Lew Rockwell.com: "Building 7 imploded, video shows"

The readership at the libertarian web site LewRockwell.com has grown exponentially in the past year or so. The site's daily traffic count now competes respectably with some MSM sites. Most of the site's regular columnists have either remained silent about 9/11 Truth or else they say they don't believe it was an inside job. Things finally appear to be changing -- at least a little (is it because the presidential election is now another fait accompli for our hidden government?). Recently, Lew Rockwell himself very vaguely equated 9/11 with the general concept of an "inside job," and today columnist Michael S. Rozeff comments on the official lie regarding Building 7. He does not mince words. As you read it, keep in mind that a large number of dedicated LewRockwell.com readers might never have been exposed to this information if not for Mr. Rozeff's comment:


Building 7 imploded, video shows
Posted by Michael S. Rozeff at August 22, 2008 09:24 AM

See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58h0LjdMry0

not to mention numerous eyewitness reports.

The puffs of smoke/debris at the right just prior to the collapse, which is straight down, is clear evidence of controlled man-made implosion.

It's no wonder that Federal investigators needed 3 years and 1,000 pages to reach the opposite conclusion. It's no wonder that they needed to write a sophisticated computer program to reach this phony conclusion.

This is the home of Morgan

This is the home of Morgan Reynolds . . .

Yes, But...

It is even more of a home to Karen Kwiatkowski, Paul Craig Roberts and Butler Shaffer, among others.

Reynolds has posted a grand total of 14 articles at LRC, the last one coming in January 2008. Kwiatkowski and Roberts have posted roughly 200 articles each at LRC, and Shaffer has posted roughly 100 articles. The latter three are still going strong.

It Didn't Last Long

Update: It appears that someone has already removed Mr. Rozeff's comment about Building 7 from the LRC site.

Oh well. At least a bunch of regular daily readers saw it and (probably) clicked the video link before it was pulled. What they saw and heard in that video will be like the bell that one cannot un-ring.

I wonder if it was intentionally posted only for a very short time, or if the management or Mr. Rozeff himself decided that it was going "a bit too far"?

The annoying thing is that LRC columnists, who run the gamut from intellectual giants to fringe oddballs, have posted much more radical comments on all sorts of other topics than Mr. Rozeff's comments about Building 7.

anyone archive it?

BS like that is the reason i .webarchive or save as .html file any significant article i come across, and often post the entire article here.

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