911/ Truth, Part 2- The 9/11 Truth Movement: Independent Investigations, Media, Advocacy & Activism

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This article presents an overview of some of the many people, media and organizations that have documented and publicized contradictions and lies about 9/11, and contributed to the growing awareness of the falsity of the official 9/11 story. The decentralized and spontaneously growing collective of people demanding truth and justice has become known as the 9/11 Truth Movement.

911/ Truth, Part 2- The 9/11 Truth Movement: Independent Investigations, Media, Advocacy & Activism

First, a review. After 9/11, while we we’re still in shock, many Americans and people around the world, even people who are generally skeptical of the US government’s competence and honesty, and the media’s objectivity and accuracy, accepted at face value the claims of Bush Administration officials, Democrats and Republicans in Congress, and the corporate media that the responsibility for 9/11 lay solely with Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. I personally did until summer 2005 when I started looking into it, despite periodically hearing about news reports that seriously contradicted things we were told- such as this one from April 2004 in USA Today; NORAD had Drills of Jets as Weapons. However, many were questioning what we were told on the day it happened, for instance because of the lack of air defense and the total destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers (and Building 7). They were active online, but got no coverage from the corporate media- even though the corporate media are among those who have published and broadcast many reports that contradict what we’ve been told. The talking heads have generally not questioned the official story, even when reporting information that contradicts it. For instance, Peter Jennings and Dan Rather both made observations about the strange collapse of WTC 7 that alluded to it having been a controlled demolition, but did not investigate or question it further.

Official investigations into 9/11 have been limited, obstructed and compromised, and have raised more questions about 9/11 than they’ve answered; including about the investigations themselves. As the years have gone by, information has continued to come out that contradicts what we’ve been told, including information indicating foreknowledge, responsibility and even complicity on the part of US persons and officials, as well as foreign nations, and the number of people supporting new investigations has continued to grow. Now, nearly 7 years later, polling (covered in more detail in Part 1) shows around 175 million Americans believe there’s been a cover up on some level, and over 100 million support Bush and Cheney being investigated regarding 9/11. Polling in other nations shows that people around the world are just as or even more skeptical than Americans that the US government and corporate media have given us an accurate account of why and how 9/11 happened (see Part 1). This international and continually growing body of people who are researching 9/11 and calling for answers and accountability from the government and the media, who are producing videos, articles, books, websites, actions and events documenting and publicizing ignored or suppressed facts, evidence and information; who are engaging in non-violent, first amendment-protected actions to educate and engage the public on 9/11 such as distributing DVDs, posters, flyers, stickers, info and web links to the public in the streets and online, who are pressuring the media and Congress to investigate and give a full accounting, have become known as the 9/11 Truth Movement.

As I noted in 9/11 Truth, Part 1 of 11: 9/11 and Public Opinion:
“A crisis of confidence is brewing among the People’s of the world; it is inevitable that full investigations be conducted by those with the authority and resources of governmental bodies. The US Congress, FBI, DOJ/ special prosecutor, SEC, the GAO and international bodies such as the UN and ICC need to address the questions and evidence ignored by the 9/11 Commission, and to go wherever the facts lead, exposing all parties involved in 9/11. It may be that a “Truth & Reconciliation” Commission will be needed to uncover the whole truth about 9/11. Power brokers and opinion/policy makers should take note.”

Following are lists of some of the many credible organizations and individuals who have spoken out about the need for 9/11 Truth and Justice, or supported the Right of the People to speak, publish and assemble freely, and to petition their government for redress of grievances, rights guaranteed by the Constitution, and held to be inalienable by the Declaration of Independence. Inclusion in this list does not imply endorsement, just a recommendation to consider their arguments and evidence. Everyone should always consider opinions, evidence and sources objectively- people change, and are fallible to begin with. This is why free speech and open public debate is so important; our governments and media are run by people. Many good people and orgs have likely been overlooked, or left off for the sake of brevity. These lists are already long, so I tried to limit them to those orgs and people who have consistently provided good info, and/or have made a particularly significant impact. In addition to those named here, I want to acknowledge the millions of people around the world who have set up websites or are sharing info and links in posts on the Web and by email, with their family, friends, coworkers and neighbors, and in the streets with signs, handing out flyers and DVDs; your efforts are the reason some of the people in these lists found out the Truth (that we’ve not been told the truth about 9/11) and as a result are now doing what they do in support of truth and justice.

9/11 Witnesses, Whistleblowers, Patriots, Victims, and/or Dissenters:

Counterterrorism Tsar Richard Clarke Timeline – Clarke repeatedly warned Bush, Rice and other Bush Administration principals of an impending Al Qaeda attack, initiated of Continuity of Government (COG) on 9/11, and is the author of “Against All Enemies”, which exposed much new information and many contradictions in what we’ve been told about 9/11.

