"Missing Links" provides the critics of 9/11 Truth with ample ammunition.

The makers of the documentary Missing Links, (www{dot}911missinglinks{dot}com), bill their roll-your-own documentary as "The Definitive Truth About 9/11".

The words of the Greek playwright Euripides come to mind, "A bad beginning makes a bad ending".

(Oh, and let me break this to the Bigfoot researchers right now... no, this film is not that crossover hit you have been waiting for breathlessly. 'Missing Link' in this case, refers to Jewish people... I know, I know... I feel your pain...)

The film starts out by giving "Special thanks to the independent investigators and agents, analysts and assets of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, and Intelligence sectors of the United States Armed Forces who are still loyal to America."

Surely, they don't mean George Walker Bush's 'Amerika'?

It reminds one of the newbie on the business end of the fraternity paddle in Animal House, "Thank you, sir! May I have another?"

Perhaps I'm being too elitist here... everybody knows Dickens, right? I guess the filmmakers could be seen as playing the part of Oliver Twist, "Please sir, I want some more."

If you were to take Jason Bermas' recent documentary, Fabled Enemies, and strip away all of the copious links that the alleged hijackers had to Western intelligence and possibly the US military, you would have the basic framework for Missing Links. Then, ignore the gargantuan profits that US oil companies have raked in, following the destructive wake of the "War on Terror" ... and then you ignore the gargantuan profits that the US defense industry has raked in, post-9/11, and you're half way done building Missing Links. Finally, ignore the fact that US and Israeli intelligence agencies have shared information, common goals (Cold War espionage anyone?) and HUMINT operations since 1951 (and even pre-dating the state of Israel in 1945 via the OSS), and the stage is set for an ahistorical hit and miss picture show that covers intelligence ops over the last 40 years with a very uneven keel.

By way of prior example, Missing Links intends to expose a "Jewish criminal network" that the filmmakers believe pulled off 9/11. (Don't worry about NORAD's lies, don't worry about the 9/11 War Games, don't worry about top CIA/Al Qaeda guy Ali Mohamed, don't worry about CIA/Al Qaeda guy/Bojinka man Ramzi Yousef, don't worry about CIA/Al Qaeda guy Luai Sakra, don't worry about the instant appearance of the PATRIOT Act... after all, the makers of Missing Links didn't.) The documentary begins by examining the Lavon Affair. The Lavon Affair (See also: Operation Susannah), is a documented historical fact, well-known, and examined in several books, including "official sources" like Raviv and Melman's Every Spy a Prince. The filmmakers do not spend much time analyzing the Affair as a failed venture. Instead, they follow the segment by taking a moment to infer that the WTC Towers were obviously blown up by the same people. Obviously.

The makers of the film do take a moment to lament the scapegoating of Israeli defense minister Pinhas Lavon, who got stuck holding the bag for the bungled operation, and earned an infamous place in history... and then they proceed to scapegoat Jews for 9/11.


Consider that US intelligence agencies have been far, far busier in the world of covert ops and False Flag chicanery than any other country in the world over the course of the last half century. This short list by Steve Kangas introduces a sense of scale to the situation. The two books by William Blum, "Killing Hope" and "Rogue State", chronicle a rich history of Imperial shenanigans that dwarf the actions of other states, including Israel. Dull reading, but sharp information. If pointing to a foreign country who has actually bungled two covert ops against US interests constitutes 'proof' in the eyes of some, then what of the hundreds of covert operations that US intelligence has run successfully? Although the guns of the CIA, for example, were supposed to be pointed abroad, at times, they went operational on US soil, even though they were technically not allowed to. (One example that we know of is Operation CHAOS, who knows how many we don't know about.)

Via William Blum, ex-CIA agent John Stockwell talks about how, at the officer level, the CIA and the KGB actually got along pretty well during the Cold War;

Actually, at least in more routine operations, case officers most fear the US ambassador and his staff, then restrictive headquarters cables, then curious, gossipy neighbors in the local community, as potential threats to operations. Next would come the local police, then the press. Last of all is the KGB – in my twelve years of case officering I never saw or heard of a situation in which the KGB attacked or obstructed a CIA operation.
If a CIA case officer has a flat tire in the dark of night on a lonely road, he will not hesitate to accept a ride from a KGB officer – likely the two would detour to some bar for a drink together. In fact CIA and KGB officers entertain each other frequently in their homes. The CIA's files are full of mention of such relationships in almost every African station."

Keep that in mind, and consider that US and Israeli military and intelligence services have at times shared resources in the pursuit of mutually beneficial strategic goals over the past half-century. If case officers who are mortal enemies can get-along-to-go-along, imagine how that translates to agencies that spy on each other, and steal information from each other at times, but are not actually intent on destroying each other.

