NIST Lies * Jehan Box * Ice Tipping * Nukes

Flyby News Notes -
Editor - Jonathan Mark -
September 2, 2008 - NIST Lies * Jehan Box * Ice Tipping * Nukes

"The future is in the past
with no escape present."

- Bart Jordan

1) NIST supports 9/11 cover-up
- - Debunking NIST's Conclusions About WTC 7
- - The Financial Times and the 'Self-Confessed Mastermind of 9/11'
- - FBI Sweeps Anthrax Under the Rug
- - Sarah Palin, grazing animals and the herd mentality
- - "The Reflecting Pool" receives award at Moondance Film Fest
- - September 08 Month of Truth – campaigns and events
2) Jehan Abdur-Raheem Hunger Strike to Get Out of BOX
- - McCain’s military father and betrayal of USS Liberty
3) Nuke Fight Nears Decisive Moment
- - Sally Shaw - rain, meetings, and rad waste
- - Radiation levels raised at Vt. Yankee
4) Arctic ice 'is at tipping point'
- - Warming and 9/11 Related Danger Zones

Editor’s Notes:

Catching up with September reality, this issue begins by debunking NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) for bending natural laws of physics to fit a double standard of lies and betrayal. The first item also updates on The Reflecting Pool receiving an award at the Moondance Film Festival. This September 11 this film has another appearance at the Pioneer Theater; and Able Danger premieres on 9/11/08 in Manhattan for a week-run, 9:00 pm. More information on this and on a campaign in every state of the union for 9/11 truth, see the last article in item one (Month of Truth). Item two begins with a letter from Jehan Abdur-Raheem, who went on a hunger strike in desperation to get out of the BOX in Elmira Correctional Facility, where he has been held since December 2005. The next article is from a survivor of the USS Liberty, which describes how Senator John McCain’s father aided in a cover-up of this apparent failure of another treacherous 'false flag' operation. The article is called Leave No Comrade Behind.

Item three leaves some room for hope that the Vermont state legislature will deny the re-licensing of the falling-apart Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant. Radiation and the escalation of military insanity is what propelled Flyby News to make a commitment to at least 2013 in reporting news and actions for life’s survival in the 21st Century. Item four is warning that it could already be too late. Alex Jones and VP Candidate Sarah Palin seem like strange bedfellows, both believe that the general scientific community’s concern of Global Warming is overblown, a hoax. Especially from Jones, this can confuse the issue in favor of the NIST-WTC-7 downfall theories. What a joke, or is it a precursor of the next diabolical act?

Courage is not the absence of fear;
it is the making of action in spite of fear;
the moving out against the resistance
engendered by fear into the unknown
and into the future.

-- M. Scott Peck
The Road Less Traveled

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September 2 - NIST Lies * Jehan Box * Ice Tipping * Nukes

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