Who Is Sibel Edmonds? With Introduction by 9/11 Family Member Lorie Van Auken. FBI Translator and whistleblower, fired after pressing allegations of corruption, espionage and cover up in the FBI’s translation unit. In 2002 she testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee in unclassified hearings that the US government knew Al Qaeda and Bin Laden would soon attack US cities with planes, and that coworkers and supervisors had mistranslated and obstructed FBI field investigations that might have prevented 9/11. Also in 2002 she and Sen. Grassley were interviewed by 60 Minutes; Grassley called her a credible witness, saying others at the FBI corroborated her testimony. After being pressured by the Jersey Girls, the 9/11 Commission took her testimony in February 2004; she testified for 3.5 hours, and is mentioned in a footnote about the FBI needing to improve “quality control” in its translation unit. In July, Attorney General John Ashcroft invoked the “state secrets” privilege and retroactively classified this testimony (the DOJ was sued, and reversed this decision in 2005). Ashcroft also gagged her from disclosing what languages she speaks, and even her date of birth, after she was subpoenaed to testify in a lawsuit alleging Saudi involvement in financing the attacks. More recently, she broke her gag orders in an interview with the Sunday Times of London, after US networks did not take her up on her offer to go public; in the Times series, she alleges she heard wiretapped conversations which implicated members of Congress and State Dept & Pentagon officials in obstructing 9/11 investigations, as well as trafficking in drugs, arms and nuclear secrets.

FBI Translator Sibel Edmonds vs. the Nuclear Terrorists: “This is a primer on Sibel Edmonds; her story will be of interest to anyone concerned about US national security and sovereignty, terrorism, 9/11 truth, and abuse of power by public officials. All claims of fact in this article can be sourced in the Sibel Edmonds:US Government Timeline and the Media Coverage Timeline at the bottom of the article. Her allegations listed in this article, and the documents/articles linked in the timelines are not exhaustive.”

Sibel Edmonds’ websites: JustACitizen.com and National Security Whistleblowers Coalition, NSWBC.org

FBI Agent John O’Neill Timeline - FBI Agent & counterterrorism expert who resigned August 2001, citing, among other things, frustration with Bush Administration/FBI obstruction of his investigations into Al Qaeda. Jerome Hauer of Kroll Associates got him a job as head of security at the World Trade Center; parts of his body were reportedly found in the rubble.

Captain Scott Phillpott Timeline - Able Danger whistleblower. The Able Danger program identified 9/11 hijackers, including Mohammed Atta, a year before 9/11 and was shut down in early 2001.

William Rodriguez Timeline - 9/11 Hero and Truth Activist. A 19-year WTC maintenance worker, he led firefighters up the stairwells and unlocked doors on 9/11, is credited with personally saving the lives of at least 15 people, and has been honored by George Bush as a hero. He felt and heard a massive explosion in the basement of WTC 1, before the first plane hit, and saw a man come from the basement with his flesh hanging off. The 9/11 Commission ignored this testimony.

FBI Agent Coleen Rowley Timeline - FBI Agent and whistleblower. Zacharias Moussaoui was arrested by Minneapolis FBI August 2001. Agents tried desperately to get a warrant to search his laptop, but were obstructed by David Frasca and Michael Maltbie at FBI HQ. Named a Time Magazine person of the year for her whistle blowing, but was not interviewed by the 9/11 Commission.

Kevin Ryan Timeline - Former Site Manager for Environmental Health Laboratories, a division of Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Fired after a personal letter he sent to NIST was made public, with his permission; the letter stated that UL had certified the WTC steel’s fire rating, and questioned whether jet fuel/office material fires could have weakened the steel in the World Trade Center.

FBI Agent Harry Samit Timeline - FBI Agent who worked with Coleen Rowley on Moussaoui; testified at his trial that he’d warned his superiors more than 70 times about Moussaoui being involved in terror plotting; he accused them of criminal negligence, obstruction and “careerism”.

Attorney David Schippers Timeline - Clinton impeachment prosecutor and attorney for whistleblower FBI Agent Robert Wright. Right after 9/11 he went public, saying FBI Agents had come to him a month and a half before 9/11 seeking his help in preventing a terrorist attack on the US; he said they knew the proposed dates, involvement of Osama Bin Laden, funding sources and targets. They said their superiors had threatened them with prosecution if they went public. Schippers repeatedly called the White House and Attorney General Ashcroft; no one returned his calls.

Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer Timeline - Able Danger whistleblower. Briefed 9/11 Commission staff, including Philip Zelikow and Dieter Snell, on Able Danger in October 2003, and again in July 2004; there is no mention of Able Danger in the 9/11 Commission Report.

Indira Singh Timeline - PTech whistleblower and volunteer Emergency Medical Technician on 9/11. Ptech, now GoAgile, was financed by people with ties to terror and had contracts with the “DARPA…, the White House, Congress, Army, Navy, Air Force, NATO, FAA, FBI, US Postal Service, Secret Service, the Naval Air Systems Command, IRS, and the nuclear-weapons program of the Department of Energy.” Inslaw-Promis-PTech software allowed surveillance, manipulation and “risk management” across US government IT networks.

FBI Special Agent Robert Wright Timeline - FBI Special Agent and whistleblower. His work on Operation Vulgar Betrayal uncovered extensive Saudi connections to Bin Laden’s financing. He was removed in 1999, and the investigation was shut down in 2000. He has accused the FBI of obstruction and negligence, saying his superiors had “intentionally and repeatedly thwarted [his] attempts to launch a more comprehensive investigation to identify and neutralize terrorists.” Three months before 9/11, in an internal memo, he charged that the FBI was uninterested in preventing a terrorist attack, that it "was merely gathering intelligence so they would know who to arrest when a terrorist attack occurred." The FBI is still blocking publication of his book; they refused to allow him to testify to the 9/11 Commission, and the Commission did not subpoena him.

