911 Truth and Peace Activists "Welcome" Nancy Pelosi to Los Angeles

Activists Welcome Nancy Pelosi To Los Angeles (3 videos in this posting)

Jeremy and GARKO discuss Nancy Pelosi's failures, betrayals, treason...

Bruno from We Are Change LA and LAPD hassled By Incompetent US Capitol Police Agent


How Dare She Show Her Face In Public!

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Developing: Peter Thottam arrested at LA Pelosi event 8/11/08

Four reports, rush transcripts:

More incoming reports, video and photos here: http://www.peterthottam.com/pelosi.html I know this is a long post. Not sure if all of this is linked here yet.

Rush transcript from Peter Thottam, morning of Tuesday, August 12, 2008:

I was arrested last night at Pelosi's book-signing event (trespassing charges/heckling). Spent the night in jail. Would do it again.

Police booking. Interesting process. Call me if you need details. I think Linda may have audio. She and Dorothy were both sitting next to me.

Essence of the comment (made after hearing Pelosi's hour long stream of b.s./nonsense/gender role anectodes and her inane comments about how truly great her fellow congressional reps were ('all but 50 of the 460 plus Congressional House of Rep members") :

"I am going to vomit. Who gave you the right to destroy the Constitution and take Impeachment off the table? Our first, second, fourth, fifth and eighth Constitutional amendments are being annihilated. 1 million Iraqis are dead. 5,000 Americans including Cindy Sheehan's son. We've spent over 1 trillion taxpayer dollars on a war that should never have been started. Our constitution is being destroyed, Nancy. Bring back our Constitution... Bring it back (being dragged out of the room)..." [there may have been more, I'm not sure. Linda was taping]

Security Gaurd called the LAPD officers and made a citizen's arrest. Spent the night in jail. The police officers were sympathetic and agreed about the role of big money in Congress. They agreed that Pelosi and these reps are just tools.

Would do it again? Absolutely. One of the best things I've ever done. The look on her face was priceless. Deer in the headlights X 10?

We are far too passive and non-confrontational. Kumbaya moments? People are dying...

Who are we kidding. (edited for privacy) Laws? Who are we kidding.

I know Jodie spoke afterwards. Ditto w/Jennifer. Jodie wasn't booked. I'm not sure about Jennifer.

Insights on others? Pelosi/Congress needs to hear from Millions like us... Enough w/the street protests. Enough with the cyberspace email streams...

I just got out of the Pacific Division station. Just caught a cab and got your voicemails (they gave me back my confiscated cell phone about one hour ago). Gotta rush. (edited for privacy)

The system is clearly non-functional. It doesn't work. The media is a circus. A side-show. They lie. They lie ... They lie. The disconnect b/w Nancy Pelosi (and many of the people in that audience) w/what is going on here in the U.S. and abroad is apalling. This clown is Speaker of the House? I plan to make the failure of impeachment and of Congress a center-piece in my September 11th talk with Bowman, Griffin (edit: G. Edward). Damn it...

I have an appearance in court Sept. 4th. I'll let you know how it goes.

Peter Thottam
www.911truthla.com , www.peterthottam.com

Inside Report from Marcy Winograd:

Protestors Dog Pelosi on Her LA Book Tour at American Jewish University

Pelosi thanked her host, American Jewish University, proclaimed her support for Israel as a Jewish state, and then talked about the importance of women owning their power – this from the woman who upon assuming her role as Speaker of the House declared impeachment off the table, thus immediately surrendering her power to hold the Bush administration accountable for war crimes.

Mid-way through Pelosi's somewhat surreal Know Your Power: A Message to America's Daughters book chat in Los Angeles -- Peter Thottam, founder of the LA Impeachment Center -- couldn't take the small-talk and platitudes anymore.

Jumping up, a few seats back from the stage, Thottam shouted, Who gave you the right to destroy the Constitution and take Impeachment off the table? Our first, second, fourth, fifth and eighth Constitutional amendments are being annihilated. 1 million Iraqis are dead. 5,000 Americans including Cindy Sheehan's son. We've spent over 1 trillion taxpayer dollars on a war that should never have been started. Our constitution is being destroyed, Nancy. Bring back our Constitution... Bring it back ... Security moved in on Peter, took him away, arrested him and threw him in jail for the night.

