We Are Change UK - September 11th 2008 trailer 2

On the 11th of September this year We Are Change UK and Truth Action London will be holding a protest outside the US Embassy in London.

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This is a call to everybody in the UK who questions, doubts or disbelieves the official story of 9/11 and who rejects the war on terror and war on freedom which defines our time, to make themselves counted and join us there. The stakes now are too grave to sit at our computers lamenting the state of the world and the time has come to become a part of the change we long for.

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Great Promo!!!!

Wish you the best!!!

For those who can't get to the UK, join up and support your local actions- or organize your own. If you are in Northern California- please join us for our 7th Annual 9/11 Truth Rally March in San Francisco- Saturday, September 6th, 2008 10 am at the Panhandle.

And if you are Europe, join the folks in Brussels on Sunday, September 7, 2008.

And if you are in Canada, join the March on Ottawa!!!!

It's great to know, wherever we are- we are not alone!!!!

Carol Brouillet

I shall do my best to be

I shall do my best to be there

I have a question for our UK friends:

Are you similarly concerned about the apparent false flag bombing of the London subway?

About UK troops that back up the illegal US occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan?

About how a succession of UK prime ministers who appear to have been bought off by the same furtive and evil elements that control US foreign and military policy?

I ask these questions because, much as I appreciate those in the UK who support 9/11 truth, I don't get much sense from my online observations (granted, I haven't been overseas since before 9/11) that most UK truthers recognize that similar war criminals have control of their own country.

Good question

A year before the attacks, the BBC delineates the coming events in its program. When the scenario "set in the future - but only just" then happens, an anti-terrorism exercise mirroring the real events is taking place in the same locations. Etc etc. And nobody is wondering.


Yes, yes and yes.

Regarding the illegality of the wars We Are Change UK will be running workshops throughout the week in September explaining how citizens can...

1. Withhold their tax - each tax payer is guilty of 'conduct ancillary to genocide' according to law.

2. Reporting war crimes - since the ratification of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Act international war crimes fall under domestic law.

See: 'Scotland Yard to investigate Tony Blair & Lord Goldsmith war crimes'

I can't speak for other Brit groups but Change UK are very familiar with and actively campaign on the issues you've raised.


Tom Foti (the2nd speaker) is right!!!

This is bad-ass cool!! The second speaker hit the nail on the head. I know from personal street actions and contact with many, many people that about 10% of the people KNOW about 9/11. The more we hit the streets, the more change we will see.

Best promo I have seen

The background music is excellent and it does cause adrenalin to flow when coupled with the subject and imagery of 911 truth activism.

Good Luck in the UK this upcoming week in your work to keep the pressure on to expose 911 for what it really was, a gigantic fraud to disguise and justify resource wars we wouldn't have supported otherwise!

Alternative energies are viable and sustainable and these wars weren't necessary. Those who committed 911 knew that and that is why they needed to deceive us

Even being a 50 some year old I have made an effort to hand out literature, DVDs, and talk to people in the street to get the word out, with other 911 activists in my area of Philadelphia, PA. Everybody needs to try to get out there with others. This is serious business for all of us.

Damn! Tony! You are a really active guy!!

Tony! My hat is off to you! You are really active on so many fronts!

The real war is here


The justified war is right here in the U.S. against the real terrorists.

Alex Jones is exactly right in calling it an Infowar.

Remember, all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.

Once you know what 911 was really all about then it is a travesty to sit back and do nothing. As Martin Luther King said "In times of moral crisis silence is betrayal".

I do think people need to educate themselves on what 911 really was and corresponding with other activists on the Internet and reading the papers written about it and watching videos made about it, on 911truth sites, is a necessary part of that. However, street actions and organized protests are absolutely necessary and need to be given the time also. In simple terms, everybody needs to turn what they learn into action, which is what guys like you and WeAreChange in the U.S., UK, and other places are out front doing.

I try to get out with the local group whenever an 11th of the month falls on a weekend. I will be going to NYC to support Richard Gage and AE911truth on the 12th.

Finally it has to be a group effort. United we stand, divided we fall.