In addition to these whistlelblowers, other national security experts have publicly stated important information relevant to national security was omitted from the 9/11 Commission’s report, and are ready to publicly testify under Oath, if subpoenaed by Congress, a Grand Jury, etc.

National Security Experts Speak Out: 9/11 Commission Falls Short: An open letter to Congress from 25 national security experts, including former FBI whistle-blower, Sibel Edmonds
“The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States ended its report stating that "We look forward to a national debate on the merits of what we have recommended, and we will participate vigorously in that debate." In this spirit, we the undersigned wish to bring to the attention of the Congress and the people of the United States what we believe are serious shortcomings in the report and its recommendations. We thus call upon Congress to refrain from narrow political considerations and to apply brakes to the race to implement the commission recommendations. It is not too late for Congress to break with the practice of limiting testimony to that from politicians and top-layer career bureaucrats-many with personal reputations to defend and institutional equities to protect. Instead, use this unique opportunity to introduce salutary reform, an opportunity that must not be squandered by politically driven haste.
Omission is one of the major flaws in the Commission's report. We are aware of significant issues and cases that were duly reported to the commission by those of us with direct knowledge, but somehow escaped attention. Serious problems and shortcomings within government agencies likewise were reported to the Commission but were not included in the report. The report simply does not get at key problems within the intelligence, aviation security, and law enforcement communities. The omission of such serious and applicable issues and information by itself renders the report flawed, and casts doubt on the validity of many of its recommendations.”

The 9/11 Commission: A Play on Nothing in Three Acts by Sibel Edmonds & Bill Weaver

Outspoken 9/11 Victims Family Members:

Bill Doyle Timeline – Father of Joey Doyle. “The 9/11 Commission - that's all a fallacy... The 9/11 commission is probably the worst representation of the 9/11 families, or for that matter the American public, because it is a sham, it really is. We had tons of questions that we asked them to ask, they wouldn't do it, and the continuing coverup is just beyond belief.” Joined with Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice in submitting a Request for Correction to NIST.

Donna Marsh O’Connor Timeline – Mother of Vanessa Langer who was killed in WTC Tower II, 93rd floor. "We're asking for a new investigation into the events of September 11th and this time a truly bipartisan, global--with families invested from the beginning, middle and though out the end.” From her presentation at the National Press Club in support of the film 9/11: Press for Truth, September 11, 2006.

Bob McIlvaine, Sr. Timeline Father of Bob McIlvaine, Jr. Featured in the film 9/11: Press for Truth, joined with Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice in submitting a Request for Correction to NIST.

9/11 Commission Family Steering Committee members, including September Eleventh Advocates, aka “The Jersey Girls”. Their lobbying efforts are the main reason there was even a 9/11 Commission, 441 days after 9/11:

Lorie Van Auken Timeline – Wife of Kenneth Van Auken. “A
thorough and definitive investigation by the Commission would have addressed all of [Sibel Edmonds] concerns, and spoken to all of the whistleblowers.
It would have subpoenaed for the information it required and examined the plethora of information that other citizens and groups responsible provided. And finally, without compromising our national security, it would have reported all of its findings, with its redactions blacked out and submitted to the American people. In essence, the Commission could have produced a final product where the
resulting conclusions and recommendations could be trusted. Instead, at
the end of the day, what we got were some statements that truly
insulted the intelligence of the American people. Violated our loved
ones’ memories, and might end up hurting us, one day soon. One
such statement is that 9/11 was a ‘failure of imagination’. A failure
of whose imagination? What exactly does that mean? When you have a CIA
director with his hair on fire, a system blinking red, 52 FAA warnings,
an August 6th, 2001, PDB entitled ‘Bin Laden Determined to Strike in
the United States’, leads on several 9/11 hijackers including Alhazmi,
Almihdhar and Marwan Al-Shehi, warnings from many foreign governments,
a Phoenix memo warning of Islamic extremists taking flying lessons, the
arrest of would-be terrorist Zacarias Moussauoui, facts imparted to one
agent, Agent Frasca at the RFU at the FBI, 9/11 was truly a failure
alright.” From the unofficial transcript of 9/11 victim’s family member Lorie Van Auken’s statement at the July 22nd Congressional Briefing: The 9/11 Commission Report One Year Later: A Citizens’ Response – Did They Get It Right?

Kristen Breitweiser Timeline – Wife of Ronald Breitweiser. "It is clear that [Zelikow] should never have been permitted to be a member of the commission, since it is the mandate of the commission to identify the source of failures. We can now see that trail would lead directly to the staff director himself." From a March 22, 2004 September 11 Advocates - 911Citizenswatch.org joint press release calling for the resignation of Bush insider and Executive Director Philip Zelikow from the 9/11 Commission

Patty Casazza Timeline – Wife of John Casazza. “I don't have ideas exactly on how [9/11] happened, but I know it didn't go as according to what the Commission put down on paper. And one of the reasons why we still continued to fight with... for the Commission, even as we knew it was a farce, is we wanted their words, their lies down on paper. We wanted to make them go through at least this exercise. And even if it came down to the annals of history, that the truth will come out, that was part of our purpose. Our purposes were layered. We'll be a pain in the butt. That's fine. We'll get their lies down on paper. We'll have more Americans wake up to the fact that their Government is not looking out for their best interests. In fact, they may be counter to our best interests. But, none of this would have come to this point, if in fact, the Commission didn't exist at all.”

