Legalize 9/11 Truth Ride (Week 8) San Diego, CA (Videos by Dylan Avery)

If you happen to be in the greater San Diego area please feel free to join our weekly Sunday protest at 4:00pm sharp at the end of Diamond Street in Pacific Beach. If you can't make it, please feel free to copy us and start a weekly Sunday protest ride in you neck of the woods.

Great Job

as usual SD truthers. You do the truth movement proud!

there are so many of us working hard to get the truth out... in DC we produce a monthly newspaper, The Rock Creek Free Press, we are putting on a fim festival on 9/11/08, the We Are Change guys are confronting celebrities all over the place, the folks in San Diego are riding for truth, there are 911 activists everywhere...

Yet because we are so spread out we always seem to be so few. Sometimes I wish we could all get together at the same place and time and see how many of us there really are.

When I meet a 9/11 truther I instantly feel I've met a brother or a sister. Someone who is a member of an elite club: those smart enough to figure out what really happened and courageous enough to do something about it. Far from the propaganda about us all living in our parents' basements, Truth activists are the most fascinating, idealistic, hard-working, well-read, iconoclastic, brave and brilliant people I've ever met.




My thoughts exactly!

Rock free press is an awesome paper thank you so much for what you do sheila! kudos to everyone who participated on the bike ride for truth! See you next sunday!

"I will not withdraw from this war even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me." -George W. Bush