Some WTC video clips for research

Hey everyone, here's some interesting clips for research purposes I've put up recently. The World Trade Center tower construction footage is from PBS's American Experience, New York documentary series, episode 8, "Center of the World". There's some pretty nice views of internal workings such as core columns. Full documentary synopsis and transcript here: I compiled most of the construction footage and added music, but there's another 2 minutes of this footage found in the documentary as well as other useful info. I Highly recommend this documentary to everyone for research purposes as it discusses the entire history of the buildings, from "radio row" up to 9/11/01.

Dowload DivX clip here:

The Modern Marvels:Demolition segment mentions ground zero fires weeks after the attack, and a statement from Mazzocchi Wrecking Superintendant Michael Casale that, "steel was coming out red in certain areas".

Download XviD clip here:
Full length segment:
I've also put up the full Modern Marvels: Demolition documentary on this tracker:
Credit for finding the Modern Marvels clip goes to someone else, whose name I've actually lost due to deleting the original email message I recieved by mistake.

Best wishes all, thanks for reading & watching. -Nate

I'm humbled by this being on

I'm humbled by this being on the frontpage, thank you 911blogger and friends for your support. Spread the truth around, and message me about any video requests for 9/11 news coverage, most likely I can probably help out. Take care, best wishes, love to all, Nate

Dude, you rock.

Thanks for all your video scrounging!

BTW, do you know of any archive of the History Channel program "History's Business"?

I try to find stuff based on

I try to find stuff based on what others sends me a message to scour for, what is it exactly? I will look into it. I always want to help.

Looking for...

An episode of "History's Business" that was broadcast after Sept. 2002, featuring an interview with Larry Silverstein, in which it is alleged that he talks about the "demolition" of WTC7. The episode may center around the "Freedom Tower". Wish I could be more specific, but I'm going from a single eyewitness to the program, who did not understand the value of the comments at the time. The Freedom Tower wasn't unveiled until Dec.2003, so it may have been aired after that, but I just don't know.

I read about that on

I read about that on 911blogger:

The History Channel is also suppressing a video of Larry Silverstein actually saying Bldg. 7 was a "controlled demolition for safety reasons" on a Sunday morning show called History's Business in early 2004. I know as I watched him say it and at the time I was not suspicious about 911 and that comment made sense to me as I had never understood Bldg. 7's complete collapse. It seems to me that the original plan may have been to admit it was a controlled demolition, but for safety reasons. It looks like it got to be a problem after Dr. Steven Jones' paper was published and people started asking when there would have been time to set the charges and then asking about the towers given all of the testimony about explosions being seen, heard, and felt after the Oral Histories were released in August 2005. I personally asked myself the question of when there would have been time to set the charges in Bldg. 7 only after reading Dr. Jones' paper in early 2006.

Whether the statement above is true i don't know, but the episode of HB does exist.

Another reference was found here:
But the site is shut down

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Found the original broadcast

Found the original broadcast date of HB with Silverstein:
(screenshot of the (now) shut down website)

September 08, 2002
Please watch my movie: The Third Tower

Definitely looking for this

Definitely looking for this now, I've missed out on hearing about this one, thanks!

It's not the Sept. 2002 show.

This was acquired and Larry does not mention WTC7 in the show.


It's not the Sept.2002 show, apparently Larry was on a couple episodes. The Sept.2002 show was acquired and he does not mention WTC7 in the episode.

Rep are you positive?

I remember Tony (or someone speaking for him) saying that a portion of that show was obtained from the History Channel, but it was the wrong interview. And when another attempt was made to get the correct one, HC refused to release anything else from the show and told Tony that he would need a court order to get the rest of the program.

^Perhaps that's not correct information, and maybe you're right about the 2002 program not being the correct one. But do you have a link to a torrent download for the show that you say was obtained? I'm asking because I want to confirm whether or not it's a program that I'm thinking of, because I also remember watching a show featuring Silverstein shortly after 9/11, probably in 2002-03. I don't remember too much about it, however, I do recall one portion of it where Silverstein was seen in a hospital room, where *I think* he received news that he was taking over the WTC and he was celebrating (this part of the show was before 9/11 obviously). Does this ring any bells for anyone (I'm pretty sure it wasn't "America Rebuilds")?

If anyone has any shows featuring Silverstein within a year or two after 9/11, besides PBS's America Rebuilds, please upload it here:

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That's what Tony said.

A copy of the show was obtained, and Larry does not talk about 7 being demolished.

Tony also said that Larry talked about the Freedom Tower in the episode. I don't think anybody was talking about the 'Freedom Tower' in 2002, were they? The design contest was still open in Dec.2002, according to wiki;

However, if someone can easily obtain the Sept.2002 episode, go for it! What the hell, maybe we can catalogue some more "obfuscations".

Astounding Collection Here:

No kidding Joe...Xenomorph911 has an intense collection.

Joe had turned me on to Xenomorph911, who is kind of famous for his works...the video king collection.

9/11: South Tower Collapse (BBC Horizon)

9/11: South Tower Collapse (BBC Horizon)

Well thanks, I scour the net

Well thanks, I scour the net for all kinds of news reports, most important are the rarer NYC network coverage, I will release an archive soon of the excerpts of local NYC news network clips I have, as soon as it's properly organized. I've also got a lot of old OCT documentaries and International news clips, whatever others may need please ask, I may be able help. Best wishes, Nate

Here's one clip I uploaded

Here's one clip I uploaded recently at my emergency Youtube account, I figure I'll prabably get banned so I created this account in preparation for an emergency.

The image stabilization

is outstanding. It's very nice to see things so much more clearly....