Reel Bad Arabs

I took the liberty of uploading this film to Google Video. Based on Jack Shaheen's book of the same name, it explores Hollywood's relentless vilification of Arabs and Muslims both prior to and after 911. Essential viewing.

Edit: should read Jack

Edit: should read Jack Shaheen, not Sheehan.

Thanks for upping this to

Thanks for upping this to google man, very interesting! It's amazing to think how so many people, myself included, were just passively absorbing all of the propaganda like this prior to 9/11. In fact on the day it happened I thought Saddam probably had something to do with it and my friend reckoned it was a rich Arab prince lol! And that was before they fingered "Osama and his 19" all over the media. So the propaganda certainly used to work, on a passive populace that is. Not anymore assholes!

Me too Dem

It took me about two years to realize we Americans had been conned. Never again! Until we completely clean house I will never believe a word that comes out of Washington. I can smell the Washington stench back here in California. Keep on truck'in truthers, our day will come.

America- Propagandized from Cradle to Grave

Thanks for posting "REEL BAD ARABS".

Link to google.

Please provide the link to Google so we can all share this with others. This would be a great DVD to share as well. After only 10 minutes I was sickened by this. Reminds me of the old "Cowboys & Indians" that many of us grew up watching and playing in our backyards. It makes me shudder. Thank you for posting this.


Also check out the short film "Planet of the Arabs", based on the same book.

Many thanks

for the link I will put it on my Aotearoa blog as well.