Kucinich sets the goal.. on your mark.. get set.. GO!

Dennis Kucinich set the benchmark for change, calling for a million signatures to making the voice of the people and accountability be heard. It seems pretty obvious now that I wasn't thinking big enough.


One Million signatures, a million man electronic march on the white house and not a drop of gas will it take get this convoy ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convoy_(movie) ) rolling. Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work people... if you've already signed, pass it on again, it's not too late. If you haven't signed, know you still have the right to be heard and petitioning can be a very effective method. We must use it, it is one our few civil defenses against the corrupt lobby system.

See his message here: http://kucinich.us/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2409&Itemid=76

Sign the official petition here. http://kucinich.us/

When our grandchildren ask what happened grandpa? what did you do?.. It's not about retribution, it's about restitution.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Not war, indentured servitude to debt, and poverty. Was Thomas Jefferson right? I might think he must be turned over in his grave if he can see where the people have been led. We must stand up for ourselves people and say ENOUGH! We're mad as hell and we're not gonna take it anymore! Let's get his message out there. Demand impeachment be put back on the table. Demand truth, accountability, and fiscal responsibility. The food, water, and shelter of government so to speak.

What's holding the country back from impeachment? Is it because impeachment and prosecution of Iraq then places 911 on the table prima facie? Maybe, I certainly couldn't say for sure, but it is difficult to ignore. I believe it has a significant impact in my most humble opinion lacking concrete data. It's a terrible fact, but a logical one. However, truth be told, isn't it the first step to recovery? That fact that so many disagree is the fundamental reason a new investigation is needed regardless of your viewpoint.

We must act, if we are going to stop such programs like Real ID, Secure Social Security Card act which is a regurgitated version of Real ID? Have a sound value based financial system, honest financial reporting to the public, well I digress.. It's time to get back at it, we gotta long way to go and a short time to get there. The Truth begins on Sept 10..

Oh and for irony lovers and general citizens of the United States of Amnesia, that's the anniversary of Donald Rumsfeld's famous 2.3 TRILLION (%^$#@&!) DOLLARS in missing transactions. Accountability!

Peace to all

I'm afraid we've sent a boy to do a man's job

As much as I like Dennis Kucinich, this impeachment case is his last chance.

Thousand upon thousands of decent Constitution loving Americans have put their faith behind Dennis to handle the outrageous attacks on our Constitution in a way he has recommended. He has chosen to work "with," not "against" the Democratic political gang which has colluded with the new Republican Nazis every step of the way.

If he can pull off impeachment by the end of the year, he has my utmost respect. But "close" only counts in horseshoes. There has never been a more appropriate or necessary time to demand real action from our Congressional representatives. When, for whatever reason, they don't deliver the goods, it's time to look for other actions and other leaders.

You have obviously never met Dennis...

...NOR have you had to work in the world's largest Den of Thieves, the US Congress...NOR have you had to run AGAINST the Democratic Party in your own district...as a Democrat...

Its about the middle of the 5th inning I'd say...

And by the way, where IS Ron Paul?

Good try...

Robin Hordon

Ron Paul Votes against impeachment

I've heard Ron Paul say he votes against impeachment because it is too divisive. I don't know how he would vote now after Ron Suskind's "revelations" but he at least has them on tape. I doubt he'd change.

real leaders don't play by their empire's rules

If we're all reading comments on this particular website, we've pretty much agreed the criminals in Washington have not only illegally murdered hundreds of thousands of foreigners in the last few years, but are also responsible for the deliberately planned deaths of thousands of American citizens. I am by no means exaggerating, when I state the world's new Nazis are currently in charge.

Now just imagine Ambassador to Germany Kucinich back in the '40s. Just how effective do you think Kucinich's petitions and requests would have been in halting Hitler?

If Dennis had been our spokesperson back in Colonial days, today we'd probably be holding our 232nd "Petition for Independence" drive.

And yea, where the hell IS Ron Paul????

The enemy of our America, and the enemy of the world, is the Democratic/Republican Empire. Not only have Ron and Dennis successfully divided opposition to this empire, they are actually recruiting new "gang members" for these criminally colluding entities.

It's time someone quit playing by the empire's rules and start "leading" for a change.

I wouldn't say we sent a boy so much as not enough men...

