We Are Change Long Beach Educates City Council On The North American Union Threat

Good for her, she is 100% correct ...

Along with the presidential participation of the three countries; US, CA, and MX at their Security and Prosperity Partnership SPP, many regional non-government NGO, and public and private partnerships PPP, are daily negotiating deals of international partnerships.

This is merely one in hundreds: Tucson partners with Guadalajara

Even Governor Napolitano signs agreement with Sonora, Mexico, on security:

There are also hundreds of partnerships orgs. like: Global Advantage:

A page from the University of Arizona site:

Regional Economic Development

Tracking progress towards regional economic integration of Arizona, US and Sonora, Mexico.

The Arizona – Sonora Regional Economic Indicators project, initiated in 1997, monitors the region’s progress towards economic integration and global competitiveness.

The report helps decision-makers understand the economic changes in the Arizona-Sonora region and support policies that promote economic transformation, investment and entrepreneurship.

The indicators represent an original way of measuring the two neighboring states of Arizona and Sonora as a single economic region. Findings are presented bi-annually in the Arizona-Sonora Region Report that summarizes trends and grades the region’s relative performance using four indexes: NAFTA, Regional Economic Integration, Economic Foundation, and Human Enhancement.

The Arizona – Sonora Indicators Report serves as a valuable tool for policymakers by highlighting the regions’ strengths as well as directions for improvement.

This is un-Constitutional:

Article 1, section 8 and 10 Congress has this responsibility and states are prohibited from these actions.

Section 8 - The Congress shall have power to... regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes;

Section 10 - No state shall, without the consent of Congress, lay any duty of tonnage, keep troops, or ships of war in time of peace, enter into any agreement or compact with another state, or with a foreign power...

Integration begins with trade, then next freedom of movement between goods and people, next is policy and governments.

A research friend on mine has posted the following:

What you are seeing is a planned, socialist economy as it is being created.

See page 4 of this presentation:


What they've done is to use systems analysis to redesign the continental economy as an integrated whole - then splitting out regions according to their new economic design.

Arizona and Sonora are in an economic development region obviously because of the proximity and the similarities of climate, etc. on the assumption that they would have similar businesses in the region. Same for the Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER).

Add to the planning of the economy, the link between education and the economic development zone. The idea is to plan the curriculum of the schools - tailoring it to the requirements of the businesses within the zone. In that way, the schools become the supply chain of labor for the regional economy. Children are simply factors of production for businesses within the zone.


The reason all of this is coming out of a University is because it is obviously unconstitutional and socialist. The "framework" for new federalism (reinvention of government) as begun by Al Gore during the Clinton Administration effectively changed the way the government implements programs. Congress passes skeleton legislation - with the implementation of the COMMUNIST agenda being done by universities and "public private partnerships (PPP)". In reality, the PPP's are an arrangement in which public officials can be bought off as was the case in Idaho. The 5 Mayors around Boise formed a partnership (Treasure Valley Partners), applied for a grant from the EPA and got $500,000. For that $500,000 they did a study that probabaly was worth maybe $25,000 being very generous. Since the money was a grant to a "private group" there was no accountability for the money. Very, very obvious payoff to create a regional planning organization on top of the existing city/county governments - cannabalizing their own power structures as elected representatives.