Jason Bermas' 'Fabled Enemies' is online

How credible...

Is the Tim Osman story? Also, the plane at the WTC... was that plane confirmed to be an E4-B?

Awww Jason...

I wish you would have contacted me about Khalil Bin Laden...

Here is the flight manifest obtained from Sen. Frank Lautenberg's website with Khalil's name on it.

In August 2004, the 9/11 Commission released an addendum to their report. According to CNN, it stated, "that all the Saudi nationals were screened by the FBI to make certain they were not a threat to national security, and that no terrorists escaped from the United States on any of the Saudi flights."

Khalil bin Laden, who boarded a plane in Orlando that eventually took him back to Saudi Arabia, won the attention of Brazilian investigators for possible terrorist connections. According to a Brazilian paper, he had business connections in the Brazilian province of Minas Gerais, not far from the tri-border region, an alleged center for training terrorists. [Craig Unger "Saving The Saudis" Vanity Fair, 10/2003]

Good job Jason.

Here is a collection I've been making with regards to praise for the 9/11 Report.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?



Osama studied in Jeddah, the CIA central in the middle east, where all the CIA-terror-visas and passports came from.

He then went to a trip in the USA.

All photos of this time seem to be confiscated.

After that he went to Agfhanistan to fight the Brzezinksi proxy war, the own 'nam for the russians. He was the one who had allegedly the idea to use stingers against the USSR air force. A important factor for the defeating of the russians.

CIA agent fits very well- especially in regard to Al qaida the database of his proxy fighters recruited throughoutr the world.

What about this?

(1978-9): Bin Laden Visits US, Britain, or Both
Osama Bin Laden visits the US, Britain or both around this time. Author Peter Bergen will later say, “Undoubtedly, bin Laden took his son for medical treatment to a western country and it’s either the United States or the [Britain]. There’s some kind of controversy about that.” Khaled Batarfi, a close childhood friend to bin Laden, will later recall more specifically, “In Washington airport, Dulles Airport, people were surprised at the way he dressed, his wife dressed. Some of them were even taking photos and he was kind of joking about it. We were like in a zoo.” [New Yorker, 12/5/2005; CNN, 8/23/2006] According to author Lawrence Wright, bin Laden visits London to seek medical advice for his young son, Abdul Rahman. Abdul Rahman was born with hydrocephalus and bin Laden considers the condition so bad that he goes abroad to seek medical advice. However, he does not like what he hears in London and returns home with his son to Saudi Arabia without letting the doctors operate. Bin Laden then treats Abdul Rahman with folk remedy, but the child becomes mildly retarded and requires special attention. [Wright, 2006, pp. 81] Bin Laden is also said to visit London later (see Early 1990s-Late 1996).

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

A correction and

yes the plane is confirmed to be an E-4B. Also, a correction to this film:

Jason says there were 5 E-4B's flying on 9/11, but we only have 4 in our inventory. I discovered the E-4B while researching the white plane at the original LC forums years ago and from what I remember, 3 of the 4 E-4B's were airborn on 9/11.

Nice job on the movie Jason. Lots of info and very informative to those who haven't seen this evidence before.

Where is it confirmed?

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

I think CNN did a great job in confirming it

for everyone. If you're talking about confirmed from the government, good luck. The E-4B is the only plane like it in the world with the radome (hump) on top of the plane in the front. All you need to do is look at it side-by-side like CNN did and that's all the confirmation one needs. CNN isn't the only one that took pics and vids of the E-4B. There were a couple other people that took pics of it as well.

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney had it up on her congressional whitehouse.gov website about the three E-4B's flying around on 9/11and the wargames they were "participating" in, but as my E-4B thread at Pilots for Truth forums was linking to whitehouse.gov and getting thousands of hits, they took the page down. I shoud've taken a screen-shot, but oh well.

CNN confirmed...

That there was an E-4B over the skies of Washington D.C. My question was, "Also, the plane at the WTC... was that plane confirmed to be an E4-B?" CNN did not confirm that the "mystery plane" over Manhattan's skies was an E-4B.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

No, the plane at the WTC was not

an E-4B. It was a totally different color altogether. It has a white fuselage, but the wings and tail were different colors than the E-4B. Sorry, misunderstood your earlier question.

Ok well...

The film alleged that it was...

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Pretty good!

Some footage in there I had not seen before, the Mendoza footage is supported by this report by Rafael M. Garcia;

Lots of mainstream footage I had not seen before. It may have been too bold to say that Osman was Osama. Is there any other source that backs up Orlin Grabbe's story?

The exploding van on 9/11 is a little dodgy too, IMO.

Overall, a pretty wide-ranging roundup of 9/11 info, and Bermas restrains himself from putting all his chips on one scapegoat. I thought he could have said "alleged hijacker" as opposed to hijacker in many cases.