Pelosi and other so-called dems that ran under "anti-war" platforms had us thinking we would finally start to see some truth come to light and some accountability only to find out she was the rebulican's Mary Lou McFate (The NRA spy lady lol). Its hard for just 1 or 2 voices like his or Dennis Wexler's and a few others to be heard over the cacophony of BS and lies that spew forth from the status quo. I relate to Dennis in a sense that at I won't quit trying either.. two of my colleagues at work signed it today after seeing the war, so we can wish him luck or help him out.. if you haven't signed it.. go ahead.. you will feel better about yourself.. you know you wanna :).. take good care and thanks for commenting... much appreciated.

Congressional disobedience

FYI, I did sign the petition.

My grudge against Dennis is that he plays it too safe. Back during the last Democratic convention he could have organized and led a dramatic walkout for all those against the war. Such a challenge would have made world headlines, and perhaps seriously solidified an anti-war party. But he played by the rules.

History has shown civil disobedience is often necessary for positive change. If such disobedience is a good enough tool for regular citizens to employ, it might be good enough for those seeking change in Congress to use as well.

impeachment ain't gonna happen

I would bet money that Bush and Cheney will leave office never having been impeached. Was Congress bugged during the time it was closed due to anthrax attacks? Cause the only way to explain their behavior is that they are being blackmailed.

This has been sitting on John Conyers desk since April. He clearly is just running out the clock.

I did sign, as I have signed hundreds of "incredibly urgent" petitions in past years. None of them have done any good. We need to look beyond petitions to what actually has brought about a revolution in other countries. Bet it wasn't petitions.

I agreed. Petitions, calling

I agreed. Signing petitions, calling and writing to your representatives is not doing anything anymore. Hell, even take it to the street is not working. Didn't we had close to a million people in Washington 2006. "World can't wait."

They never worked these days because they never get REAL coverage on our television.

Look, if any of these issues get coverage like Britney, Paris or any missing person, these criminals would probably had been impeached five years ago. We all know the major problem here is our mainstream media. If we don't take back our press we never ever gonna get anywhere.

Okay now how we gonna do that??

If Obama makes it past the "racist and security Mom" vote...

Whether we agree or not, impeachment will not happen before the election...period! But this organization and force are very, very critical to keep moblized beacuse...

...if there is a major upset and Obama beats McCain because a "very, very large number" of the tens of millions of fear-filled racists, along with other grown adults of all stripes, [but mostly the 8% of "security moms" who swapped their position from 2000' and voted for their Daddy Protector Bush in 2004...], can see through the false-flag-attack scenarios that we all know are coming, and BOTH of these blocks vote for Obama, then all hell should break loose on November 5th regarding impeachments and indictments of the Bush Crime Family. Doing anything before this time becomes a hammer against a party change in the White House. This is a political reality.

Thinking ahead...

Hopefully, as the 9/11 Truth Movement matures and sees that our call for a new investigation is MORE than just a protest, and that its actually a call for political activism and engagement of citizenry in their own governance, this activity will grow and become an equal part of the 9/11 Truth force.

Mature, sober and self-reflective peace activists from the 60s and 70s now realize that the Peace Movements simply failed to remain being viable players in the political scene...because they went on vacation between wars.

Its good to compare the fall of the Peace Movements and the continued rise of all the other movements born in the 60s.

Racial rights, women's rights, gay and lesbian rights, environmental rights and the anti-nuke movements all kept growing since the 60s, and each of their causes is at least a bit better off now than then...but still not finished.

The exact opposite is true for the peace movements...they have failed miserably and are continuing to dwindle BECAUSE they failed to remain focused, failed to remain engaged in educating the public about deeper issues regarding war and peace, and of course, simply forgot to remain a political force on an ongoing basis. The few exceptions of some inneffective sit-ins in local areas, larger [but growing smaller by the minute] marches, or theatrical actions in the congressional arena in WDC here and there have turned into pathetic jokes.

When I ask young people who are 14-22-ish years of age why they do not attend peace marches, they answer in three very simple words. They are stupid!

So, since this youth is the very same demographic that also supports the 9/11 Tryuth Movement, [a very important element of the 9/11 Truth Movement], and since the 9/11 Truth Movement has revolutionized "street actions" in taking them from "60s protest styles" into "Civil Informationing" styles where we are being our own media and ASKING for political change [a new investigation for right now], I strongly suggest that the 9/11 Truth Movement follow the examples of the movements that were successful after the 60s...and NOT follow the ones that failed.

IN each and every case, the reason that those groups succeeded was because of three things...