Quote from Peter Thottam -- Security Guard called the LAPD officers and made a citizen's arrest. Spent the night in jail. The police officers were sympathetic and agreed about the role of big money in Congress. They agreed that Pelosi and these reps are just tools.

Seconds after Peter's challenge, I shot up, two rows back from the stage, smack dab in the center of the audience, asking, Nancy, were you fully briefed on torture? Were you briefed on torture? Then came Jodie Evans, co-founder of Code Pink, holding out a copy of the US Constitution, offering it to Pelosi, just in case she missed the repeated mentions of impeachment as a remedy for abuse of power. Security moved in on Jodie, too, whisking her out of the auditorium at American Jewish University, high atop Sepulveda, just past the fifty protestors who came to greet Pelosi with Impeachment is on Our Table and Out of Iraq Now! and No Attack on Iran! signs and banners.

During Pelosi's entire book talk, some of us -- Sara Nichols, Jodie Evans, Linda Milazzo, Marcy Winograd, Tighe Barry – held up our Nancy books with messages we scrawled in big black letters on the inside cover -- Protect Iran - Honor Your Oath - Impeach! - Hold Bolton and Rove in Contempt -- Nancy, Torture? Torture? Torture? and more about specific articles of the Constitution which called for impeachment. Security personnel whispered, watched us -- seemingly unsure of how to respond to this act of subtle, yet distracting resistance. (continued below)

At one point during her talk, Pelosi, visibly nervous, looked right at us, those of us sitting two rows back, front and center, and told us, almost apologetically, "I was an activist too, I am a progressive, I want the war to end, too. I want to get out of Iraq" and then -- "We need to move our troops into Afghanistan, not Iraq."

When Pelosi finished, no questions taken, no dialogue allowed, several of us shouted at her, Use your power, Nancy, to impeach these war criminals. Use your power! Do not be complicit!


Activists from PDLA, Code Pink, The National Impeachment Network, Neighbors for Peace and Justice and several other groups implemented the Outside strategy, ringing Mulholland Drive and several approaches to last night's event, beginning long before its start time. Shadowed by an unusually large police presence and infiltrated by extremely clean-cut fellows claiming to be local "film makers," activists persevered through the entire book signing with the goal of getting their message in front of the Speaker: The night shot below shows the huge "Impeachment is on OUR table!" banner just moments before Pelosi's limo was obliged to exit right past it. - Michael Jay, Co-Chair, PDLA

Pelosi Protest Last Night in LA
by Cindy Piester:

Citizens for Impeachment went to the Pelosi Book signing in LA last night to protest, but none of us went in. Others did. Yeah Code Pink! It went very well. We got there 90 minutes early and already there were numerous huge signs out calling for impeachment and lots of people. By the time Pelosi arrived we had dozens of protestors some in great costumes, scattered everywhere and tons of huge signs. The emphasis was definitely on impeachment. Some went inside including Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans. I talked to Jodie and could telll she was getting ready for battle. It was too late to get in as the event was sold out.

Those who came to attend were a mixed group. Many were with us. One gentleman was exceptionally angry as he gave us the finger. One carload pulled over to say, "It's just too late for impeachment."

When Pelosi arrived the caravan swooped in a great speed with police escort lights flashing front and aft. They went to a back entrance and Nancy and her caravan ran almost as if their lives depended on it - fast. The protestors at the main entrance didn't know she arrived, but there were many of us still on the street and closer by who were closer. The crowd was angry and someone kept yelling, "Traitor" at the top of their lungs. I yelled, "Cindy In, Pelosi Out" over and over. Everyone was animated and there was a lot of anger.

The following is Jodie Evans account of what took place:

Peter Thotham was in handcuffs. Will try to find out what happened to him.

