2008 Now Or Never - Promo Video

Please help spread this viral!!!


Please help We Are Change NYC promote the 2008 Now Or Never event by putting this banner on all We Are Change websites, blogs etc. We need to get the word out, this is between life and death. The 9/11 First Responders need help and it's up to us to fulfill that goal.

You can get the code for this banner here.

Can't wait for this. Gonna

Can't wait for this. Gonna be there at Ground Zero on 9/11 all the way from Vancouver. It's time for CHANGE! (Not Barack Hussein Obama change but real CHANGE.)

See you in NYC!

Best from Philadelphia

Now and Forever...

That's it gang...

Now and Forever...

Robin Hordon

Mobile video civil informationing

A very effective teaching tool might be a large screen TV mounted on a vehicle to be watched and listened to by pedestrians. Imagine three TV's showing through windows of a minivan, displaying a series of 1-5 minute information videos with audio, driving around the streets of Manhattan on 9/11. Why not have a fleet of such video vans roving every major city, civilly informing all who are lucky enough to bear witness. The cost would be reasonable if groups of ten or so pooled some resources. An onboard video camera would be helpful to record demonstrations of public support, or interactions with public officials. The system could be made to be quickly installed in different vehicles to help distribute the driving task.

Is this a useful concept ... or merely a "corn"cept?

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.