Mindy Kleinberg Timeline – Wife of Alan Kleinberg. “With regard to the 9/11 attacks, it has been said that the intelligence agencies have to be right 100% of the time and the terrorists only have to get lucky once. This explanation for the devastating attacks of September 11th, simple on its face, is wrong in its value. Because the 9/11 terrorists were not just lucky once: they were lucky over and over again. Allow me to illustrate.” [SEC, INS, Airline and Airport Security, FAA and NORAD, Joint Chief of Staff, Secretary of Defense, the President] “Is it luck that aberrant stock trades were not monitored? Is it luck when 15 visas are awarded based on incomplete forms? Is it luck when Airline Security screenings allow hijackers to board planes with box cutters and pepper spray? Is it luck when Emergency FAA and NORAD protocols are not followed? Is it luck when a national emergency is not reported to top government officials on a timely basis? To me luck is something that happens once. When you have this repeated pattern of broken protocols, broken laws, broken communication, one cannot still call it luck. If at some point we don't look to hold the individuals accountable for not doing their jobs properly then how can we ever expect for terrorists not to get lucky again?” From her testimony to the 9/11 Commission

Sally Regenhard Timeline - Mother of Christian Regenhard. “One particular aspect of the report that is quite troubling to me and my organization is the discussion relating to the evacuation orders of the North Tower on pages 322-323 of the report and the corresponding endnote numbers 209. It is alleged that many of the firefighters in the North Tower heard the message to evacuate but chose to remain in the building prior to its collapse. To the contrary, this issue of firefighter deaths is directly tied to the lack of radio communication capability. This has been well documented in the post 9/11 McKinsey Report, the NY Times, and numerous other publications and firefighter comments. Yet this theory that firefighters chose to die, has also been advanced by some public officials, undoubtedly hoping to deflect criticism for the inadequacy of the FDNY radios and for the absence of a functioning Incident Command Structure in NYC on 9/11 which undoubtedly could have saved so many firefighter’s lives, including my own beautiful son, Christian.” From her testimony to the House Committee on Government Reform, August 3, 2004

9/11 Family Steering Committee official website: Unanswered Questions

Family Steering Committee Review of the 9/11 Commission Report

First Responder Rights and Justice Activism:

Who Is John Feal? FealGoodFoundation.com

Members of Congress who have supported the Constitution and disclosure of the facts at least once, some many times:

US Senator Max Cleland Timeline Veteran, appointed to and resigned from the 9/11 Commission; “"As each day goes by, we learn that this government knew a whole lot more about these terrorists before Sept. 11 than it has ever admitted." NYTimes.com Shortly before resigning from the 9/11 Commission to take a Bush appointment to the board of the East-West Bank, Cleland said of the 9/11 Commission and the Bush Administration’s stonewalling, "It is a national scandal... the Warren Commission blew it. I'm not going to be part of that. I'm not going to be part of looking at information only partially. I'm not going to be part of just coming to quick conclusions. I'm not going to be part of political pressure to do this or not do that..." Salon.com

US Senator Mark Dayton Timeline - “For almost three years now, NORAD officials and FAA officials have been able to hide their critical failures that left this country defenseless during two of the worst hours in our history.” He notes major discrepancies between various accounts and chronologies given by officials. He says NORAD officials “lied to the American people, they lied to Congress and they lied to your 9/11 Commission to create a false impression of competence, communication and protection of the American people.” He calls the FAA’s and NORAD’s failures “the most gross incompetence and dereliction of responsibility and negligence that I’ve ever, under those extreme circumstances, witnessed in the public sector.” HistoryCommons.org

US Senator Charles Grassley Timeline - Held hearings, with Leahy, into Sibel Edmonds’ allegations. Regarding Sibel Edmonds, Grassley said on 60 Minutes in 2002, “She's credible, and the reason I feel she's very credible is because people within the FBI have corroborated a lot of her story.”. Regarding the FBI and their handling of her allegations, he said, “It needs to be turned upside down.” CBS News

Arizona State Senator Karen Johnson Timeline – After going public with her concerns about the failures of official 9/11 investigations, and in support of Blair Gadsby’s hunger strike for 9/11 Truth, she invited Gadsby to the AZ State Senate and made a floor speech, which this excerpt is taken from; “Despite the media’s outragious attacks on my sanity, intelligence, and patriotism, the emails and phone calls to my office have been 95 percent supportive of my request for a new investigation. I’ve been amazed, really, to see just how overwhelmingly the public rejects the official reports, not only of the 9/11 Commission but also those by FEMA and NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology). I assumed that expressing skepticism about the official story of 9/11 would be a punishing issue for an elected official, but I’m finding that it’s quite the opposite. The public wants its leaders to stand up and be counted when it appears that something is wrong. "The truth will set you free." Blair Gadsby and my guests today want the the truth about 9/11. The American PEOPLE want the truth about 9/11 – they want a new investigation, and so do I.”

US Representative Dennis Kucinich Timeline - Has called for a 9/11 Truth & Reconciliation Commission, promised to conduct new investigations and hearings into aspects of the 9/11 attacks, and introduced articles of impeachment for Cheney and Bush.