Pelosi is on a tour for her book "Know Your Power". At the American Jewish University we had over 40 people outside with giant "Impeach" banners. The road to parking was lined with people and messages.

Twelve of us had tickets to get in. We met at 6:30 PM to discuss the order we would stand up with our messages at the booksigning. Some were chosen to wait for their time at the book signing after Pelosi's talk to get their questions answered.

Our cameras were taken away in the search before entering. As they were looking in my bag, they got distracted by someone else and I was waved by with, "You look harmless."

Eight of us sat on the second row in the middle, including Tighe, Sara Nichols, Marcy Winograd, Linda Milazzo and others. We wrote messages with our sharpie, such as: "Use your Power, Torture?" "You Knew?" "Uphold the Constitution" etc. on the back inside covers of the books. After Pelosi had started talking, we raised the books showing the messages. It was a row of dissent!

Pelosi was flustered, couldn't remember the questions asked and stammered. Then a security guard disrupted us and tried to get us to leave, gesturing and frowning; we didn't look at him or move but stayed seated for 20 minutes.

Then Pelosi started to talk about how good all the members of Congress are and Peter Thottam lost it and stood up screaming at her. He resisted those who were trying to drag him out. As he was being dragged out we were supporting his message and yelling out our own.

Then it quieted and Pelosi talked about how she was upholding the constitution and I leapt up and said, "No you aren't!" and offered her Kucinich's 35 articles of impeachment, Bugliosi's book and Susskind's book about how Bush has broken the law. I cited her comment on the TV program "The View" [about asking for reasons for impeachment] and told her I was delivering what she asked for.

Security tried to shut me up but Pelosi said she, Pelosi "came from the streets" and I had a right to speak, until finally, she started yelling at me that she WAS upholding the constitution and that impeachment would fail. By then security had made it to the middle of the row and dragged me out.

The police escorted me to where Peter was in handcuffs and I told them I did not resist and she had told me to speak. Security told the police that was true so I was escorted to my car and told if I was found on that property that night I would be arrested. As I left there were still 20 activists outside with the Impeachment banners, they had just ordered pizza and were staying until she drove past with her 2 daughters.

After I left, in "popcorn" progression everyone else got up with their question and message, the host finally said it is over because these people have been too disruptive, and the pinkers went to get books signed. The event organizers cut off the signing before our team got to the table.

WeAreChangeLA www.wacla.org and their banner, photo by Chic


Many more photos here http://9-11.meetup.com/359/photos/ and here http://www.peterthottam.com/pelosi.html
Disclaimer: Peter Thottam is not affilliated with WACLA, and I support both 9/11 Truth LA and WACLA.
That was me yelling "Traitor" as reported by Cindy Piester.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

Randy, I love ya brother, but this is wrong. here's why...

I first noticed something I had not seen before when Glen Beck was ranting about the housing bubble bursting and how Congress allowed the top financial institutions to get away with trillions of dollars of corruption while focusing everyone's attention on Enron a few years back which was a much smaller scale comparatively.
He was "angry" but what he was really doing was rabble rousing and inciting!
So why would a neocon demagogue be trying to get the common man sitting at home watching tv in a home that he is hanging onto ownership of by a shoe string to wake up and rebel??

The Constitution says...
"The privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when
in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it."

In other words, my perception is that there is an attempt to anger the American public into violent riots and rebellion so that martial law can be declared in a way that is CONSTITUTIONAL!

Why the Founding Fathers would include such a clause in the Constitution seems inexplicable to me. Maybe someone can shed more light on it for me. But that doesn't really matter. It is there and if we have violent uprisings on any kind of a scale at all we are done for and we won't have any recourse whatsoever.

So maybe the only reason why Pelosi is allowed to go out and speak is because she angers a lot of people and that is what is intended.

So now how does Peter's actions seem when viewed from that perspective? Seems to me like he is trying to incite people to anger and rebel in ways which will bring the curtain down on freedom and usher in the darkness in such a fashion that we can't even complain it is unconstitutional.

