WeAreChangeLA challenges Congressman Brad Sherman + 9-11 HEALTH & COMPENSATION BILL

Congressman Brad Sherman held another Town Hall Meeting in the Los Angeles area, and his constituents are not happy about the state of the economy.

WeAreChangeLA challenges

1) the Congressman's staff when they try to restrict the First Amendment rights of a member of the impeachment movement

2) the Congressman himself, to look at the First Responders Legislation now in the House

3) the Congressman himself, to stop sidestepping the issue and look at the evidence that 9-11 was a staged event



Anne Marie Baumann 516.551.0986
John Feal 516.901.7427


August 27, 2008—New York, NY-- Greg Quibell died tonight in Long Island, NY. Quibell stars in the documentary SAVE THE BRAVE, which premieres tomorrow night, Thursday August 28, 2008 at the Bellmore Theater, located at 222 Pettit Ave in Bellmore, Long Island, NY. At 7 pm. The premiere is dedicated to Quibell.

"We have lost another champion, another hero. Greg fought to the end and delivered a clear message to Congress", comments Fealgood Foundation President, John Feal, "the Members of Congress cannot understand what these men and women are experiencing. Not only are those who served at Ground Zero suffering, sick and dying but families are devastated, putting children's futures at risk. These heroes must have an America which takes care of, instead of forgets, its heroes. The James Zadroga 9/11 Health & Compensation Bill must be passed when Congress returns from recess so that this national disgrace can finally come to an end".

The documentary focuses on four responders and what's happened to them since their service as responders at Ground Zero following the attacks. FDNY Chief Jim Riches, Corrections officer Greg Quibell, EMS Charlie Giles and FDNY member John McNamara all share the intimate details of their Ground Zero experiences and consequences. In addition to sickness one couple in the film loses their home and now we suffer the loss of Greg Quibell.

Members of Congress can expect to receive SAVE THE BRAVE, the DVD when they return from recess. Glen Klein, a Fealgood Foundation board member states, "we are going to put the honest truth about Ground Zero's suffering heroes in their faces and hope that decency will prevail and they finally pass this legislation before another September 11th passes. All of us are wondering about cancers and other diseases that are showing up five, six, seven years later, what will our families face in the future", concludes former ESU member of the NYPD, Klein.

9/11 family members Rosemary Cain, Bruce DeCell and Monica Iken speak out urging Congress to pass the legislation immediately. The movie was directed and produced by 9/11 Chaplain Rev. Bill Minson with Robert Agriopoulos Videos.

Congressman Jerrold Nadler who authored the legislation with Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney appears in the documentary with colleagues Congressman Tim Bishop and Congresswoman Diane Watson of California who held a Congressional briefing in support of 9/11 responders two years ago.

For additional information please contact John Feal at 516-901-7427

This is excellent. Take him up on his words. Bring them on !

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,

this is excellent. We must take him up on his words and give him the evidence. The architects and engineers from AE911truth need to fix up a télévised endez-vous with him to see if he keeps his word.

Excellent idea to just hold up "Impeach Cheney and Bush". Lets see this at all the public meetings and film the reaction or NO-REACTION !

Filming people who have no counter arguments says a lot !!

Continue the good work with respect to everyone.



Greg Quibell

was a great guy & even thought he was dying, went into the halls of Congress to lobby for this bill.

Please pray for his wife & children.


excellent hammer

"radical architects and engineers?"

Richard Gage on ABC Radio - Christine Craft

Friday March 14, 2008

Richard Gage, AIA broke into mainstream radio last Friday morning March 7th at midnight in a one-hour interview on the Christine Craft show on KGO-810(San Francisco ABC)


We Are Change-LA provides leadership again...

It seems that at every chance, WAC-LA steps ahead in approach, tactic, attitude and effectiveness. By simply inserting the word "Challenges" into their approach instead of "Confronts", the entire approach will be respected by citizens who otherwise would turn away from a "confrontation".

Millions and millions of people in this country actually want to "challenge" what is going on in their governance, but only a few tens of thousands want to take the step of "confronting" our governance in public.

