Bill Kristol attending event in Toronto, Ontario

If anyone is in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area, you may wish to visit Bill Kristol's appearance at Roy Thomson Hall this evening.

Apparently, Kristol is launching a fund raising campaign for the United Jewish Appeal.

War criminals should not be celebrated like this.

Local Chapters...

Sounds like a job for WeAreChange. I contacted them here ~

Whoever excepts this challenge

i just hope they will avoid something like "your father was a Trotskyist". That's really a laugh out loud proposition - not true, not a bad thing if it were, and even if it were a bad thing - that's his FATHER for Chisake. Hell, my father was a military man and later wall street. So what? Me, I'm a Trotskyist. Highly recommend any and all of his works. Good link about the Neocon/Troskyist myth -

I would advise

attacking him on the "war criminal" thing. Because it's a Jewish event, people will be hostile to any implication of 9/11 inside job stuff. But the invasion of Iraq, an obvious war crime that Kristol promoted, is fair game and might get media coverage if done right.

William Kristol should be

William Kristol should be confronted because he's the founder of P.N.A.C.

I would love to be there

I would love to wipe the smirk off this scum bag's face. I hope there are tons of Canadian truthers there asking the tough questions like "How come you and your group of PNAC thugs pulled off 9/11?" Please someone film this. It could prove quite interesting if they ask the right questions. I love to watch this bastard squirm. It's like having an orgasm for me. Be real direct and show no respect to this mass killer. He deserves the electric chair, not respect.

I'm guessing, by the description of the event,

the room will be filled with Zionist zealots singing his praise.

But there may be an opportunity outside the venue to get some press with a proper protest.

Mr. Kristol...

Should Americans and Canadians be alarmed by the fact that an organization you founded wrote a document saying that the current wars, and military spending taking place now, would not be possible without a "New Pearl Harbor"... BEFORE 9/11, and that you run a newspaper called the "Weekly Standard" which has helped to maintain the multitude of cover-ups pertaining to the 9/11 attacks by slandering those who question them?

Also Bill, who told you to try and blame Iraq for the Anthrax attacks?

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Anyone in Toronto catch this?

Any video? Please upload it.