Psychology & WTC7

fascinating and inspiring

when the subject could write their answers down instead of speak them, they were much less likely to conform with bogus opinion; the anonymity of the web is likely another factor in the rapid spread of truth.

Also, when even 1 other person told the truth, the subject was more likely to tell the truth.

If people will act to obey authority, even when they believe they are causing someone pain in an experiment, how much easier it must be to sit and do nothing in front of the TV, or actually cheer the war on, and believe the bombs falling in Iraq are "surgical strikes" and killing no one?

9/11 Truth ends war

Each of our Individual Voices Is More Important Than We've Realized by George Washington

The False Logic of Hopelessness (Why the Elephant Should Stand Up to the Mouse) by George Washington

9/11 Family Steering Committee Review of the 9/11 Commission Report:

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I'm disappointed there are not more comments on this video

Psychology is the key. Where are "Psychologists and Psychiatrists for 9/11 truth?"

here's a dozen

but you're right, they haven't started an org yet...

Psychiatrists and Psychologists: Government's 9/11 Story is Crazy

This was a great rendition of the classic!!

Beautiful interweave!! Thanks for putting this together with the tie-in of 9/11 Truth interweaved throughout. I have often watched the classic versions, thinking the same thoughts of comparison to 9/11. I am thrilled that you made this!

I really like the part about "speaking out about 9/11 Truth"...and how it is effective! I have witnessed it with myself and whole classrooms. It does make a difference, just like shown in the experiment.

powerful and telling.

I commented when he posted this the first time. This is a classic. I remember it getting the perfunctory mention in 1st year psychology. Now that I have seen it again in reference to WTC 7, I see the profound implications. The authority figures in WTC 7 and everything else that happened on 911, are virtually all the actual authority figures. You have the president, the vice-president, the cabinet, the judiciary, virtually all of the senate and congress (with a few marginalized exceptions), all of the mainstream media, international, national and local, the "scientists" NIST, the philosophers (Chomsky), the religious leaders etc... They have their bases covered for sure.

This doesn't mean they all know the truth, yet are participating in the deception. Many of them are likely succumbing to peer pressure or higher authority figures themselves. Ironically, it is much like my understanding of Chomsky's Manufacturing Consent.

My "Guru" said: "Don't waste time on it."

Question: Who is my Guru?

I am laughing.

Yes, I hear you Joe. Chomsky won't go here.

molten steel "weeks" after 9/11

Reports of molten steel "weeks" after 9/11 in this video.
A 9/11/2008 Resolution: Start Your Own 9/11 Blog


...the level of "unconscious" conformity to the 9/11hoax is a formidable stumbling block faced by anyone seeking to awaken another. Evidence can be produced, has been produced, and will continue to be produced -- yet it matters little if a mind has already established mentally what has occurred. We the People are easily swayed by collective opinion and the pressure to align. More deviously, the mass media is no longer informing the public -- it is conforming the public...the sheeple are easily led and quite literally hypnotized with slickly produced info-packets and polished sound-bites. Footage showing that 65% of subjects, when commanded, were willing to give potentially lethal shocks to fellow humans illustrates chillingly what any seeker is up against (the same footage was used to even greater effect in the astounding documentary Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room). This is a mind-game. We must all literally protect our minds even as we seek to open others to what is the obvious elephant in the room...