Article XXXIII - Repeatedly Ignored and Failed to Respond to High Level Intelligence Warnings of Planned Terrorist Attacks in the US, Prior to 911.
Article XXXIV - Obstruction of the Investigation into the Attacks of September 11, 2001.
Article XXXV - Endangering the Health of 911 First Responders.

US Senator Patrick Leahy Timeline He and Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle were sent Anthrax in 2001 while they were slowing passage of the PATRIOT Act so that it could be adequately reviewed; the Bush Administration wanted it passed in one week. In 2002, held hearings with Sen. Charles Grassley into Sibel Edmonds allegations.

US Representative Cynthia McKinney - Chair of the 9/11 Omission Hearings in 2005, she was one of the few in Congress with enough patriotism and loyalty to ask the normal questions after the nation’s worst defense failure, which happened despite numerous warnings.

Thoughts On Our War Against Terrorism by Rep. Cynthia A. McKinney April 13, 2002
“Now is the time for our elected officials to be held accountable. Now is the time for the media to be held accountable. Why aren't the hard questions being asked. We know there were numerous warnings of the events to come on September 11. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, delivered one such warning. Those engaged in unusual stock trades immediately before September 11 knew enough to make millions of dollars from United and American airlines, certain insurance and brokerage firms' stocks. What did this Administration know, and when did it know it about the events of September 11? Who else knew and why did they not warn the innocent people of New York who were needlessly murdered?”

McKinney chaired "THE 9/11 OMISSIONS HEARINGS" Convened by The 9/11 Citizens' Commission
At Symphony Space, New York City – September 9, 2004

As well as the follow up hearings, The 9/11 Commission Report: One Year Later - A Citizens Response: Did The Commission Get It Right? – July 22, 2005

US Representative Curt Weldon - His efforts are the reason Able Danger became public, and that there were any hearings at all.

Independent Voices, Activists and Orgs for 9/11 Truth:

911Blogger.com: Paying Attention to 9/11 Related Alternative News
Erik Larson's Blog at 911Blogger.com

9/11CitizensWatch.org Founded by Kyle Hence and John Judge, 911CW worked closely with the Family Steering Committee to monitor the 911 Commission and inform the public, and continues to report on developments.

911Proof.com: “See the Facts for Yourself”

911Research.WTC7.net: “An Attempt to Uncover the Truth About September 11th, 2001” – Jim Hoffman, et al
also see http://www.wtc7.net

911Review.com (not .org): “A Resource for Understanding the 9/11/01 Attack” – Jim Hoffman, et al

911Summary.com: “Highly-Credible People Question 9/11”- a Compilation

911Truth.org - Investigation. Education. Accountability. Reform. 911Truth.org is focused on educating the public about 9/11 and related events, and organizing grassroots actions for Truth and Justice. Disclosure; this author is on the advisory board. 911 Truth Statement: Respected Leaders and Families Launch 9/11 Truth Statement Demanding Deeper Investigation into the Events of 9/11

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth – “9/11: Re-examining the 3 WTC high-rise “collapses”

Nafeez Ahmed - Political scientist and human rights activist, Director of the Institute for Policy Research & Development in Brighton, UK, author of the 2002 bestseller “The War on Freedom” and an expanded follow up, “The War on Truth: 9/11, Disinformation And The Anatomy Of Terrorism”
Did Bush Know? Warning Signs of 9-11 and Intelligence Failures – Media Monitors Network
9/11, Six Years On and Only Burning Questions with No Answers – Nafeez.Blogspot.com

Arabesque911.blogspot.com: 9/11 Truth - A Blog Devoted to Discussing 9/11 News, Research, and Disinformation

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth at AE911Truth.org - founded by Richard Gage, AIA. Over 400 licensed Architects and Engineers, more than 1800 supporters, including this author.

ColJennySparks.blogspot.com – “Kicking disinfo in 911Truth since 2006”

CooperativeResearch.org aka HistoryCommons.org – Host of many timelines, including the one that started the project; the Complete 9/11 Timeline, a searchable, cross-referenced database made of thousands of events and entities related to 9/11, based entirely on mainstream sources, such as governments, institutions, mainstream media and the public statements of credible people. The big picture is very different from what most media and public officials tell us. Paul Thompson, et al.

FromTheWilderness.com – Michael Ruppert, author of “Crossing the Rubicon”

David Ray Griffin – Retired Professor Emeritus at Claremont School of Theology, DRG has written or edited over 30 books including 6 related to 9/11, written numerous articles on contradictory elements of the US government’s version of 9/11, and given numerous public presentations and media interviews. DRG’s work has led many, many people to question what we’ve been told about 9/11, including Architect Richard Gage. DRG has noted that many 9/11 activists believe and have made the case that a 757 hit the Pentagon, but in all his books he has focused on the supposed evidence that a 757 did NOT crash there. See The Pentagon Attack: What the Physical Evidence Shows for analysis on this topic. Questions are also raised about the credibility of some of his sources, i.e. newspapers and websites that deny the holocaust.

Journalof911Studies.com – “A peer-reviewed, open-access, electronic-only journal, covering the whole of research related to the events of 11 September, 2001”; over 100 letters and articles- Prof. Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, Frank Legge, et al

JusticeFor911.org – “Citizens' Complaint and Petition to the offices of the Attorney General of New York State, Eliot Spitzer, citing probable cause for an independent grand jury investigation to examine unsolved crimes committed in connection with the events of September 11, 2001.” Over 16,000 signers, including this author.