1. They kept up the process of educating themselves and the public, and remained being their own media...

2. They remained a political force mostly in their own home towns, but upward towards WDC also...

3. They did NOT go on vacation only to awaken from their slumber just before a new outbraek or issue seemed to be on the horizon. The growing "Truth In Recruiting" [ activism in high schools ] is a positive example for the Peace Movements efforts because they are continuing to do these activities and their goal is to INFORM high schoolers about peaceful career options.

So, laugh as you might about the revolutionary change of old style protests into the modern era of CI...Civil Informationing, but the truth is that the 9/11 Truth Movement has done a brilliant job at redefining public activism [except confrontation and bullhorning], creating amazing tools, techniques and tactics to accomplish this, and as a result, have climbed to very, very high ground here. YAY TRUTHERS!

This should never be minimized, and never, ever be allowed to dissipate.

The one thing that the HI PERPS simply have no answer for is wrapped up in two simple but important words: INFORMED CONSENT.

In fact, this is why the Peace Movements were encouraged to keep doing massive marches because then the Mockingbird Media could be instructed to ignore them, which they did, and therefore, the marches effectively didn't even exist...a nullification of millions of "opinions" and possible political power. And of course, protests are only designed to change people's opinions...and, as we know, the opinions of the vast majority of elected officials are controlled by the corporations that are filling their bank accounts. So, that's "0 for 2" for the old 60s gang.

So, here comes the pesky 9/11 Truth Movement carrying the single most difficult message ever brought to the public's awareness, and every day, the 9 /11 Truth Movement makes more and more progress. And why?...because we are INFORMING the public...doing so without one major "stupid" march...and using this century's "tools".

Truthers, THIS is why the HI PERPS are flooding the 9/11 Truth Movement with cointelpros, continuously coming out with disinfo and divisive data?, and are stonewalling each and every effort to gather the facts that the FBI and the other criminal thugs are hiding.

THEY FEAR THE INFORMATION getting into the public's minds.

CONSENT is the other problem for the HI PERPS...and this is why they have hacked the voting process for about 20 years now. The HI PERPS know that the very smallest thing in their arsenal are the number of actual votes that are on their side. So, simple solution...they hacked the counting...and both democrats and republicans have done this just to keep their "WDC group" together. Those in the opposing party quite often HELP their opposition get elected in their separate districts...gotta keep the "line-ups" intact.

Consequently, when I hand out my 1/4 page flyers, there are websites for 9/11 Truth, War+Peace, and voting reforms [along with net nuetrality]...you know why?

Because I'm old enough to realize that the Peace Movements were reactionary, took long naps, failed to keep updated about war+peace issues, continue to use outdated tactics in public, and consequently, are not a political force anymore ...

...and that for absolutely no doubt, the one thing that the HI PERPS fear most is an informed public that VOTES!

The corrupted ones are dead in the water should this ever happen...

So, here we are right back to Dennis Kucinich who does NOT take corporate money, has the DLC support OTHER democratic candidates running against him, speaks the truth in the face of the DC whores, and constantly seeks more and more information...even from the 9/11 Truthers. And, he DOES take the steps to "inform" his peers about all of this...and he DOES try to use his position to create political change...and he DOES what we are doing...but does so within his own political circle....the ultimate "Den Of Thieves".

The question is this.

Which pathway will the Truthers take in the future...

...taking a nap until AFTER the next "false-flag-attack" happens?...or

...keeping up our Civil Informationing AND becoming a political force for the future?

I know what I'm going to do.

Love, Peace and Progress with:


...just for starters...

My new banner and organization coming soon:


Robin Hordon

Hey, here's a thought...

...the real reason none of these CRIMINALS are doing anything, is because they ALL own stocks in the companies that make the bombs,jet fighters ships, hummers,bulletts,DU, rocket launchers,etc.,etc.!!! They MUST keep those constituants employed to stay in office in their districts. Plus they are making money hand over fist with all the stocks they own in these companies. Hey, let's all face it, war is not only big business, it's GOOD business!! The eleceted CRIMINALS are getting rich. The people (in mostly family owned businesses) in their district are earning a VERY comfortable living. While the rest of us with REGULAR JOBS, suffer & foot the bill for this insane maddness!!!!
Not all those manufactures of killing products are outsourced to other countries. Many of them are right here in our own backyard. If all those employed by these companies could make the same amount of income making something else that would promote peace or help save the environment, I'm sure they would jump on it!! However, those with ALL the power AND money don't want peace. They would be very happy if we kill each other or work ourselves to death!!