Everyone should know by now that the neo-conservatives are insane

August 27, 2008

Jason Bermas welcomes former Reagan administration official Dr. Paul Craig Roberts who is predicting that the neo-conservatives are on track to start a thermonuclear war with the Soviet Union and that a single strike on Washington by a Soviet SS 18 Missle (photo right) on Washington DC would kill everyone as far south as Atlanta, Georgia because of the massive amounts of radiation that would be released. (Danger Will Robinson!)

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Yes! The NeoCons are as dangerous, psychotic, & evil as the

Nazis were, as evidenced by 9/11 & their plans for a global dictatorship!!!

Let's not let them steal any more of our rights than they already have, or we may end up in another 1940s Germany hellhole right here in the U.S. & around the world!!!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

War With Russia Is On The Agenda Paul Craig Roberts

War With Russia Is On The Agenda Paul Craig Roberts 8-25-08 opednews.com


...another angle to the heightening of tensions with Russia...

If there is a loose nuke residual from the Minot-Barksdale event from last year, the dual nuclear chain of command could be involved in planning a false flag event to trigger a war with Russia.

Nuking an American city couldn't be passed off as an Iranian attack as easily as it could be assigned to the evil Russkies!!

Soviet Union?

I thought the Soviet union ceased to exist in 1991...

Soviet Union

I'm an older guy . . its stuck in my mind . . . should be Russia.

That's one downer of a program:

Should I try to move to New Zealand?