NasaThermalImages.com- huge collection of alternative and mainstream 9/11 info.

OilEmpire.us Reviews and analysis of evidence, theories, investigations, public figures and events

Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice at STJ911.org – “Non-partisan organization consisting of independent researchers and activists engaged in uncovering the true nature of the September 11, 2001 attacks.” Prof. Steven Jones and more than 600 others, including this author.

Dr. Peter Dale Scott, author of “The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America”

TruthAction.org Call to Action – “The Time is Now: On the Eleventh Day of Every Month We Unite in Action for Truth until Justice” – Hit the streets with signs, flyers and DVDs, call your “representatives” and write to the media, demanding investigations and accountability.

TruthMove.org “Dedicated to personal and social change through the process of truth.”

Visibility911.com News & Activism, Podcasts with Michael Wolsey and guests

George Washington’s Blogs- Information, Inspiration and Activism

Your Bulletin Board Sucks “The Best BB on the web” 9/11 Truth and related news and views - Jon Gold

Media and Public Interest Activists & Orgs that have supported 9/11 Truth and Justice, directly and indirectly- such as by supporting whistleblowers and freedom of speech:

Some of the orgs, media and people listed here may rightly be considered “gatekeepers”, but all have published or broadcast at least one story, and some many, questioning or disproving aspects of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory. The range of information and debate about 9/11 is very broad, and, imho, the 9/11 Truth Movement is much larger than the body of overt 9/11 Truth activists and researchers.

ACLU.org: January 26, 2005 Sibel Edmonds: A Patriot Silenced, Unjustly Fired but Fighting Back to Help Keep America Safe – ACLU takes Sibel Edmonds’ case, issues statement in support of Sibel Edmonds



AfterDowningStreet.org – “After Downing Street is a nonpartisan coalition working to expose the lies that launched the occupation of Iraq (and the one that keeps it going) and to hold accountable its architects through impeachment.”
Sibel Edmonds: 'Buckle up, there's much more coming.'

AntiWar.com – “This site is devoted to the cause of non-interventionism and is read by libertarians, pacifists, leftists, "greens," and independents alike, as well as many on the Right who agree with our opposition to imperialism.” Also, search “9/11” and “Sibel Edmonds”
The 'Israeli Art Student' Files: Media coverage of Israel's underground in the US – and the 9/11 connection.
The post-9/11 US Anthrax attacks: reporting by Justin Raimondo

Archive.org: The Internet Archive – Open access digital library and archive of the Internet

Ashland Daily Tidings – First US daily newspaper to call for a new 9/11 investigation, Nov 11, 2006
In honor of our veterans, we call for truth

Blogger.com aka BlogSpot.com – Allows anyone to create a free blog; hundreds have been devoted to 9/11 Truth and related issues.

BradBlog.com - Brad Friedman, truth activist and journalist, covering election integrity issues, 9/11 coverups and revelations. FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds made a public offer to all the US networks that she would break her gag order in exchange for unedited air time; none took her up on it.
EXCLUSIVE: FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds Will Now Tell All - and Face Charges if Necessary - to Any Major Television Network That Will Let Her

BushLies.net: September 11th – a growing compendium of Bush Administration lies, including about 9/11

Center for Constitutional Rights – “dedicated to advancing and protecting the rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” The “Thought Crime” Bill hearings accepted testimony that equated inquiry into the 9/11 events with terrorism; it appears to be dead in this form due to massive public outcry and the efforts of civil liberties orgs like CCR, NLG, SALT and the ACLU- here’s a fact sheet that CCR published on it:
Here Come the Thought Police: The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007

Common Dreams – “Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community”
Sibel Edmonds Must Be Heard by Philip Giraldi

ConsortiumNews.com “Independent Investigative Journalism Since 1995”
9/11 & Bush's Negligence by Robert Parry

CounterPunch.com – “Bi-weekly muckraking newsletter edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair.”
The Bush 9/11 Scandal for Dummies by Bernard Weiner, published June 1, 2002
The Failure of the 9/11 Commission: Decision Not to Explore Quashed FBI Investigations Prior to 9/11 Tarnishes Hearings by Bryan Sacks
High-Fivers and Art Student Spies: What Did Israel Know in Advance of the 9/11 Attacks? by Christopher Ketcham

DemocraticUnderground.com (DU) “Founded on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2001, to protest the illegitimate presidency of George W. Bush and to provide a resource for the exchange and dissemination of liberal and progressive ideas.”
September 11 Forum

DemocracyNow.org – “National, daily, independent, award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez.”
Fmr. FBI Translator (Sibel Edmonds): White House Had Intel On Possible Airplane Attack Pre-9/11

Democrats.com “The Aggressive Progressives” September 11 Archives:
Coverup Exposes Investigation Lawsuits Opinions Politics

Emperor’s New Clothes – Published one of the first articles questioning the lack of air defense on 9/11
Guilty For 9-11: Bush, Rumsfeld, Myers Part 1 by Illarion Bykov and Jared Israel