I have no doubt that Peter's intentions were heart felt. But as an attorney shouldn't he present a more dignified public image rather than frothing at the mouth, being dragged out kicking and screaming and making a public spectacle? i sure wouldn't want him representing me if I had witnessed what happened last night.

Meet The Truthers

Garko, I am not wrong. Thottam was arrested at Pelosi event

Perhaps those in the 9/11 Truth Movement with a REAL interest in the TRUTH will UNCOLLAPSE my post and read it. Peter Thottam was arrested at the Pelosi event. THAT IS ALL MY POST WAS ABOUT. Your God Bruno has been arrested. I, however, was not arrested during the Bill Maher incident, which many still maintain was a landmark moment in the cause for 9/11 Truth and Justice (Robin Hordon excluded, of course). Peter and I are both also featured in a very climactic moment in the new Alex Jones video: The 9/11 Chronicles, Part 1, Truth Rising.

I could write a book (and it looks like I may have to) about the turf wars in the LA 9/11 Truth Movement, fueled mostly by Bruno, and most recently on the Truthmove forum. I am a founding member of WeAreChangeLA and I quit after the KayBruStAreChange cabal refused to adopt a democratic decision-making-process or to establish any guidelines for dealing with dual-memberships in other activist groups and, real or perceived, conflicts-of-interest. Fully one half of the eight founding members have either left or been forced out (Adam, Drew, Eric and myself). The remaining four are Bruno, Katy, Stewart and, the only remaining voice of reason, Jeremy. Recently, one of the departed founding members was referred to in a widely disseminated email by a current s.c. member as "a turd in the punchbowl". That is the short version.

I was being generous to say (in my post above) that I support WACLA as well as 9/11 Truth LA. But every time I get near you guys, I get bit in the butt again. At the Pelosi event, Katy told me that she had sent me an email. When I got home that night, I was directed to the Truthmove forum, where I found another dose of Bruno's special brand of poison. (I will spare everyone here, his drivel, by not providing a link. And I have not responded yet, because I have not written my "book".) Thanks for pushing me over the top again, Garko. I no longer stand by WACLA ... not the CHANGE I wish to see in the world. Consider yourself "owned" because that is what your "steering committe" considers themselves as, "owners". Another of the many reasons I left.

I do not deny the many astounding accomplishments of WACLA, which makes all of this infighting even harder to understand. "All the Glory for WACLA" may be one way to sum it up. This is the first time I have delved into this matter on any forum, but there comes a time when one must defend himself and his friends and associates (Peter Thottam and 9/11 Truth LA). This will be the extent of my response for today. God, I don't have time to write a book.

And Garko, if you stand by the content of your post, perhaps you should reconsider your support for a group that specializes in pushing the envelope, so to speak. Get back to your blog. That'll work.

Love ya too brother, despite it all.


If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

>>Peter Thottam was arrested

>>Peter Thottam was arrested at the Pelosi event. THAT IS ALL MY POST WAS ABOUT.

The 9/11 Truth effort has far more to lose than the peace / impeach mvt with direct action because we have a massive propaganda campaign discrediting us (the conspiracy theorist tin foil hat brigade etc). Our work is done best by informational outreach -- events, books, interviews -- and careful measured confrontations to expose the lies.

>>I do not deny the many astounding accomplishments of WACLA, which makes all of this infighting even harder to understand

Actually that's likely exactly why it exists.

insane rant

"Brother" Randy,
this response from you was a totally insane rant.... (my "God" Bruno" - wtf? and when was he arrested? last February? that all got settled today and we will be going forward and suing Fox news for violating his civil rights and no Truther should chastise another Truther for being arrested by the whores of the status quo for excercising his free speech to advance 911 truth)) it deserves no further response and that is all i have to say about it except thanks for broadcasting your actual nature loud and clear in this forum. it is the best thing you could have done for all of us.

Meet The Truthers

But, why not report on the full scope of the protests?

