Feds ARE Buying Up Storable Foods

This is Katy from WeAreChangeLA. Last night I received my second e-mail from a supplier of long term storable emergency food products. This is the second time in a month that he has put up the red flag that "something's up." Here is the text of his e-mail:

Feds ARE Buying Up Storable Foods

We got a confirmation yesterday about the feds buying up storable foods. One of our customer's brother
works for FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and he told him that, indeed, the feds ARE buying
up storable foods. (They've directed suppliers to keep it on the QT.)

Folks, as we said on our site, and in the WorldNetDaily article, something's up! If you didn't see the
WorldNetDaily article, it's here:


Please pass that link around so we can try to wake more Americans up. The more people who are prepared,
the fewer who will come after your stores....

Thanks, Katy, for posting

Thanks, Katy, for posting this.

Something is definitely up.

World Net Daily = The National Enquirer

The only problem I have with this is that World Net Daily = The National Enquirer of the Internets.

Well not the only problem coz this also has too much of my uncle's friend's sister's maid said.......

The place where I buy stuff has everything in stock.

I'd put up a link but I don't think I should advertise here.

People need to calm down.

And take things with big grains of rock salt unless there is some good solid evidence of something that can be verified.

That's what we always say we want about 9/11 information.

I think it should be used as a basis for all of the information about all of this stuff.

If that was true, almost none of this stuff would be published here.

Gossip and hearsay and rumor are nasty bidness.

My two main suppliers

My two main suppliers were heavily backordered for nearly two months mostly in #10 freeze dried. The guy who sent the e-mail to me was the one who had the container of canned butter bought out from under him when he had been waiting nearly a month with backordered customers. Gossip and hearsay and rumor ARE nasty business, but not paying attention is not smart. Most of the Truthers I know have no emergency plan.

It's bad enough that there ARE FEMA CAMPS. And if FEMA are the "Feds" who are buying truckloads of storable food, I would want to know about it. Let's assure that the FEMA camp is not the only place where people can eat.

It simply belies common sense

Do you really think "they" are going to throw you in a "detention camp" and then feed you well?

Do you really think "they" are going to buy up all this expensive freeze dried survival-type food and feed people that instead of some type of cheap crap?

Do you think "they" are afraid of being sued for not feeding you three good-tasting and nutritious meals a day?

There is a disconnect there that means something.

It is information that critical thinking skills suggest that you are mistaken in your premise.

We always complain that people are speculating when they do not follow sound logic and reasoning when considering 9/11 Truth theories and stuff like that. The same should go for other things, as well, and wild speculation should be avoided at all costs.