AE911Truth Announcement - Grand Opening of our New Online Store!

AE911Truth is proud to announce
the Grand Opening of our new online store!

And the announcement of the 2008 Edition of our DVD!

We have new and updated products, including the 2008 Edition of our DVD,
"9/11: Blueprint for Truth – The Architecture of Destruction",
a new Twin Towers Evidence Card, our 9/11: Explosive Evidence T-Shirt,
a new vinyl banner design, books, DVD's, CD's and more.
During our Grand Opening, all customers will receive a Free DVD of
the powerful 20-minute TV Interview of Richard Gage, AIA in Vancouver, BC!

Thank you all for you support, your donations, and your orders,
all of which allow us to continue the vital work we do.

WOW!!! I just ordered...this is PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED!

This site is one of the best I have seen for shopping! Slick and fast and easy to grasp. Extremely professional and aesthetic, yet easy to navigate. carries the credibility of the movement. The future of the Truth Movement looks so bright as "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth" continues to grow and expand!! We owe our continued support to this important organization.
***ANYONE can sign the petition at You do not need to be an engineer or architect to sign the petition.


ive noticed that the count has been moving steadily the past couple days. maybe our hard work is paying off? keep emailing and contacting as many architects and engineers as you can!

Id at least like to see us hi 500 by 9/11/08. get to it!

EDIT: Does anyone know the differences between the first AE911Truth DVD and the 2008 edition?

I believe the new DVD will

I believe the new DVD will contains multiple versions to watch. Richard told me the other day there would be a 10 min. version, 20 min. version, and then the entire lecture. This way, one can choose the length depending on the crowd.
Also, some of the rather unimportant stuff was taken out to be either left out or replaced by better information.

From the Store:

9/11: Blueprint for Truth – The Architecture of Destruction — 2008 Version DVD

New 2008 DVD will ship September 4th! Order now!
(2007 presentation case DVD is sold out)

In this groundbreaking multimedia presentation, filmed professionally in a studio before a live audience, San Francisco Bay Area architect, Richard Gage, AIA, provides the overwhelming evidence of explosive controlled demolition of all 3 WTC high-rise buildings on September 11, 2001. (Runtime: 2 hours)

Includes updated graphics and video, the latest forensic evidence, and WTC Building #7 & Twin Towers examinations of Sudden Onset of Destruction, Symmetrical Collapse & Progression, Squibs: Explosions, Demolition Waves, Near Free-fall Acceleration, Total Dismemberment, Lateral Ejection of Steel, Adjacent Structures, Sounds/Flashes: Explosions, Pyroclastic-like Clouds, Iron Spheres & Molten Metal, Thermite Evidence, ASCE, FEMA & NIST Reports, Whistle Blowers, Destruction of Evidence, Expert Corroboration, and Foreknowledge.

ok i read that...

I didnt realize it was a completely different recording than the first one. Thanks!

Good point Zombie! 10% rise in two months!!!!

Something kind of cool! had 401 Architect & Engineer members around the end of June. They currently have 441 members...and rising!!!! That is 40 members in two months!! I think that is fabulous considering all factors involved. (For example: Sometimes it takes awhile for an engineer to muster enough "guts" to put his name on the line as he adjusts to a new reality.)

There may be some folks who are critical or disappointed at this rate of increase, but I always respond by "Well, how many architects and engineers did you email, or send letters to, or display or fly a banner, or contact to sign the petition at AE911Truth?" It is up to each of us to take responsibility to make things happen. Anyone can take personal responsibility is quickly how -->

count has been moving steadily the past couple days

TomT is partly responsible for that.

Thank you TomT .

I just pre-ordered the new video.

Great work

The packs of DVDs and brochures will be really useful on the street.

DVD Packs and Brochures changes

The DVD Packs have had to be moved back until October, so they have been removed from the store until then.

And the brochures are being re-designed, so a new version of those will ship when they are done, probably sometime in the next couple of weeks. Most of the re-design is cosmetic.

Richard Gage on ABC Radio - Christine Craft

Friday March 14, 2008

Richard Gage, AIA broke into mainstream radio last Friday morning March 7th at midnight in a one-hour interview on the Christine Craft show on KGO-810(San Francisco ABC)

This is a great development

This is a great development and it must've taken a lot of work -- congrats!

My only critique is the use of "explosive" graphically and in letters on the shirts. People were murdered in the destruction events. We shouldn't forget that. People died slow and horrific deaths from the "explosive" evidence, watching cancers spread all over their bodies.

I'm not saying the events shouldn't be shown, but they seem trivialized by using "explosive" in big orange letters.

Here are a few examples of images that I think are just as powerful but also capture the reality of the deeper and darker issue, which is murder and illness --

I don't think the FealGood Foundations' graphics are great but contrast the absence of "excitement" in these --

These are devoid of reminders because the survivors need that -- that would not be the point when examining evidence w/ae911truth -- but there is a seriousness about the reality of the event that average people feel, that I don't see in the t-shirts or the center graphic, exploding. Our entire audience cannot be young people who are not in touch with the reality of murder, what that really means.

These are more examples of serious yet powerful graphics:

The last one even makes light of it but is graphically serious, not comical.

Overall I think the store is excellent, a great job, but these are just my constructive criticisms. I can't wait to see the new DVD.

Having been in marketing, I like "explosive".

"explosive" is a great word or image. It attracts attention and interest. In addition, "explosives" are the crux of the matter in controlled demoliton. This is great marketing!!! Over the years, with past personally owned businesses, I have spent huge sums on promotions and marketing. I am sorry that some may take offense, but we are competing to get our message noticed and then create an interest. {I have used "explosives" as an attention-grabber on flyers that I have made great. I have posted hundreds and hundreds of signs around the North Texas area. Ones that receive a lot of attention are renditions of "PROVEN - Explosives used on 9/11" . I have actually sat to watch people to gauge their reactions.} Some signs & flyers in this video

'PROVEN - Explosives used on

'PROVEN - Explosives used on 9/11' - excellent.

I tend to agree...

How about 'scientific' instead of 'explosive'?

Terminology matters. One of the warning signs at Dr Judy Wood's site is, for me, her use of seemingly flippant captions to serious images. I'm not saying 'explosive' is flippant, but I think it could be fine tuned a bit.

Banner is great idea

We ordered the Banner and the professional handouts.

We are also dropping the overly hostile "inside job" and the "confrontational" signs order to appeal more to left-brained inquiry.