If you were Lucky Larry Silverstein would you hire the same structural engineer to rebuild WTC7?

To gain perspective on NIST's report, lets look at the new WTC 7 building. In an article published about the new WTC7 building in Architectural Record, it states: "Less apparent in the building are the structural and safety innovations that have already affected skyscraper design. Silvian Marcus, the project’s structural engineer and the C.E.O. of Cantor Seinuk, designed the original 7 WTC as a total steel structure, but this time around he developed a robust concrete core and a perimeter of redundant steel columns—to address progressive collapse concerns—that leaves the interior completely open."

This means the same guy who designed the original WTC7 building structure that according to NIST succumbed to complete structural failure in less than seven seconds due to a previously unknown and undeclared phenomenon called "thermal expansion" designed the new building long before NIST's latest analysis and recommendations were made public. I guess that must make Lucky Larry Silverstein a little nervous that his brand new skyscraper may collapse should someone light a fart in the bathroom. Not.

Mr. Marcus must have been tickled pink back in 2001 to know that he would be paid twice now for designing a structure in the same lot. As quoted in this Infowars.com article: "The fuel absolutely could be a factor," said Silvian Marcus, executive vice president for the Cantor Seinuk Group and a structural engineer involved in the original design of the building, which was completed in 1987. But he added, "The tanks may have accelerated the collapse, but did not cause the collapse." "Any structure anywhere in the world, if you put it in these conditions, it will not stand," Mr. Marcus said. "The buildings are not designed to be a torch."

Now if you were Larry Silverstein and you reeeeally thought your building was brought down by fire, would you hire the same structural engineer to rebuild it?

If I were Lucky Larry Silverstein....

I'd slink back to the sewer I came out of.