... which included a demonstration INSIDE the venue? Even the LA Times reported this: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/presidentbush/2008/08/pelosi-impeach.html If I wanted Garko's brand of fair & balanced, I'd be watching Fox News. Is this not newsworthy simply because Thottam is not a WACLA member? Your headline reads: "911 Truth and Peace Activists "Welcome" Nancy Pelosi to Los Angeles". And Peter was not the only one to disrupt the event. Marci Winograd, Jodie Evens, Code Pink ... this is being reported everywhere.

"No Truther should chastise another Truther for being arrested by the whores of the status quo for excercising his free speech to advance 911 truth." Garko

We're on the brink of WWIII (or IV), the 99c Store is raising their prices. Moving on.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

Get out there and educate the public

Randy, your frustrations seem to have a negative effect on your interpretations of the events that have transpired and the reasons behind them. Stick to the truth, and everything else should fall into place. I do not see myself as a god LOL, and I have no ambition to be seen that way. I do everything I can to humble myself and encourage others to step up. I take my lead in that regard from Luke Rudkowski.

Maybe my comment on the truthmove.com forum is poisonous; however, it is the truth. Peter Thottam has purposely lied here on 911 Blogger, and that is why he has been banned. He has alienated himself from groups in LA, and groups around the nation. I won't bring up specific 'poison' (unfortunate truths) about what Peter Thottam has done unless you insist, because I don't want you to continue to be set off in a blog rage.

There are many in the 911 Truth community that are extremely concerned with public perception of who we are, and the message we carry. The 911 Truth movement is a never ending experiment. Mistakes will be made, but with the right goal(s) in mind, we can keep steering in the best direction possible.

When someone digs himself into a hole of lies, one truth won't get him out of that hole. Peter Thottam has yet to apologize to anybody for his deceptions and misrepresentations. He has made no attempt to make amends. Instead of humbling himself, he continues to try way too hard to be the center of attention and to steal the spotlight. His antics at the Pelosi event destroyed any chance that anybody else had of making a statement that would resonate with Pelosi AND every officer in the room. Jeremy among others had been seriously preparing for that opportunity, and he personally never got it. Peter Thottam lost it all by himself before everybody else could win it, together.

Randy, I totally admire your ongoing and persistent efforts to contribute with your presence at outreach and visibility actions. You have been doing this for longer than most. Thank you for all you do, sincerely.

With you in the struggle,
WeAreChangeLA - http://www.wacla.org


You guys inspire the hell out of me! Bruno you are hilarious. Great job everyone

"I will not withdraw from this war even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me." -George W. Bush

Nancy Pelosi is living a lie

The problem is, she is a powerful gatekeeper, so her dishonest and corrupt lie of a life are helping degrade the United States. If she was just another dyed-in-the-wool liar or crook, that wouldn't be so bad. Instead, her obstructing of impeachment proceedings - which I consider the moral equivalent of treason - has allowed her to participate in the US going down the toilet - and her getting paid for her services!

Even so, I have to question the value of these sorts of confrontations, at a time when she is up for re-election, and furthermore, one of her opponents is Cindy Sheehan. Cindy Sheehan is quite against the "business as usual" mindset of corrupt and/or cowardly Democrats, and though she obviously can't bring about a serious re-investigation of 911, by herself, even if she were elected, she could well be an ice-breaker whose efforts get the US moving in the direction of reform.

Wouldn't it be far, far better to simultaneously get rid of Pelosi from her powerful, gatekeeping position, and put somebody else in her place who would speak truth to power? (I realize that Cindy Sheehan is not a sure thing, either. ) I am concerned about wasting activists' energy - how many positively minded citizens have invested their life's energy into appealing to corrupt politicians, who cynically and cleverly lie to their constituents? For many, isn't this the rule, rather than the exception?

Just shaming Nancy Pelosi (if that's even possible) may give some sort of emotional reward via venting, but isn't it both harder and smarter to try and REPLACE her kind with people like Cindy Sheehan? If you're serious about change, you have to be serious about helping honorable people assuming positions of power. Cindy Sheehan has figured this out, but I'm not so sure about the rest of the country. And that, unfortunately, includes 911 Truth activists.

Cindy Sheehan for Congress: http://www.cindyforcongress.org/