A new topic for Huffpo to block

Hi everyone.

I'm used to my 9/11 activist comments being blocked on Huffpo but they just disappeared a comment on a completely different topic and I thought I'd mention it here. To know your enemy is to be halfway towards beating him.

I was looking at Bush's squeaky demands that Putin back off of Georgia. I posted a comment that said:

1. Putin looked at the new US state of Iraq.

2. Considered the upcoming new US state of Iran

3. Decided to secure the massive oil reserves of Georgia and southern Russia as either a bargaining chip or a source of oil when the US has successfully depopulated and secured the arab world.

Somewhere in there I touched a huffpo nerve as the comment went the way of all my 9/11 stuff.

I don't know if there's a list of subjects that the MSM [in which I now include Huffpo] are forbidden to cover, but I suspect there is and, I guess, Georgian oil is now on that list [Or the rapidly becoming obvious plan to depopulate the middle east].

Just FYI.