Trutherpalooza Today @ San Diego State University


Trutherpalooza is an all day 9/11 Truth music festival on the campus of San Diego State University. If you would like to attend, please log onto for more information. This event will hopefully inspire a 9/11 Truth music tour of some sorts here on the west coast. If you or someone you know is interested in participating, please contact Truther at

BAND LINE-UP (below the fold)

Kinome @ 10 AM

Jeff Philips @ 1030 AM

She Flies @ 1100 AM

The Musical Mind Rapist @ 1130 AM

Eva James @ 1200 PM

The Stemz @ 100 PM

Garko @ 140 PM

Willie Psycho @ 200 PM

Zan Overall @ 240 PM

5280 @ 300 PM

Libra Project @ 340 PM

Dig Jelly @ 400 PM

A Race Called Man @ 500 PM


How Did it Go?

I hope we get an update and photos of the event.