Fox News – Israeli Art Student Spy Ring: 4 part investigative series by Carl Cameron with host Brit Hume. The series was posted on their website and removed without explanation, retraction or correction, Dec 16, 2001. Yes, inclusion of Fox News, the most extreme example of a neocon propaganda machine, is a joke; but it’s also indicative that whatever neo-Operation Mockingbird is currently being perpetrated, those operating it do not have total control over information being put out Achived here

GNN.tv: Guerilla News Network – “An independent news organization”
Excerpt from Peter Dale Scott’s book, The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire and the Future of America

GlobalResearch.ca: Center for Research on Globalization - Michel Chossudovsky
9/11 & 'War on Terrorism'

GregPalast.com – “Journalism and Film”
FBI AND US SPY AGENTS SAY BUSH SPIKED BIN LADEN PROBES BEFORE 11 SEPTEMBER: Officials told to 'back off' on Saudis before September 11

KPFA "Guns and Butter" radio show
"Ground Zero 911: Blueprint For Terror, Part One" with 911 whistleblower, Indira Singh

The Independent – London-based independent media
Robert Fisk: Even I question the 'truth' about 9/11

InformationClearingHouse.info – Tom Feeley, Peace & Joy - “News you won’t find on CNN or FoxNews”
“Gagged But Not Dead”: public statement from Sibel Edmonds

Alex Jones - July 25, 2001 on his radio and TV shows he began exhorting his audience to call the White House and call off the terrorist attack that would soon happen and be blamed on Bin Laden. Jones has broken many important stories and been consistently advocating for human rights, freedom, truth and justice. Generally good analysis of events and issues, and his sites are some of the most popular alternative news sites on the web. Sometimes publishes and broadcasts sensational, but unfounded, claims and stories.
http://www.prisonplanet.com and http://www.infowars.com

JudicialWatch.org – “Because no one is above the law” Conservative government watchdog group, sued the White House for disclosure of why staff were put on Cipro on 9/11 (weeks before the Anthrax outbreak), sued the Pentagon for release of the “Flight 77” videos, and also joined Clinton impeachment prosecuting attorney David Schippers in representing FBI whistleblower Robert Wright
FBI AGENT ROBERT WRIGHT SAYS FBI AGENTS ASSIGNED TO INTELLIGENCE OPERATIONS CONTINUE TO PROTECT TERRORISTS FROM CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS AND PROSECUTIONS - Agents Lied To Federal Court for Wiretap Authority and Compromised Criminal Investigations of Terrorists: FBI Headquarters’ International Terrorism Unit Acted as a “Spectator” While Americans Died at the Hands of Terrorists
FBI & BUSH ADMINISTRATION SUED OVER ANTHRAX DOCUMENTS - Judicial Watch Wants to Know Why White House Went on Cipro Beginning September 11th: What Was Known and When?
Defense Department Releases Two Videos of Flight 77 Crashing Into Pentagon

LetSibelEdmondsSpeak.blogspot.com – Luke Ryland, a blogger with a particular interest in the Sibel Edmonds case

Media Matters for America: “Web-based, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.”
Media looked past 9-11 Commission documentation of Bush administration fabrications

National Lawyers Guild – “dedicated to the need for basic and progressive change in the structure of our political and economic system.”

OnlineJournal.com – “Established 1998 to provide uncensored and accurate news, analysis and commentary.”
Donald Rumsfeld on 9/11: An Enemy Within

OpEdNews.com – “Progressive, tough, liberal news and opinion” Rob Kall’s people-driven media project: alternative 9/11 info is very popular, but be careful to check evidence and sources; the editorial policies are very “liberal”.
Erik Larson’s Blog at OpEdNews.com


ProjectCensored.org, operated by Prof. Peter Phillips et al. Phillips is also co-editor of the book “Impeach the President; the Case Against Bush & Cheney”, which names 237 people as being part of a “global dominance group”. Each year Project Censored publishes their picks for the top 25 most important and ignored stories of the year; 9/11 related stories frequently make the top 25.
Unanswered Questions of 9/11 (July 2005)
18. Physicist Challenges Official 9-11 Story IN TOP 25 CENSORED STORIES FOR 2007

RawStory.com - “Alternative news nexus. We draw upon a panoply of news sources and select those stories we think most intriguing to a audience seeking news underplayed by the mainstream media.”
Less than half of Americans satisfied with 9/11 investigations

Rigorous Intution - “What you don’t know, can’t hurt them” – Jeff Wells
Ten things we learned in 2004 about 9/11

Scoop.co.nz - “Independent News”
UQ Wire: Long Debunked Rumor Validated by Giuliani

SourceWatch.org – “Your guide to the names behind the news: a project of the Center for Media and Democracy”
9/11 Truth Movement

Sunday Times (London) – owned by Rupert Murdoch, but has published important stories, including
“For Sale: West’s Deadly Nuclear Secrets” on FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds’s allegations

TheMemoryHole.org – “Rescuing knowledge, freeing information”, Russ Kick, editor & publisher
5-Minute Video of George W. Bush on the Morning of 9/11
Senator: At Least One Foreign Country Assisted the 9/11 Terrorists

ThirdWorldTraveler.com - THIRD WORLD TRAVELER is an archive of articles and book excerpts that offer an alternative view to the U.S. mainstream media about the state of American democracy, media, and foreign policy, and about the impact of the actions of the United States government, transnational corporations, international financial institutions, and the corporate media, on democracy, social and economic justice, human rights, and war and peace, in the Third World.
September 11th, 2001

TruthDig.com – website of Robert Scheer, author and syndicated columnist “The purpose of our Web magazine is to provide you with insightful and accurate reporting on current subjects and on issues that need to be brought to your attention.”
Robert Scheer: Gaping Holes in the 9/11 Narrative

VelvetRevolution.us - A cooperative effort by Bradblog.com, Justice Through Music and a “network of more than 120 progressive organizations reaching millions of people demanding progressive change through our VR Media, Electoral Reform, Conflict Resolution and Youth Revolution Campaigns.”

