Corporate Media Reporting Mistakes on NIST WTC 7 Report

I suppose there is nothing they can really do about this. To ignore it would possibly be a bigger mistake than talking about it. I bet there are people out there trying to get them to not talk about it and not mention it, though. Or keep it to a very low roar.

CNN's Wolf Blitzer did a segment on his "The Situation Room" show. All-in-all it wasn't too bad of a report, other than it followed the party line. (anyone who expected anything else needs a personal reset)

However, it definitely was a mistake for them to mention "conspiracy theories" about it. That is going to peak people's interest, so it will help get us quite a few converts. Especially those who didn't know that WTC 7 even fell that day, which is probably somewhere between 50% and 80% of the American populace. (based on the percentage that I still get when I talk to people -- it's still amazingly high)

So, as usual, baby steps.......

Big step

Just telling people that WTC 7 collapsed and showing the video will wake a lot of people up to the fact that it's nearly 8 years and they are just seeing this for the first time. Many will recognize that it's a CD.

The videos of the implosion are the mother of all smoking guns and CNN has fired the shot by showing one on national newscast for the first time since 9/11.

Without all the noise we've been making, the final report would have gone unreported.

Note that they didn't say we were crazy and they even gave Shane Geiger the better part of a whole sentence.