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The September Issue of the Rock Creek Free Press is on news stands now.

The 9/11 Seventh Anniversary Issue is packed with 9/11 related stories, but before I get to those... the big story this month is the anthrax (non-)investigation. The headline story, FBI Sweeps Anthrax Under the Rug, is a great piece of reporting from Shelia Casey and Barry Kissin that explains why Ivins could not have been the one behind the anthrax mailings and how it was all related to the same fear campaign as the 9/11 attacks. Barbara Honegger has more on the anthrax case that didn't make this issue, look for her anthrax story in the October issue.

Now for the 9/11 related stories in the September issue:

9/11 Seven Years Later: Are We Any Closer to The Truth? by Lydia Riley
White House Ordered CIA to Fabricate Evidence by Matt Sullivan
9/11 and the Precautionary Principle by George Nelson (USAF Ret.)
Where Was NORAD on 9/11? by Dean M. Jackson
Crimes Suggest Complicity by Sherwood Ross
High Ranking al Qaeda Leader Never Existed by Kathleen Parker
The Top 40 Reasons to Doubt the Official Story of September 11 from
What the Iraq Forgery Says About 9/11 by George Washington

And many other stories including articles about the Russia-Georgia conflict by both Webster Tarpley and Paul Craig Roberts. We also have another story in our series about the OKC bombing by Wendy Painting.

The September issue is available on-line as a PDF at

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I'm giving out gift subscriptions

I'm giving out gift subscriptions to all my "on the fence" friends.

Excellent Idea, and send a

Excellent Idea, and send a couple subscriptions to your local TV and newspaper. Somebody there will read it! I bet they will look forward to its arrival.

911 Truth Ends 911 Wars

Not Nelson

>>9/11 and the Precautionary Principle by George Nelson (USAF Ret.)


George Nelson -- openly questions not just FL77, but any* of the 4 planes that crashed that day, suggesting Boeings did not crash in NYC or Penn. He isn't just asking the question rhetorically, but literally claims that the real jets never hit anywhere. Huge red flag there. Has advocated pods on letsroll forums . . .


Here's a quote from his "Letter to Paul Watson" --

"Now, back to your 12 September article, and I quote---

"The dam on proving the destruction of the trade towers was an inside job
has broken and the only thing that can stop it now is infiltration and
misdirection towards unproven and discrediting theories about pods,
missiles, ghost planes and other outlandish distractions."

Just who the hell do you think you are, Mr. Watson?? Who appointed you as
judge and jury on what is or what isn't an "outlandish distraction"? Of
all the disinformation agents floating around, you are, in my opinion, the
most presumptuous egomaniac who has yet dared to float a trial balloon for
your truth movement's consideration. On April 20, 2004, you went to great
lengths to describe to your readers that there appeared to be a "pod"
firing missiles to the left and to the right, from "pods" of both flight
11 and flight 175. You even pushed your book, Order Out of Chaos, wherein
you said, "features a discussion on the use of missiles in the 911

So what's happened to change your mind since April 2004? Have the "pods
and missiles" since disappeared from all the DVDs and postings since you
wrote that article and your book?

I spoke to a crowd of about 200 people last December in a Tampa, Florida
theatre, which was a stop on the Jimmy Walter's Reopen 9/11 Tour. On
stage, a large theatre screen displayed a still photo of the airplane that
was supposed to be flight 175, with a "pod", and the flash, and I asked
the audience; "Is there anyone here who has trouble seeing the unusual
piece of equipment attached to the underside of this aircraft"? The silent
response from the audience was unanimous. I said to them, "At the present
time, it matters very little, what the purpose of that large object is---
what really matters is that by regulation, one would never see such
equipment that does not belong on a FAA Part 121, scheduled airliner,
therefore, that aircraft has been switched enroute with the authentic
Flight 175.""

Please do not spread the mess that Nelson is advocating by uncritically promoting him to the public.

Thanks Vic...

Sound words Victronix...

These guys and these processes are everywhere...often its all in the "bracketting"...IE: just say a few things that HAVE to be admitted making one seem to be "with it"...and then when the investigation bursts past the barriers, and consequently, needs to go beyond those easy admissions shaping the first "brackets". Then suddenly there comes a complaint of integrity, reliabilty and "you shoud listen to me", or other attempts at limiting progress that depends upon the previously established "neo-credibility", and NOT upon some new facts.

Been this way for decades in contrarian movements or issues...the "establishment" [an oldy] knows very well how to emotionally "yank the cranks" of activists and thusly, impeed their efforts.

BUT...the HI PERPS have NEVER been up against a group as amazing as this one...GO TRUTHERS!

Once Truthers get their arms around a variety "cointelpro ops" and can see them for what they are [and I'm not the real expert here, but there is a wide variety], things will cleverly change when assembling an approach to reach the masses with our truth. THis is why CI is so effective...but there are other ways to refine and modernize approaches also.

Just keep seeking the truth gang...good things will continue to happen...

Love, Peace and Progress

Robin Hordon

PS: When one learns more about the cointelpro stuff, and then re-looks at the Morgan Reynolds involvement through the "corrected lenses"...WOW, will some 9/11 Truther heads shake.

His work was and IS unbelievably efficient and I suggest that its all designed to protect the military's most advanced weapons systems [whatever they are...and DO NOT read much into this here]. To me, he was knowingly positioned to establish the "tin foil hat-conspiracy theorists" public perceptions following up Bush's statements as and when needed.

BTW, I am familiar with the eastern Massachusetss region in which resides "The Death Ray Highway" [Rte 128/95] and its associated high tech "weaponry" indusries feeding off of MIT, Raytheon, Mitre Corp and the like...billions and billions for defense industry contracts and research flow through the region. Such advanced weaponry crap surely exists and its highly protected from information dissemination...but on 9/11? Best to save this for another looooong discussion well down the road...rdh