WhatReallyHappened.com - Michael Rivero launched his site in 1993 after the Vince Foster “suicide” and has been reporting on government conflicts and corruption ever since. WRH is one of the most highly-trafficked alternative news sites, and was one of the first sites after 9/11 to begin publicizing information that contradicted the official accounts. Rivero claims to be “anti-zionist”, but not “anti-semitic”. Generally good analysis of issues and evidence; watch out for ways in which “anti-Zionist” bias might distort and color views and info being presented.
9/11: Index of What Really Happened
9/11 Questions - WRH

Wikipedia.org – Open content, open access free online Encyclopedia
9/11 Truth Movement

Wired.com - “Daily technology news website”
How Osama Cracked FBI's Top 10

TheYoungTurks.com – “Welcome to Rebel Headquarters
Young Turks Interview w/ Sibel Edmonds

YouTube.com – Hundreds of online streaming videos have exposed millions to 9/11 truths and lies.
Also see Video.Google.com. Google owns YouTube, but with video.google you can make videos downloadable, in addition to streaming, and they still come up in YouTube search results.
Here’s an example that is informative on some 9/11 issues and the Truth Movement- inspirational and fun:
Be the Media- Spread the Word! Speak Out! Free Bees Funky Disco - 9/11 Staying Alive - BANNED-REPOST!! (9/11’s a Lie)

Important DVDs and internet videos:

911PressForTruth.com - Based on the Complete 9/11 Timeline, this film features interviews with 9/11 victim’s family members and national security experts, news footage related to 9/11, and commentary. The big picture is very different from what we’ve been told. 9/11 Press For Truth - Watch free online

Aftermath: Unanswered Questions from 9/11 – produced by GNN.tv, features interviews with Michel Chossudovsky, Michael Ruppert, Nafeez Ahmed, Alex Jones, Peter Dale Scott, John Judge and more.

The Great Deception by Barrie Zwicker – read the transcript at OilEmpire.us

Improbable Collapse: the Demolition of Our Republic - An examination of the WTC collapses with various footage, interviews and information from credible sources; the government’s own reports prove the falsity of their claims. Improbable Collapse - Watch free online

In Their Own Words- Interviews with the family members. Watch free online

Loose Change, Final Cut – 3 versions of this film have been made, all can be watched free online. The first is one of the most widely viewed online videos of all time, and the 3rd version, the most factual/least error-prone, has not gotten anywhere near as much attention. The first version has good information, but also focuses on theories for which there is not much evidence; plane-swapping, pods, a missile hitting the Pentagon, etc. The third version, Final Cut, generally focuses on better evidence, but where it deals with “what hit the Pentagon”, it still incorrectly implies that the damage to the building is not consistent with a 757 hitting the Pentagon, while including some of the reasons people believe a 757 hit; the eyewitnesses and the damage path. See The Pentagon Attack: What the Physical Evidence Shows for analysis of why the building damage and debris seen in photos is consistent with a 757 hitting the Pentagon. The controversy over what hit the Pentagon has been one of the most divisive in the 9/11 Truth Movement; it’s encouraging that Final Cut notes, “What hit the building MAY be important; however, our focus should be on why it was hit in the first place.” Final Cut also provides an overview of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

The Truth and Lies of 9/11- Michael Ruppert presentation, November 2001. Watch free online

Inspirational article by George Washington: Each of our Individual Voices Is More Important Than We've Realized

9/11 Truth 11 Part Series:

9/11 Truth, Part 1- 9/11 & Public Opinion

911/ Truth, Part 2- The 9/11 Truth Movement: Independent Investigations, Media, Advocacy & Activism

9/11 Truth, Part 3- The 9/11 Commission Cover up

9/11 Truth, Part 4- What Did They Know & When Did They Know It- and What Were They Doing?

9/11 Truth, Part 5- The Bush Administration on the Day of 9/11: Incompetence or Intent?

9/11 Truth, Part 6: Air Defense “Failures” and Simultaneous War Games

9/11 Truth, Part 7: Destruction of the World Trade Center and “The Air is Safe to Breathe” Lies

9/11 Truth, Part 8: 9/11 Aftermath and Anthrax; Endless War and Lost Rights

9/11 Truth, Part 9: “False-Flag” Terrorism, Disinformation, Propaganda & Psyops

9/11 Truth, Part 10: Cui Bono? or Who Benefits? (from 9/11)

9/11 Truth, Part 11: Restoring the Public Trust; A Truth & Reconciliation Commission

David Ray Griffin - Radio

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Good work.
Arabesque: 911 Truth

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9/11 Family Steering Committee Review of the 9/11 Commission Report:

Complete 9/11 Timeline