Dan Rather announces Giuliani has "flight recorder box" from WTC

Another on-air oddity from Dan Rather:


- Rather's language suggests he has knowledge of a video clip in custody of CBS News in which Giuliani "holds up" what he claims is a "flight recorder box" from the WTC wreckage.

- Rather introduces this clip, but immediately a BBC-style "technical problem" prevents its being aired.

- Giuliani would not make such an announcement to the national media casually--much less "hold up" the object in question--without confirmation that what had been found was indeed a "flight recorder box" and not the remains of some other electronic appliance from the debris.

This episode supports claims by FDNY personnel and an NTSB "insider" that the WTC "black boxes" were in fact found, and suggests the actual moment the blackout curtain descends on this matter in the corporate media.


Like his brief echo of the George Washington Bridge "truck filled with explosives", this appears to be another telling, quickly muted, never-corrected departure from the official narrative by Rather, giving further context to his ominous comments about the "flaming necklace" of "lack of patriotism" inflicted upon free-thinking journalists after 9/11.

Does anyone, anywhere have video or a transcript of Giuliani making such an announcement?

Is there any follow-up to Rather's intro in the archives?

Here is Video Embedded

here is another video of dan

here is another video of dan rather, this time he says there isn't a video of guilani holding the flight data recorder, its shown at 2:35 into this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1T0PqzkFxso

What is wrong with the boxes?

"The CVRs and FDRs from American 11 and United 175 were not found."
- 9/11 Commission Report

This is way beyond an "implausible" tale by FDNY volunteers or an anonymous NTSB "insider". Rather describes seeing this video of Giuliani "holding up" the FDR. The moment he became aware of the above claim by the Commission he became complicit in at least this aspect of the cover-up. Obviously the same holds true for Giuliani and whoever else was present. There is no way around that.

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

Add this

....to the list of. Smells like BULLSHIT.

Rather...a "made man"...

Rather is held in high esteem by many...but I have not one scintilla of respect or trust of him...he's a Mockingbird Media Hack!

Dan Rather was a "made man" because he was in the right place at the right time, and said the right thing...NOTHING...about some inside info regarding the JFK assasination. Others in our team will have much better background on this, but Rather is totally a corporate media "tool", and always has been since JFK got "offed". No JFK-no Rather...as national news guy...simple as that!
Dan Rather also had the fate of the 2004 election in his hands, and people now think that HE was "set up' with some bad informaton about Bush...which wasn't bad at all...but the info needed to be made bad to reelect the thug...which Rather managed to do...quite cleverly...ending up with a handsome "buyout" clothed as a "settlement" for a lawsuit...a classic quid-pro-quo!

So, here is the question: Is Rather an astute, savvy, experienced and wise newsman who has handled hundreds of critical "stories" with skill and appropriate "wariness"...or is he a tool? I have my answer...others can believe the corporate media's points of view. Same with Russert...a corporate news TOOL!

Rather, at the END of his career, did the exact same thing as he did at the BEGINNING of his career...help out a fellow Texan who was soon to be the next President of the United States!

Regarding this interesting thread...since I think that Guilianni REALLY needs to be involved in the next government in this country in order to keep all the Manhattan 9/11 skeletons buried, this is a GREAT avenue of research...

However...if we take the position in questioning that some passports made it through the collapses...it just seems so unbelievably "surreal" to me that ANY of the four black boxes could ever be found in all that debris...and so soon?...like on the sidewalks or something?...or by first responders making a simplewalk through? Not really likely...more likely is the fact that Rudy was expanding his "position" in keeping control of the information coming out of Manhattan.

...an aside...I remember when an Air Florida B737 bounced off the 14th Street Bridge in WDC just after take-off during the PATCO strike, and I watched the feds "search for days" for the black boxes. Well, my sensibilities are that they had found the black boxes early on, they pulled them out without notice [a magician right hand-left hand thing], they read them, cleansed what was needed, they put them back in the Potomac, and then they "found them" right in front of everone's eyes...its a "culpability thing". So, perhaps I am jaundiced about the Federal Government covering up their asses...but, they sure hid many other aviation related deaths caused by the FAA's unsafe and hobbled ATC system during the PATCO strike. Its because the HIPERPS didn't care about "the people" then, or now...they only cared about breaking the back of labor-then...and the backs of the people-now!

Sometimes I really get mad as hell! BTW...my info has it that the AF B737 was "booted" or rushed off the runway beacuse there were WAY too many airplanes on or near the runway ALL at one time...this is a no-no...and being "booted", the AF pilots forgot to flip a small switch that controlled the HEAT applied to engine nacelles during wet conditions...it was snowy-rainy-slushy, and controllers and pilots knew that early B737s had big issues with engine nacelle icing during wet take-offs...EXPERIENCED controllers that is. No engine nacelle heat during take-off?, engines iced up and lost power...CRASH!

Anyway, moving on...

Gulianni has some really, really big information to hide and to keep control of...and here are some more thoughts...

Kucinich gets some good info from Zarembka about insider trading [the put ops] on Manhattan...

Kuchinich begins to investigate this activity...QUIETLY...

Kucinich soon brings some questions about 9/11 into his impeachment initiatives...[may not be the put-ops which coud have been hidden in a Spitzer deal...]

Earlier, Spitzer, former US attorney general on Manhattan [I think] establishes "impeccable" creds and rises to governor of NY...

Spitzer gets caught doing an austentatious "expensive whore thing" and has to resign as governor...

Spitzer is in hiding...Spitzer who?...9/11 what?

US Attorney Generals on Mahattan know an awful lot of really dirty stuff going on thoughout Manhattan, and most end up being quite well off down the road...HMMM?

Read "Den of Thieves" and see what "deals" US Attorney's working down there can expose...or hide...

The Manhattan 9/11 "deals" are really, really deep...and they are really, really dirty...and the players are ALL really, really scrambling for cover...

...but it doesn't explain anything about NORAD...or the AA77-Pentagon saga...

Keep on truckin gang!!

Robin Hordon

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“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson