An Interesting Conversation With A Soldier

Well I was visited by a young man that I hadn't seen for sometime. He stopped by my place of employment in his military issued apparel and looked in great shape. He was dressed in his Army issue sweater and impeccable pants. As he walked in, I jumped up and shook his hand. The goober looking kid I once knew had now transformed into a man.

His first warning was to not get upset if the FBI contacted me. I looked at him curiously and he said, "Oh its not like that. I used you as a reference so the FBI maybe contacting you."

"Oh ok. I've done that before with a best friend in the Navy when he was issued an advanced security clearance so I know what to expect.", I replied. He said, "Ok, cool, so you won't like freak out." "Naww.", I said.
He walked over to the computer to check out what I was looking at. He pointed to what I was looking at which was a yellow line which was the official 9/11 flight path into the Pentagon. I told him as such and he snickered like what the hell does the 9/11 Commission know? I agreed.

He then said, "Yeah there is that hotel. I read a report that said a plane had clipped the antennae." I didn't ask him which report or what hotel it was and I regret doing that now. I asked him what he thought hit the Pentagon. He didn't' think a plane had hit the Pentagon as evidence of the lack of debris and damage pattern.

I used my hands to represent a plane flying the official pattern and then launching a missile into the Pentagon and then flying to the path as witnesses by the 4 North of the Citgo flight path witnesses interviewed by the Pentacon team. He had this big shit eating grin and smiled and he stated, "We think it was an AGM (Air to Ground Missile)that hit the Pentagon." I couldn't believe what this individual was telling me. I laughed and said,"And they call me a crazy conspiracy theorist!" He chuckled back and said, "Yeah and I work in it!" I asked him who the "we" represented and he replied it was the members in his unit. His unit was training in the fine art of nuclear warhead disarmament.
I then explained to him what area of the Pentagon it struck and he was well aware and rattled off the military term for the civilian accounting offices located there who were responsible for tracking down the over two trillion dollars that the Pentagon can not account for. His only response, "How convenient!" I just shook my head. He had been intrigued with the whole Pentagon thing because he had just spent several weeks there as part of his training.

To put the person into perspective he is in the Army and works in the Nuclear Proliferation Unit. He told me how while he was at work and during training everywhere he went he had armed guards with him. No matter if it was a trip to the restroom, to get a pop, traveling from the field practice site back to his base, etc. They were always near. Whenever he had plans, schematics, manuals, etc on him, they were cuffed to his wrist and the armed guard would follow him. It reminded me of a Hollywood film, but here he was describing it to me. I was totally enthralled by now. According to him, he didn't say this, but his current assignment was monitoring a particular Mid-East country that we are allied with. They are apparently arming bunker buster missiles with nuclear warheads with the anticipation that Iran's nuclear centrifuge facilities go online. He stated that Israel must always notify us that they are using any of their nuclear weapons that we provided them. It was starting to sound something like a Tom Clancy novel, but it was real. I have no reason to doubt this person.

Iran defending themselves with F-14 fighters sounds too bad to be true. But according to my source, they just spent several billion dollars to procure these decommissioned jets from Northrop-Grumman. Thanks to a couple of Congressman who approved the purchase, we can now expect to see Iran counter any Israeli threat with our outdated but still lethal carrier defense aircraft. Apparently the stock held in Northrup-Grumman by these two congressmen will help alleviate their moral dilemma. Eisenhower was right.

We then proceeded to discuss the Iran issue. He thinks we will invade based upon all the 'busy' intel activity, the press outlets, etc. However, he said, the public would not support a war for Israeli security, which I agreed. He stated it would take a staged attack on American soil to get the public to support an invasion of Iran. The bombing of an Embassy in another country wouldn't suffice, only a staged attack. He did agree a 'Gulf of Tonkin' incident or a War Games gone bad might work as well.

I will never post his name unless he gives me permission, because of his upgrade in security clearance and his job security, as well as his work protecting our National Security.

I'm looking forward to the the FBI phone call!