Regarding the billing of Phil Berg as William Rodriguez' lawyer

Recently, Phil Berg filed a lawsuit challenging Senator Barack Obama on his eligibility to run for President. You can read the details here;

Debunkers took advantage of the situation to tie "9/11 Truthers" and William Rodriguez in particular, to the lawsuit. One example is this post at;

9/11 Truther Lawyer - Philip Berg - Files Suit Alleging Obama Disqualified

Nice. The only problem is that Mr. Berg has not been William's lawyer for about two years.

In the film Zero: 9/11, the producers also made a mistake by billing Mr. Berg as William's lawyer as well. When William was interviewed for the film, he was not advised that Mr. Berg was being billed as such.

If you are showing or distributing Zero, please make a note of this. If you want to do a preview of the film, user 'scubadiver' found a YouTube version;

( EDIT: Although William's name is on Mr. Berg's website, the case is toast. Further, William has not received any money from donations gathered at the site. William first made it known publicly that Mr. Berg was no longer representing him on this thread back in 2006: )

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