Consider Doing CI...Civil Informationing at Denver and Minneapolis...


There will be a great temptation to use the "IN-YO-FACE" tactics at the conventions in Denver and Minneapolis...and the HI PERPS have already established holding pens for protesters, one of which I was in while doing some protesting in Boston in 04'.

Should this happen, the 9/11 Truth Movement will be thrown in with all the "other" groups doing the "same-old same-old" from four decades past. This is not fitting of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

None of those groups and organizations have had the powerful growth and net effect in the last 40 years as has the 9/11 Truth Movement had in the last seven years when one considers the "message". So, might as well go with their "dated" tactics AYE?

NYET!...I suggest that we think very differently.

Perhaps a better way to be is to perfom some CI in very small groups on all the street corners within a few square miles of the convention sites and other assembly areas within these two cities. I may be wrong, but when in groups of two or less, its NOT considred a "protest" and the person [s] may remain out in public on the sidewalks, and NOT sent off to "political stir". This is quite easy to establish as the Colorado Chapter of the ACLU certainly has litigated some of the "ground rules" for protesting-assembling at these mega political events. Google and ask...

Certainly some expressive signs and banners, and the like, should make their way into the "protest pens" so as to be visible to the media, [as though they will not cut THAT footage], but more importantly, getting some "vis" and "presence" with the other activist groups also being penned up is surely important.

My concerns are that some more of the extreme confrontational behaviors and "aggressive players" within the 9/11 Truth Movement will once again be "used" to invalidate our movement. Its hard to project anything else considering the nearly "perfect disinfo-cointelpro-psyop storms" offered by such events.

Maybe what concerns me most is that, as there seems to be good information and great success consistantly rising up on our horizons, not only worldwide, but nationally with some interesting films, books and disclosures looming, this creates an opportunistic time for cointelpro types to do what they can to make the 9/11 Truth Movement to look bad...again.

Please consider the likes of David Ray Griffin, Gore Vidal, Professor Steven Jones, Kevin Barret, Barrie Zwicker, Dr. Bob Bowman, Richard Gage, Peter Phillips, Janice Matthews, Paul Zarembka, Willie Rodriguez, all the first responders, the Jersey Girls, Bob McKelvane, [and many, many more]...and most noteably, consider their civil conduct in public, as being the standards of behaviors that the Truthers "attending-protesting-Civil Informationing" at the two conventions might use as guidelines for their own behaviors.

Its clear that we have "the goods", and NIST's latest report, seemingly scheduled to be released just before the conventions?, will surely crumble fairly soon, so I strongly suggest that we do not throw "the 9/11 Truth product" away due to counterproductive public behaviors at the conventions.

As an example of the results of "positive" and non-confrontational behaviors paying off, I offer the approach that I and other Truthers took at the Peace Marches in early 2007 in WDC when Dennis Kucinich was approached respectfully, handed dozens of vides, and had many, many good conversations with Truthers. The eventual result has been productive.

For sure, all new candidates and long time politicians should be aware of our presence, our points of view, and hopefully, our facts, and even more hopefully, handed some DVDs...just for the record!

But perhaps a better way to be is to behave civilly in public, and repectfully in private, [mostly] while near these politicians. Can't we simply INFORM them of the truths that we have discovered instead of yelling at them?

There is no doubt at all that the "yelling" will most certainly handled by all the other groups placed into the "protest pens"...they know NOTHING different...and the yelling will do absolutely NO GOOD at all.

Sorry, but that's the truth, and the 9/11 Truth Movement proves this every day because it does its best work with respectful conversation...

Please think about this alternative approach...

...can't we be different?
...isn't it the right time to be different?
...might this be a better way to be?
...will we not be more effective?

Love, Peace and Progress with:


...just for starters...

Robin Hordon