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Testifying before the 9/11 Commission, General Richard Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the commission in response to a question on NORAD’s failure to anticipate the 9/11 attacks, “I can’t answer the hypothetical. It’s more — it’s the way that we were directed to posture, looking outward.” As we will see below, NORAD, since its inception in 1958, was tasked with more than merely “looking outward”.

Only looking outward? Outrageous claim.

Ever heard of the Trojan horse?
That was LONG ago and still we haven't learnt anything?

The Memory Hole

This is what George Orwell meant by the "memory hole" in his novel 1984. On September 10, 2001 everyone knew that NORAD watched every aircraft flying over American and Canadian territorial airspace. Then came September 11, 2001. On that day the fact that NORAD watched every aircraft flying over American and Canadian territorial airspace went down the memory hole.

good one, Orweillian memory hole

It is pretty amazing how little NORAD was questioned? We are expected to accept the response of authority so just forget it.

You make an apt observation, brian78046, into the memory hole it is!

...don't believe them!

Outing The Sociopaths

Thanks to the documents dating from the 1990s, we now know that NORAD monitored and controlled the territorial airspace within America and Canada. You can thank the repository that is the World Wide Web for outing General Richard Myers and all the other sociopaths on this issue.

For more info on this...

Look here.

I do not believe that hijacked airliners could fly all about the

Eastern U.S. for 1.5 hours with out being challenged, pursued, videoed/photographed, or even seen by NORAD & our other air defenses! Then, after all this, another "hijacked" airliner flies back from Ohio & just traipses into the Pentagon, without even a clear video capturing it!?

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

P-Tech Sabotage Of NORAD

The only way NORAD wouldn't be able to see those four errant aircraft on 9/11 is if NORAD's computer software were tampered with, which brings up the subject of P-Tech. But the P-Tech issue is another story. You can read an article at that includes a discussion of P-Tech. It's called, "No Not That Entwistle…Neil Entwistle!".

There are interesting things in the "radar" research pipeline...

Books and testimony are on the way about the issues of viability and accuracy of some radar data available, or NOT available on9/11...and the research has just begun.

Here is a good thing to consider regarding "inputs"...OR..."outputs"...OR...the ability of NORAD radar techs to "eliminate" targets within NORAD radar data programming and display software used to conduct War Games...and REAL WORLD GAMES...

Just a deliberate "teaser" here...more to come...

It has been established that there was an approximate 24 second delay between the radar data fed into the NEADS radar programming on 9/11 and that of OTHER NORAD radar data. Nobody thought too much of this...except me...[not bragging...its just my bag...despite of P4T rantings...]

Long range radar, such as those used by NORAD for their "detection-observation" work all across North America, has an antennae sweep of just under 12 seconds. This translates into two sweeps within this 24 second time discrepancy.

OK...drop out of the technical crap here and put some quarters in your "blow'em up" video games found in which you get points for "kills" of incomimng spaceships or "whatevers". You know the get them or they get you.

A question...if you get them and blow them up no longer to be seen on your radar scope...ERR...colorful video display, is this not an "electronic kill" or "electronic elimination"? Didn't you use your joy stick, or slew ball, or whatever, to find, cursor over the top of, and "fire" a burst to ELIMINATE the electronically generated target? Where did this formerly dangerous target go?

So, since NORAD is a totally digitized radar data and radar display environment, and part of its "programming" alows for "inputs" to be generated onto NORAD radar scopes so that they can run their War Games...[that look 100% real]...well, what happens if a vigilant NORAD tech and interceptor pilot are successful at ELIMINATING one of these "fake inputs" which is attacking our airspace? Does not this "input" need to be "output" and removed from the NORAD War Games scenario and radar displays...making it look 100% real to the pilots and everyone involved [like clandestine overseers and evaluators etc.]?

If so, then there needs to be a program designed to remove some digitized radar targets, dontcha think?

HMMM...does this not open an interesting line of investigation?

Collin Scoggins, to this day, does not understand why NEADS could not see the target of AA11 in the vicinity of Albany, NY, which we all know sits right beside Kansas City, MO...aka...1500 miles inland!

Maybe, just maybe, some deeply buried NORAD radar tech, perhaps a trusted friend of our pal Cheney, had TWO "back door" chances to ELIMINATE the target of AA11 in the vicinity of Albany, Missouri. Because, after all, what would happen IF the radar tech MISSED on the first sweep...BOOM...the world gets blown up and you will have to get some more quarters for the next game!

OR...the Pentagon gets caught at executing "The 9/11 Attack War Game Scenario..."

Oh, how that would become such a big problem for these thugs...

So, don't trash P-Tech, or any other potential of manipulation of radar target data regarding NORAD computer programming...just continue to question and investigate it...even if its forwarded by the Bollyn types...facts are facts...hacks are hacks...many miles to go before we...whatever we do...

And please remember... AA77 was the ONLY one of the four airliners to be totally lost to radar contact on 9/11...and NOBODY ever positively re-radar identified any target anywhere as being AA77...and this includes the primary target seen by Danielle O'Brien at Dulles Tracon...the one that eventually approached, struck, or overflew the Pentagon...

Stay some upcoming books...consider that radar data may have been falsified and interrupted...and KNOW that the HI PERPS are covering their asses because they are guilty of high crimes deserving of execution...and they DO know this...

Robin Hordon