Would it be possible that WeAreChange interview Greg Palast on 911 ?

Herblay FRANCE

This summer I managed to read at least one book "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" (2002) by Greg Palast. Excellent book and I am telling everone around me to read it. With this book you can understand how the PNAC projet is so possible.

Said to myself that this guy with his intellectual capacitiy should have interesting things to say on 911 so looked up on youtube


wiewing these videos I was so disappointed that he could be just another 911 gate keeper like Noam Chomsky:

But was pleased to see all the videos that he has done on Youtube

Would it be possible that WeAreChange interview Greg Palast on 911 ?



Not likely, John.

Do a google search on Steven Jones and Greg Palast.

I keep a hope that G. Palast will one day see the 911 truth.

Herblay FRANCE

thanks for the information.

I read

and other documents on the web. I still think that Greg Palast is wrong and I think we have to understand how a such clever man on other subjects can be so null on 911. How many people first beleived in George Bush and now realise that they had been lied to. Who now realise that 911 was an inside job. Professor David Ray Griffin is such an exemple.

In "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" Greg says that in his opinion only 1% of journalists are doing their job the others are the mouthpiece of the system. I imagine that he considers to be part of the 1%. In France, the french journalist are waking up to this probleme and are starting to ask
"At what serves a journalist?"
A friend of mine Yves Ducourneau an active 911 french truther, went to that conference but did not manage to let them see how they are not doing their job on informing the population on 911 truth, etc

Greg Palast has made mistakes on 911 and attacked stupidly the truthers but I keep a hope that Greg Palast will one day see the truth and come on our side.

Yours John