How an Average Guy Became A "Truther"

There is nothing special about me.

After college, I went into construction, and worked hands on for over 15 years. I hung steel on the NB Handy Building in Lynchburg Va. I attended Mountain Productions Rigging School, I was Head Rigger for Showman Fabricators in New York City and installed the new (at that time) MSNBC Studios. I also weld a little (MIG only). Since then, I have exclusively worked in architectural design, Computer aided drafting (CAD). (JPEGS of my work available upon request) i do engineering specifications for commercial and residential new construction (I am not an engineer). A recent project put me in Atlanta (last month) for the installation of a project I designed the technical specifications for - commercial project involving massive steel structures, design weight bearing loads, and even THERMAL EXPANSION RATIOS.

That is my background.

Now, I will tell you this; those buildings, all of them, were brought down by Controlled Demolition. Of that, there is no question.

I have seen buildings collapse. I have seen them collaspe in front of me. The NB Handy project in Lynchburg fell over as we were working on hanging steel on the second to the last bay in the building.

It was just a steel skeleton at the time, but poorly placed anchor bolts in the concrete peers that supported it caused the building to start leaning as we were setting cross beams in an exterior bay section. The entire thing leaned and then collapse, in a slow, progressive, manner - through the path of least resistance. It fell over. All still held together by the connections (1 1/4" rated bolts).

In short, it didn't just "fall apart" into so many different pieces due to gravity.

No steel beams shot 300 yards across the street.

Buildings just don't behave that way. They are not designed to. Period.

Now, you add that to all the f-ed up stories that NIST, FEMA, The 9/11 Commission Report, FBI, Popular Mechanics, the History Channel... has told us.

Then you factor in the great work and research and investigations from people like Ryan, Jones, Griffin, and the 400+ Architects and Engineers, the 500+ Pilots, 9/11 Blogger, and the 300+ ex-Federal agents who have come forward to call for a new investigation into the events of Sept.11th...

... you put all that together, and you get one huge stinking pile of s___ that they call "the official story".

Now, I didn't know all of this the day it happened as some claim they did. More power to them I suppose. I had to come to this understanding very reluctantly; kicking and clawing and arguing every inch of the way.

This isn't something you WANT to know about the country you have loved your entire life.

I was born in a little town in Virginia. My father was career NAVY. I remember holding his hand walking through Miller Park on July 4th, 1976 with my Mother, my Grandmother, and my brother.

I went to the Prom and drank PBR longnecks.

I watched rockets launch and Mohamed Ali fight live on my floor model console television.

I have been backstage of the Lincoln Center. I stood at the feet of a seated Lincoln and read his words engraved in stone 20 feet high in our capital.

I love the country that is my home, but know this; as I have learned through painstaking research and many years, this was not my country that did this, nor even my government.

This is a small group of fanatics (terrorists) who have proven time and time again that they just don't care about the people they serve; they actually have a visable distain for the American People as well as for our way of life. They care about profit and power and nothing else.

They DO hate us for our freedom. And that is quite obvious in how they have attacked the Constitution since Day 1 (even before 9/11).

So, that is my background, that is my evidence, and that is my conclusion. I thank you for asking, Jonathan.

Scott Creighton


Nothing more needs to be said.

Your story is our story ...

The Soul of America will never heal until 9/11 is resolved and the people who are responsible are brought justice.

The country and people we love are worth fighting for even when the truth is truly ugly. We have no other choice, but to keep pounding away everyday in every way.


.I knew there was a reason i liked you. I too worked as an iron worker with a heavy welding , and construction
background. All it took was to see the collapse again , along with the stop watch next to it, and i was convinced something was very wrong!
Like the warren commission i knew the story was BS! And the only ones with the power to cover it up had to be powerful people inside our government.
I recently met my girlfriends dad this past weekend. He served in Korea. Hell of a nice man!
He knew the JFK deal was BS. I moved the subject to the unfederal no reserve bank. He got interested. Then the Gulf of Tonken. I eventually moved towards 9/11. I was amazed that he knew the official side exceptionally well. (except WTC #7) I asked him Do you really think NORAD , and our airforce would allow these four commerical planes to fly around for over a hour and a half without intercept? Do you really think the towers could collapse in a little over ten seconds shooting twenty plus ton beams hundreds of yards laterally and sticking them in the sides of surrounding buildings? Leaving no chunks of concrete just dust? (He used to do concrete before he retired).........I told him there is so much more to the story. You should have seen the look on his face!
The point is simple..... Most haven't seen a fraction of the real side. This has convinced me of what a corrupt media we Americans have. All we can do is keep trying to tell others, hopefully we can get our great country back again.

You see, that is how it happens...

... person to person, one on one. Plant the seed, then watch it grow. I wish Jessica culd see what her mentioning all of this to me three years ago, turned into. I fought with her, and suggested that, demanded that, this administration was too stupid for it; that the building material was wisked away because of substandard materials; that they might have had an inclining but that to suggest they did it was just stupid. stupid. That's the word I used. She went away, and time passed, and I read, and read, and read. It's almost a confession now, this feeling of shame for how I behaved. I wish she could see my site. I wish she could know how her courage to reach out to another person, cascaded to this. How she is here now. He may not have jumped all over it then wisdom, but I can tell you, these things unfold in the strangest of ways.

Thank you all for your kind words of support

When you write something like this, you don't know how it's going to be recieved. I think it's important that the general population are exposed not only to the sceince and the evidence that is standing in direct contrast to the official story, but that they also come to understand the "truthers' are just people from all walks of life. Young and old, degreed or not, professional and blue-collar, student and homemeker. I think it's important to put a face on "truthers" for the general population that doesn't conform to what they have been told by the corporate media. It's a PR campaign really. And right now they are winning. These raids in Minneapolis are a fine example. They are trying to justify their illegal and warrentless oppression because they are just taking out "the trash" so to speak. We are the heart and soul of this nation. We have been and we will be. This nation was never made great by conformists and cowards. It thrived because of workers and dissenters. IMO. I thank you again for your kind words. BTW, I AM building that 3d model we talked about. I will start posting up info here. I will tell you what Wisdom; there is no way thermal expansion did that. no way in hell.


....... I know it will be time consuming, and i am sure i speak for everyone here when i say ....We can't wait to see it.
Again speaking for everyone......... Thank you.