Send the Queen Packing

August 19, 2008

Alex Jones talks with antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan, who is running as an independent against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in November in an attempt to end the strangle hold that the military industrial racket has over our government which keeps us fighting endless wars around the globe.

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Cindy gets it

Bravo to her for going for REAL political power (while getting rid of one of the worst gatekeepers - Nancy Pelosi)

In a related vein:

I often read, which is a (mostly) progressive, Democratic blog, which has made a real impact in modern politics.

The head honcho of, Markos Moulitsas, has come out with a new book called Taking on the System - Rules for Radical Change in a Digital Era. I haven't read the book (it actually comes out tomorrow), but IMO you have to pay attention to a book by somebody like Moulitsas, on such a subject, if you're interested in political change in the US. My assumption is that the book will be of value to activists of all stripes and political orientations, whose focus is not aligned with whatever is the prevailing direction in Washington, D.C. .

One thing I really appreciate about Moulitsas is that he completely gets that you have to change the elected representatives who are, after all, the gatekeepers of so much of real power, in the US, to the extent of using his web site to channel fund raising to particular, sympathetic candidates. I personally have little patience for begging any elected representative to do the right thing, over and over again, when they show no indication of having any sympathy for my cause, whatsoever. My attitude is like that of Donald Trump - "You're fired!"; except, of course, in a democracy you need to get lots of fellow voters to help you achieve that.

I have been fascinated, critical, as well as dismayed by how little activism seems to achieve in modern US society, at least since the 1960's. 911 activism really isn't much different, though of course it's been additionally hampered by being a "high strangeness" type of issue. Everybody just [b]knows[/b], don't they, that modern democratic governments would never contemplate and coverup the slaughter of it's own citizens, right? So, besides the ossification and pushback inherent in a system that, presumably, works well for somebody, even at the expense of populist causes, there's the additional incredulity factor. Additionally, it's been hampered by the inability to obtain primary evidence, which is tightly held by the government - when it hasn't already destroyed it. (Consider the contrast with an environmental activist who want to get the government to subsidize, via tax credits, solar panels. The efficiency and cost information is readily available. Also, I expect there's reams of data, perhaps not easily analyzed, but nevertheless available, which would additionally allow precise comparison of environmental impact.)

A couple of reviews of the book are linked to here, but the second review, in particular, caught my eye because of this:

It wasn't until Rod Parsley's shop went after me that I really got it, though. Because the moment I tried to figure out how to respond to his bullying, I reached for Taking On The System to help me devise a strategy.

If this really is a useful cookbook for progressive Democrats, then there should be value for activists in general, and 911 activists, in particular.

Question: How long until We Are Change starts supporting specific candidates who are sympathetic to their efforts? Wouldn't it be more useful to society, e.g., to put Nancy Pelosi out of a job, compared to publicly confronting her? We Are Change's code of conduct says that they don't endorse any particular political party (which is fine), but what about particular candidates?

Cindy Sheehan (send this to parents with kids in ROTC)

July 7, 2008

On what would have been Casey's 29th birthday, his mother, Cindy Sheehan, describes her beloved son who lived a life of high integrity and whose fate was decided by brute force and deceit.

Right--metaphorical "queen"...

Was wondering what HRM had to do with it--nothing I see. ;-)


..........You mean sell out ! My hopes are with you Cindy. Once there don't ever forget 9/11 truth.