9/11 Commission, Anthrax – Additions to the 9/11 Timeline as of August 31, 2008

Many of the new entries in the 9/11 Timeline this week focus on the 9/11 Commission and, in particular, its executive director Philip Zelikow, who co-authored a book with National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice in the mid-1990s, but was not offered a full-time job in the Bush administration despite serving on the transition team. Some of the other commissioners were unhappy with Zelikow's appointment and the degree of control he exercised. For example, Zelikow had control over the hiring process, which he used to appoint a current CIA officer to lead the commission's investigation of the CIA. The commissioners rarely visited the commission's offices, further enhancing Zelikow's power, which he used to assume close control of a key investigative team. He also tried to prevent staff from talking to the commissioners.

Regarding the commissioners, vice chairman Lee Hamilton was given more power by chairman Tom Kean at the outset, and Fred Thompson became involved in a fraud scandal and was absent from the commission for a year. There was also a major problem with access to White House documents because of stonewalling by White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales.

Additions to the 2001 anthrax attacks category continue, leading off with a claim by Senator John McCain that Iraq may have been responsible, a claim supported by senior Bush administration officials and some scientists, who thought one person could not have done the attacks alone. The FBI conducted a massive search to find evidence against falsely accused scientist Steven Hatfill, but its "secret weapon" against him was discredited. Currently-accused scientist Bruce Ivins was barred from accessing dangerous toxins in November 2007.

Miscellaneous entries cover a 1974 bombing of a TWA plane and a new CIA plan in the fall of 1999 to combat al-Qaeda. Senator Orrin Hatch revealed key information about the NSA's monitoring of al-Qaeda on September 12, 2001, and radical London imam Abu Hamza al-Masri was finally convicted on terrorism charges in February 2007. Finally, New York Major Rudy Giuliani banned photographs at Ground Zero meaning that few photographers could gain access, and a couple reported killed on a 9/11 flight turned up alive.

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Good stuff.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

The meaning of deserving something

I've said for a while now that Americans do not deserve to live in a free country because of their profound cowardice at asking the hard questions about 911. Do I want them to live in a free country anyway? Of course I do. Those who won't ask the hard questions about 911 include many people I love, family and friends.

I've also said that even though the 911 truth movement is the great hope to save freedom in our country, we as a movement do not deserve to achieve our goals.


It is too common for truthers to believe they don't have to work things out with other truthers. There are many, many people who refuse to return my pleas for being contacted. This is even though I praise those I disagree with as much as possible and I don't call people names. If you are afraid of a principled activist like myself, how in God's name do you expect to be able to stand up to the cabal and their backers?

It is too common for truthers to invoke the term disinfo when the term misinfo is quite sufficient. No one knows who is acting in bad faith unless they are clairvoyant. It's generally considered humans are NOT clairvoyant.

Most groups haven't the slightest intention of being fair.There is honest disagreement on what constitutes being fair. The need to expell disinfo agents is more important in most truthers eyes. There is nothing wrong with having clearly defined policies, as 911blogger does. Most listserves, blogs and geographical groups are no more than fiefdoms.

The peace movement, dominated by left gatekeepers as it is, is far more concerned with internal justice. They don't deserve to live in a free country by the definition I give above, but they are much less committed to a might makes right set of principles.

The movement as a whole with very few exceptions disagrees with me on the following point:The most important dimension in working to achieve 911truth is courage. Most people sit at their keyboard debating arcane theory rather than taking action. Evidence is more important than theory, and courage is more important than evidence.

I proposed the most daring action anyone has proposed for 911 truth over a year ago. It's even legal. It saddens me so much that the truth movement does not have the courage to do it. I can't do it alone. It is #3 of 17 action ideas I list at my website 911courage.org.

Call me 410-499-5403. If you are afraid to call me there's no way you feel courage is important.

Francis A Boyle - Alex Jones Show - 8/21/2008

August 21, 2008

Alex Jones talks with Francis A. Boyle, professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law and bioweapons advisor for the Bush Senior administration about his belief that the anthrax attacks were orchestrated to frighten Senators into supporting the USA Patriot Act.