Original Video of Bush's Visit to Booker Elementary on 9/11

This is the entire, original video of Bush's appearance at Emma E. Booker Elementary School
on the morning of September 11th, 2001.
This video was originally posted for download on the school's web site. It was later realized that it contains proof of Bush's foreknowledge of the attacks, the obvious inaction of the Secret Service and top White House staff, while they country was "under attack" from foreign "terrorists."

Sources: #1 #2

I mailed 9/11Truth DVDs to some of the teachers there....

About a year ago, more or less, I had mailed packets of DVDs-info to some of the teachers and/or grade levels at this school.


Great work, TomT!!


wrong order?

am i the only one that noticed that the voice over at the beginning of the video reverses the order in which the towers were struck?

"before the program could begin, at 8:42 am, the SOUTH tower of the world trade center in new york city was struck by a commercial airliner hijacked from boston's logen international airport. approx. 18 minutes later, a second domestic airliner took dead aim at the NORTH tower of the world trade center and disintegrated on impact."

not significant. just weird.

Original source video

link busted

that file should be available everywhere ;-)

This one works


If he knew that America was under attack, why was he allowed to stay there and put all those children's lives at risk???
The only logical explanation that can be concluded is that he knew his life was not at risk by staying there because he knew that this was indeed not an attack on America by terrorist abroad, but an attack against Americans by terrorists inside our own government.
Totally sickening. This whole administration is filth and have done nothing but pick up where the Nazi's left off. That is the main goal of the Bush family and always has been. They are the real terrorists, liars, cheats, and murderers. No Bush should ever be allowed back into any government office ever again. They should be tried for treason and put behind bars until their putrid DNA is wiped from the face of the earth.

What about the Secret Service?

When it became known that we were "under attack" -- after the second plane had hit, the Secret Service should have taken the president out of there as if he was on fire!!

It is incumbent upon the Secret Service to get him to safety at all costs. They did nothing. Why? -- because they all knew what was happening and there was no threat to his safety. Even at that publicly disclosed location. 9/11 was an inside job from the 'get-go' and this video adds more color to the incriminating picture.


Yes, what about them

To reword the statement from Halfchino's comment accordingly:
'The only logical explanation that can be concluded is that his secret service detail knew his life was not at risk by staying there because they knew that this was indeed not an attack on America by terrorist abroad, but an attack against Americans by terrorists inside our own government.'

One of those obseravations that's so obvious once it's pointed out to you, you wonder how you could have missed it before. I didn't think about it until I read that section in Griffin's 'The New Pearl Harbor.'

I've also seen the Booker classroom footage used effectively in the video 'Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime.'

The Dog That Did Not Bark

Even Worse

I had no idea exactly how long he actually stayed at the school after he was told what was happening. Everyone's seen the footage of the attack being whispered in his ear, but I never thought he was there for as long as he was. I don't know anyone with a fraction of intelligence that wouldn't be like WTF is going on here? The "Leader" of the Free World just sat there doing nothing but asking children whether they read more books than watched television? And even held the press conference right there out in plain sight? No secret service rushed in and pulled him away? I mean these people literally pick up his poop so nobody else can examine it.

Wouldn't a terrorist attack on the biggest city in America warrant the same security has the Presidential Poo? Something smells very funky here. (No pun intended!)

Holy Crap

That's amazing.


Seeing the whole thing adds clarity. I guess there are other videos from the news agencies also. I am amazed that Bush didn't miss a beat. He just kept rolling along as if he wasn't surprised. Apparently no one there felt the president was in any danger. He was allowed to continue in this photo op without missing a beat. That is not just an indictment of the president. What is the protocol for Secret Service in this situation? Why were they allowing him to stay in the photo op?

I am sure these questions are already on the list.

Thanks for the post.

Commander in Chief...but

First time I have seen this entire sequence and I must admit some astonishment.

No need to repeat what others have concluded...just want to add my two bits...

Its ASTONISHING that Bush did not even state that he was committing military forces into full alert and concentrated action to protect this country, and instead, he so OBVIOUSLY began to set up the story of Bin Laden, Islamophobia and the war against "terrorists" as the new major boogeyman for our country.


I mean Cheney certainly NEVER gave Bush the keys to the car, but this video is so obvious about Bush being the "puppet to the plan..."

BTW...$250 was the price he paid at Phillips Academy for fellow students to write his papers so he could pass high school...which was quite a lot back in the day...

...once a dunce always a dunce...or better yet...

...once a cheerleader always a cheerleader...

The prototype Prez was Reagan...they suffered Clinton [although TW800 set the story straight for Billy Boy]...but not to give up, the HI PERPS took the Clinton time to refine the "puppet-prez" role for young Bush...

Robin Hordon

PS: Some Truthers [P4T] are questioning my authenticity about a lot of this 9/11 and historical stuff...well, they simply haven't done their homework...which of course, is my complaint about them in the first place...

It's totally implausible that a U.S. president would remain

seated with children after being told that our nation was under attack.

(When the space shuttle Challenger exploded in 1986, Ronald Reagan dropped everything & rushed to the nearest television to see what was happening. It's only logical that Bush would've done something similar on 9/11.)

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

Bush says he saw 1st plane hit WTC that morning -- How!?

and here's more:



And the media have had no problem with that whatsoever?

I understand the Mockingbird stuff etc., but one would think that there are still some honest journalists who also know how to think.

Bush looks genuinely shocked

Don't misunderstand this, i'm totally convinced that 9/11 was an inside job, but I don't think that it is too obvious from this, that "Bush knew". in the videos from when he gets the information of the second plane at wtc, he looks truly shocked, bewildered and scared. I think that too much speculation is based on the fact, that HE did nothing. If one wants to look at something, it is why the people standing for the security did act so hesitatingly and belated.

More like

Holy sh*t we actually went through with it.


That's my take on it as well.

Bush's expression is not one of surprise or shock -- rather one of deep contemplation as he drinks in the realization that les jeux sont fait (the deed has been done) ...


That sinking feeling

My take is that, while he probably had been told something big was going to happen soon, it's only hitting him that the very people charged with his personal security have also been apprised--and are answerable to the same groups and individuals that Bush himself is answerable to. I don't imagine Bush as being disinclined to playing the role the 9/11 perps had in mind for him; but it's like, at this moment, it's really hitting him that he doesn't exactly have a choice in the matter even if he were disinclined. Which must be a bit disconcerting.