We Truthers are tough SOBs and operate fearlessly in a fear-filled environment in this country. The vast majority of feedback that I get when doing my street actions routings and various locations [averaging 200-1 positive-to-negative] come from people who are inside their automobiles. Again, its only the few tens of thousands of people across the country who are comfortable in being "observable in public" in this building police state.

Frustratingly, it is the INSISTANCE from the 60s-70s "gray hairs" [and many misinformed younger protesters following in their footsteps] that the ONLY way to be an activist is to "march in the streets singing, yelling, chanting, bangng drums at ANYTHING all the while dressed like a circus act", that ends up being the principal source behind the complaints that frame the phrase: "Where is the outrage?". Well, if these "last century protesters" actually modernized, got out into the streets in friendly and information based ways that so many 9/11 Truthers are now doing in various places all across the country, then these "ancient ones" woud come to realize their dreams...that there IS an activist populace out here. They would find out what I and other Truthers know...there is little "outrage" because there is INRAGE...many people KNOW stuff, simply do not want to get an FBI file on themselves and most likely will use their votes to affect change.

This is one of the reasons why I speak so often of cointelpro still hard at work from the 60s-70s...most noteably within the peace groups. Every time I interrelate with any top levels of any peace group, the "leader" steps out and effectively states: "Nope, 9/11 Truth is bad and we are going to do what we have always done."

Sadly, they just cannot accept that what they support is a continuance of tactics that have left them failing at the hand of antiquated approaches and cointelpro.

So, WAC-LA thank you so much for your open mindedness! We now have the northeast in Boston and NJ [?] The Plane Truth Project, the southwest in LA, SD and SF, the northwest in Portland and Seattle, the Dalls-Fort Worth gang, and probably many more, all using some forms of creative CIVIL public interactions designed to educate people first.

Make no mistake here...WAC-LA has provided a WONDERFUL example, shown considerable thoughtfulness and ,ade effective changes at adapting to THIS century's activisms. Hopefully other WAC groups all across the world will take heed and replace confrontations with conversations...

Maybe, just maybe, Ed Asner and a few other high profile "peace activists" can take a look at "Sir!, No Sir", and join with Jane Fonda in bringing forth the message that maybe it WASN'T just the protests in the streets that ended the Vietnam War...and that "The Nixon Protesters Story" was actually a psy-op to make the peace movements think that it was the marches that ended the war so they woud continue marching into the future...marching to nowhere.

Maybe, just maybe, some peace activists can take a look into the past century and lead the change into this century and into the future. The Ed Asner types don't need to go very far, they just gotta spend some time talking to WAC-LA and check out the 9/11 Truth Movement's modernized tactics called: CI...Civil Informationing.

I postulate that the principal reason that there remains so much cointelpro activity within the peace movements, and the 9/1 Truth Movement, is very, very simple. It seems to me that if there is ever a marriage of the two, and the antiquated peace movements put their old tactics on the back burner and adopt not only the messaging about "false-flag-attacks" and that the "military industrial complex is out of control" as the 9/11 Truth Movement exposes, but also adopts the concept of CI, it will result in an AMAZINGLY large and effective NEW INTERNET BASED FORCE for truth seeking, exposure of corruption, and process for bringing about peaceful changes.

No better way to do this than to get the peace movements to shun the 9/11 Truth Movement.

This is just so very obvious to me.

No more an important thing for the HI PERPS to inhibit in this country...a populace that subscribes to the concept of self-governances operating with the INFORMED CONSENT of its citizens!

Thanks so much WAC-LA...raising the bar is a really, really good thing to do...

Love, Peace and Progress with:


Robin Hordon

PS: I heard Richard Dreyfuss [sp] on the radio and I think that he may be inclined towards seeking the truth, exposing political corruption and making some serious changes. Perhaps a slight outreach might be productive as he has just returned from England where he spent a few years. Well, Europeans look at 9/11 far more openly than do citizens in the good ole USofA...maybe he already IS a Truther? rdh


Know that I am a big fan of WAC LA and WAC everywhere. It does my old heart good to see the excellent tactics and substantial knowledge you bring to the trenches. Thanks again.