3 New WeAreChange.org videos (Boston + Rhode Island)

3 New WeAreChange.org videos (Boston + Rhode Island)

We Are CHANGE Boston Confronts Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews, while speaking at Harvard, states that he is unwilling to interview William Rodriguez because he and Mark of We Are Change Boston are conspiracy theorists. He also denies any knowledge of the BBC and CNN's reporting of the collapse of WTC7 on 9/11/01 before the event had actually occurred.


We Are Change RI confronts Patrick Lynch

Patrick Lynch is confronted over the DC gun ban by Mike Jones and Nathan Florence of We Are Change RI.


We C.H.A.N.G.E RI and Boston make the news

At an Obama rally in Boston


a clean, decent , correct and respectfull exchange with Chris

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,

a clean, decent , correct and respectfull exchange with Chris Mattews. On viewing we see who is not doing his job.

Keep the questions coming gently like here and eventually the public who have not yet caught the George Monbiot's 911 virus
( http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2007/feb/06/comment.film ) will join us.

As George says, once the people are contaminated by the 911 truth, there is no way that they will return to be normal. I say George is right. Once the people realise that George Bush and company are lying though their teeth today , yesterday and all the time then they will not be ready to believe him tomorrow. As the Scots say once a liar always a liar.

The truth is a one way ticket !

Keep up the good work.



Chris Matthews


Chris Matthews - Chris.matthews@msnbc.com
Hardball Staff - christina.jamison@msnbc.com; cpendy@msnbc.com
Dominic Bellone, Hardball Producer and Editor of Hardball Newsletter - DBellone@MSNBC.com
David Shuster - DShuster@MSNBC.com

Call or write to Chris Matthews at MSNBC Hardball.

Let him know what you think

Letter to Chris Matthews, et al

Chris Matthews
Dominic Bellone
David Shuster
Christina Jamison

RE: Your Appearance at Harvard University


In your recent appearance at Harvard University, I saw that a very polite fellow
asked if you would be interested in interviewing a gentleman by the name of
William Rodriquez.

The normally stoic Chris Matthews became quite irritated by this question, so I
decided to check the identity of this Rodriquez fellow. Well, a simple search
indicates that he is a hero of 911. He was the janitor in the North Tower of the
World Trade Center and literally saved the lives of emergency personnel and
other individuals before the explosive collapse of that structure.

This from CNN:

"Rodriguez, who had keys to the elevators, began climbing the upper levels of
the tower with a police officer to help trapped people. He saw firefighters
weighted with rescue equipment catching their breath on the 39th floor."

The story of Mr. Rodriquez is certainly newsworthy and interesting, even if you
find it unimportant, or ask:

Matthews at Harvard: "Why are we talking about this now?"

Well, sir, apparently "we" are talking about this now because it has received scant coverage in the corporate media. I cannot believe that you are so stupid as
to not be aware of the many newsworthy stories surrounding the events of
September 11, 2001. Your cowardly blathering about “conspiracy theorists” cannot
dismiss these newsworthy stories.

The official story itself is a conspiracy theory--but you already know that.

You also intimated that the questioner was "wacky":

Matthews: "We haven't heard anything that's wacky here, except that guy--he's

Upon reviewing the tape, the gentleman who asked if you would interview hero
William Rodriquez certainly WAS NOT "wacky" nor was he "crazy." In fact, you
appeared wacky, disingenuous, sarcastic, and your performance was an insult to
the individuals in the audience.

Mr. Rodriquez has met with both Hillary Clinton and President Bush, among
others, and for you to dismiss him as a “conspiracy theorist” (especially as a
supposed journalist) is pathetic.

However, Chris Matthews (the expert political pundit) already knows this
information. You claim that you play “Hardball”, but all you play is corporate

Incidentally, the questioners other comment about BBC was actually true. BBC did
report the collapse of WTC 7 before it fell. That is simply true. Whether there
is sound reason for the report is a different issue. Mr. Matthews again
sarcastically dismissed this question with a combination move. He used the
quintessential “conspiracy theorist” comment along with joining forces with an
ego-stroking zombie in the audience (who stated he had worked for both CNN and

Good day sir,

[ferric oxide]

Chris Matthew is a JERK

Yeah Yeah Politeness doesn't count with a jerk like Matthews he still puts you down. Well anytime you want to play hardball let me know you PHONY! Come on people this guy knows the truth and he is now an accomplice to Murder! Sorry but I don't think I want to wipe off my shoes before I go in his door. He should be arrested for impersonating a journalist.

