NIST: "Then a Miracle Occurs"

NIST's explanation for the collapse of World Trade Center 7 on September 11th follows the logic in the cartoon above.

Specifically, NIST claims that the collapse of building 7 is "the first known instance of fire causing the total collapse of a tall building".

But then goes on to argue:

"The fires in WTC 7, which were uncontrolled but otherwise similar to fires experienced in other tall buildings, caused an extraordinary event"

In fact, the fires in WTC 7 were orders of magnitude less than other high-rise fires, which did not produce collapses.

My parody from yesterday is not much sillier than NIST's real explanation.

Spot On Per Usual, GW

This stuff is so bizarre it's hard to parody, but you succeeded.

The NIST summary here was amazingly forthcoming, including this convenient preview of a response to any controlled demolition argument:

"The investigation team considered the possibility of other factors playing a role...including the possible use of explosives...The team said that the smallest blast event capable of crippling the critical column would have produced a 'sound level of 130 to 140 decibels at a distance of half a mile,' yet no noise this loud was reported by witnesses or recorded on videos."

I look forward to a technical evaluation of this claim by competent, impartial authorities.

- omniadeo

"critical column"?

So are they saying that a single column was somehow "critical" for the whole building?


That's it. They expect us to believe that the designers of the building made the entire structure depend on a single column: somehow take out that column, and the entire structure comes down fast and symmetrically.
They've got some nerve.
Also, notice that the pics and videos used by NIST still "white out" the upward progression of explosions or squibs in the southwest corner you can see in the CBS video. They white that out because If it's not there, they don't have to explain it and ruin their neat little fire theory.

This requires a coordinated response

The report needs to be "demolished" using the strongest arguments, such as the fact that 20-minutes fires (that's how long they lasted even according to NIST in any single location) simply cannot heat up fire-protected steel so much that it could weaken.

I'm not so sure the "squibs" you refer to is a strong argument. Here's my analysis of them:

Something's rotten in the state of Denmark.

...Or the 'United States of Denial'

What a load a crap

I don't think any of us would have imagined that the report would conclude that fire alone brought down the building. I really thought they would be more cryptic and imaginative than that.

Lest we forget, WTC 7 was the most sturdy building of its size in the city. The core colums were not i-beams but full rectangular beams that all tapered from bottom to top.

The idea that the failure of one column due to fire could cause the total collapse of the building with no remaining standing columns is an absolute farce.


International Truth Movement

The effective way to handle this NIST bullshit is to...

The effective way to handle this NIST bullshit is to build up the membership of "Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth". EMAIL every architect and Engineer that you can find with website and this TV interview link--> Attach the "Hard Evidence Letter" -->

Let's build a JUGGERNAUT of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth !


CNN treats NIST results

Here it is from the Situation Room tonight...

Mystery Solved...No, BULLSHIT DEEPENS!


Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

AOL is featuring a front page article on the NIST story

and allowing comments. Here's the link:

Let them know what you think!

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