His coverage of the Israeli operatives was good, but relied a bit too much on the FOX source material, (admittedly, there isn't much else mainstream footage), the Israeli DEA Groups are definitely worth taking another look at:

There are so many fingers in the 9/11 pie that the failings of the Omission Commission are impossible to ignore with documentaries like these.

How Well Will it Wake the Somnambulist?

That is the criteria on which I base judgment.

Alex Jones recent "9/11 Chronicles" would probably just piss off most viewers who do not know already.

"Fabled Enemies" is one I will burn and give away. It can WAKE the DEAD

I wish that it was spelled out more clearly that all the stuff on the alleged
hijackers was that they were set up as Patsies to take the fall after the event.

"Press for Truth" had the same problem in that it provided a lot of info on
the alleged hijackers and left you clueless as to their involvement. While I know,
a person encountering this info for the first time is left confused.

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No kidding Joe! This is a great "wake-up" intro film!!!

Great intro-film. This film is hard-hitting, easy to follow if the viewer has an average IQ, and will definitely have a new viewer of 9/11 material wanting to know more! --To me, that is most the value of having these 9/11Truth DVDs...to help "wake up" people who are asleep about 9/11.-- This is a great intro-film. (And it helps tie in loose ends for us 9/11Truthers who are fuzzy about certain aspects.)

Jason did a great job

Jason did one heck of a job filling in for Alex Jones last week. i say great job, well done.

He's better than Alex

Alex has a tendency to go ballistic which turns a lot of people off. (understatement)

But I give Alex a lot of credit for all his work. He has done as much or more than
any single person at doing this thing we all are doing

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North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site


Jason is a smart guy, Alex is brilliant.

Very nice work. Only one

Very nice work.

Only one point seems a little weak - the chat show footage of the israeli guy who filmed the attacks.... he said that he was documenting the attacks, but he didn't admit that he knew in advance? Did I miss something?

Otherwise, contains lots of great material!

He said: "We were there to

document the event".
He did not say : "We happend to be there and..."


I don't intend to be pedantic, but he said that they were being questioned as though they were Mossad agents, but in fact they come from a country which is used to terror attacks (implicit therefore, that it's second nature for them to grab a video camera to gather evidence for the authorities). He said "our purpose was to document the events". That could just mean that the purpose in letting the camera run as the event unfolded was to document the attacks. Sorry, but by itself, it's not an admission of prior knowledge.

Perhaps he said more which is not included in the film?

I Think the word " purpose" implies a planned and

commitment to an event or action. If he had said our " intention" then perhaps a benefit of doubt could have been implied or conceded to. The word purpose along with the actions of celebration indicate and reflect accomplishment of a prior goal or committment. Be that as it may the actual video footage which was confiscated would have been interesting. I wonder if the first plane to hit the towers was recorded?

Not convinced...

Following your definition of 'purpose', they could say that their purpose (in filming the attacks) was to document the events; ie once the attacks started, they planned and were committed to filming them.

I agree that it would be enormously interesting to see their tape. I doubt if that's likely to happen soon though.


Great work from Jason and Alex.

Thanks for making this available to all.

This is good stuff! Bermas

This is good stuff! Bermas does a great job filling in for AJ.


I thought it was great and the popcorn was free.

Well done Jason Bermas.

My view of Dr. Sham Sunder was crystallized by the segment where he and NIST claim that there was a huge portion of WTC 7 was carved out of the side of the building. So, the MIT PHD was absolutely wrong before, as he is wrong now with his latest declarations. I also especially like the Barry Jennings interviews. His eyewitness, earwitness account is of paramount importance. I noticed how the mainstream Network news distorted what Jennings said during their newscast.

Good work.

WTC 7 is still the smoking gun!


Thank you

Seems like Jason Bermas & Alex Jones did a great job from

what I've seen on this video so far!

However, I'm still wondering when we're really going to break 9/11 truth into the mainstream. Unfortunately, about 99% of Americans still get their news from CNN, FOX, NY Times, USA Today, and blogs like Huffington Post & Daily Kos that censor 9/11 truth--not from guys handing out DVDs on the street.

How many DVDs need to be made & given for free or watched on YouTube before we get a real investigation & criminal prosecutions of the perpetrators? It's been 7 long years now, and I still don't see any end in sight.

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

We Gotta Keep At It!

North Texans for 911 Truth (new site)
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site

From street actions, I estimate about 10% know...

From contacting many, many, many people...I estimate that around 10% or more know that there is a MAJOR COVER-UP or that 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB. Most people are very reserved about communicating it. Because of this reservation, it becomes more important that WE communicate 9/11 Truth in a highly visible manner. We can make it "safer" for others to bring up what they already know.

Great Job...

I really enjoyed this film. Thanks to Jason & Alex for their commitment to this battle for 9/11 Truth. This is our fight, our country, and our future. Props to those that continue to fight despite the odds. God bless the truthers...