Kicked back

I tried using these email addresses and they all got kicked back.


MSNBC/Microsoft - NBC
30 Rockefeller Plaza
3rd Fl
New York, NY 10112
(212) 664-4444


I would have preferred a follow-up question rather than a statement," Why isn't the official theory of 19 hijackers directed by a man in a cave also a conspiracy theory?"


""Why do you need to call me a name? I didn't call you a name."

WeAreChange, you're the

WeAreChange, you're the best! What excellent manner of civil discourse, laying bare the lies. With Chris Matthews and others you get your fingers under their heavy stone roof, uncovering the creepy-crawlies, watching them race about frantically as the sunlight penetrates the pale, panicking bodies.

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Good work We Are Change.

Your question was well presented and caused Matthews to show his true colors. He is an egomaniacal tool of the status quo. His ad hominem attacks of the questioner and William Rodriguez using the classic "conspiracy theorist" discount term, are right from their playbook. The reason they don't talk about it rationally is because when they get into the details, their position is indefensible.

Politeness no longer a necessity.

Chris Matthews no longer deserves the benefit of the doubt on these issues and should not be offered the gift of politeness any longer.
He needs straight direct and pointed questions. Screw him. Good confrontation.

Chris Matthews is certainly one of the more arrogant

truth deniers, along with Bill Maher!

Great job by the questioner & by fireman John Schroeder!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

Had the questioner of Matthews...

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for asking tough questions.

But if you're going to ask tough questions, why not do it from a more professional standpoint?

Write the question down, research the question, and say it on "their level".

In that situation, you could have focused on a wide-variety of 'non-conspiratorial' issues - NORAD war games, 9/11 Whistleblowers, etc. - but instead the same question comes back to Controlled Demolition.

I'm not against asking these questions on CD, but we've seen TIME AND TIME AGAIN that these questions do not work. Instead, they are thrown back in our face and we are immediately turned into the wacky conspiracy theorists.

I spoke to Matthews briefly in Philadelphia during the first Democratic Debates and brought up factual information, and he said for me to send it to him and take a look. Yes yes, I know - he's a "puppet", "media-controlled"... that's fine and dandy.

But, I wasn't called a lunatic or a conspiracy theorist.
We should really re-consider the types of questions we ask, that's all I am saying.

We've been asking the same questions for years and have gotten the same response.
The questions I've seen posed that are non-conspiratorial and actually deal with something that cannot be irrefuted, are often given better responses that we can use AGAINST these people if and when a new investigation, and the truth comes about.

Keep up the good work everyone.
See everyone in NYC on 9/11/08. :-)

Mark in Philly

Tired of the gatekeepers

I'm tired of those gatekeepers. Aren't you?

"Conspiracy theorist" is a term exploited by gatekeepers--to stop discussion. Accusing victims of the 9/11 attacks like William Rodriguez of being "theorists"--refusing to discuss 9/11 with them, is as low as it gets.

"There's only one thing that will move the mainstream media, and that's business, whether it starts to hurt their business, and it is, it has, they're terrified of the bloggers, and they're terrified of the internet, because they realize that it is taking business away from them, people are reading them... there are a lot of important bloggers who are doing better work than mainstream journalists, they're doing it without pay! They're doing it because they want to show anywhere where the press is not doing its job"
A 9/11/2008 Resolution: Start Your Own 9/11 Blog

The ultimate trick

The ultimate trick would be if their ratings happen to soar whenever a display of 9/11 Truth is broadcast. It would not surprise me if audiences want to see good old fashioned flushing out of corporate and state-sponsored evil. Remember, America loves the underdog and, I believe, can smell a true patriot when push comes to shove.

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Chris, why are you bringing up....?

...all the networks use similar sources, so it's only natural all the networks sound the same--yup, corporate controlled media(CCM)!

They're not ready for change! CCM are very much into self-justification. The tactics employed by Matthews belie no interest in discussion. They may know the internet will soon be controlled and holding on until then?

Arabesque makes clear a very real issue for CCM. They know the internet is hurting business and they deserve to hurt. They are part of the agenda. Chris Matthews reveals himself as an obvious gatekeeper!

Will CCM be forced into change? I doubt it and don't put anything past them. They may provoke confrontations with the 9/11 Truith Movement and then Harmanize truthers with the brunt of The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007.

There may be yet another bill coming, "The Conspiracy Theorist Thought Radicalization And Should Have Believed Us ACT of 2008"? It's clear, they want to punish!

Chris Matthews...
...don't believe them!