I was (am

This is something I was (am still) very interested in - even corresponded with a Washington Post reporter about the seemingly stalled anthrax attacks' investigation a few years ago.

He was unaware of the 17(?) dead microbiologists who all seemed to die of varying but potentially suspicious circumstances within a relatively short period of time . . . The odds of which, once again, are miniscule, if not impossible.

Why hasn't the American free press picked up this story? : )

Summer of Truth


AFP has covered it, but they also print holocaust denial and racist type stuff, so i don't consider them a credible source, and don't use what they print til i find it confirmed elsewhere, personally.

There's also a list of 88 and another of 100 dead microbiologists (dating back to 92, i think) circulating on the net, but i've never found it on any sites other than ones i don't trust, and have never investigated the names. The ones i linked in this article have been confirmed, it would seem. I don't trust the MSM, but when they put their necks and reps on the line by publishing stuff, i often assume they've checked their facts. Not all of them are owned by the big 5, either, and even the NY Times and Fox report establishment-threatening truths now and then; Fox had a 5? part series on the israeli "art student" spy ring- later pulled without retraction or explanation, available on youtube.

It sure does seem against the odds that so many microbiologists would die mysteriously in such a short time period- and very convenient, if they knew too much, or were raising problematic questions. Mysterious deaths quite often solve those kind of problems for powerful people- just google "dead people" and "bill clinton" or "dead people" and bush, and check those out...

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