Further, if it is unlikely that the 19 alleged hijackers operated on US soil without being noticed by US intelligence agencies (Able Danger comes to mind)... how likely is it that well over 100 Israelis involved with the "Israeli DEA Groups" operated on US soil, under the eyes and ears of the NSA, which had increased domestic spying prior to 9/11, unnoticed?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say, pretty darn unlikely. In fact, they were noticed. By the DEA and the FBI who both investigated the Israelis.

The US intelligence community was not "out of the loop".


Next, the filmmakers present the Liberty Incident. Yes, Israelis tried to sink the USS Liberty. Not in doubt. But what the film omits, is that the Liberty was under orders from the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the USA, who sent the Liberty on their doomed mission.* (And here I must protest. The filmmakers did not thank the Joint Chiefs of Staff! What kind of fly-by-night production is this?) The Liberty was not defended. However, it was not sunk. Johnson reportedly said that "he didn't care if the ship sunk, he would not embarass his allies." Alex Jones cites a different source that claims Johnson was far more explicit. Johnson doesn't seem to have had a change in heart as Missing Links infers. Rather, he exhibits a pre-determined attitude that suggests he was all for bombing the snot out of Egypt, he just needed a good excuse. I think that the JCS tried to provide him with one. (The 2003 book, Operation Cyanide, also supports a tandem US/Israeli black-op version of the Liberty Incident.)

Let's take a look at the United States JCS track record in the time period around the Liberty Incident... (The BBC documentary "Dead in the Water" presents evidence to support Jones' research... for more on the Liberty Incident, click here.)

In 1961, the Joint Chiefs of Staff were consulted about the CIA's Bay of Pigs invasion plan. Headed by Lyman Lemnitzer, the JCS approved the plan, and involved JCS Chief Naval Officer Admiral Arleigh Burke.

In 1962, the JCS presented their plans for Operation Northwoods to an incredulous Kennedy administration, that deep-sixed the Operation, and sent Lemnitzer to Europe, where it is very likely that he got his ass involved with NATO's "Stay Behind" armies in Europe. Kennedy gave him the top spot at NATO. It's stunning that Lemnitzer would do this after the Bay of Pigs meltdown, but he did. It turns out that the JCS never needed Lemnitzer anyhow...

In 1964, the JCS approved the Desoto naval patrols, that steadily increased in boldness, ultimately giving birth to the Tonkin Gulf lie. It's possible that the JCS was running a calculated risk here, knowing that Vietnamese defenses would be highly active following OPLAN 34A raids in the area from US forces. The DIA was advising the Desoto patrols at the time to be ready for action, keying up the men on board the USS Maddox, and perhaps taxing their already ignited states of vigilance. Considering the Bay of Pigs and Northwoods floating around in the heads of the JCS holdovers from the Kennedy period, it's not only possible, but probable.

In 1968, there was the USS Pueblo incident. Another case of an intelligence ship sent out to dangle as bait. But the North Koreans didn't take the bait completely. They simply boarded the ship and took it. Had they blown it out of the water, the JCS could have reignited the Korean War. Both the Maddox and Pueblo missions were rubber stamped by the Special Group;

The Pueblo crisis still needs to be understood, and dealt with. There are too many indications that the many alleged “errors” and “coincidences” on the American side, without which the incident would not have occurred, were in fact not errors and coincidences but part of an enduring pattern of artificially induced provocations and/or “crises,” the recurrence of which has contributed to the increasing militarization of U.S. foreign policy (and the breakdown of congressional restraints) since the all-too-comparable U-2 incident of 1960. The U-2 and RB-47 shot down by the USSR in 1960, the Maddox incident in the Tonkin Gulf in 1964, all had much in common with the Pueblo in 1968. To begin with, all were on highly sensitive intelligence missions, so dangerous that they had to be approved by the secret Special Group (later known as the Senior Interdepartmental Group, or 303 Committee) on the deputy secretary level.**

The Liberty Incident was preceded, on multiple occasions, by staged incidents involving deception in various forms, linked to the JCS. The only variation on the theme for the Liberty Incident was to have unmarked Israeli jets do the dirty work.

I'm in agreement with the researchers who signal that Johnson likely knew all about it. Although some perceive Johnson's restraint as a result of his "finding out" that Israeli jets were involved, it's more likely that he already knew. Or at least, knew about the attack. (The BBC film reveals that shortly after the Liberty was attacked, nuclear-armed jets were scrambled to hit Cairo, but were recalled.) When he "found out" that the Liberty was still floating, Johnson knew that the False Flag never got planted.

I think this is why there has not been a proper investigation of the Liberty Incident. There is probably a covert mission tucked away in the National Archives that identifies the real architects of the Liberty "Incident", who were likely high-level members of the Levi Eshkol administration, and the Johnson administration, not a 'Jewish criminal network', as Missing Links suggests.

This ahistorical framing of the Liberty Incident is lop-sided, and gives a pass to any traitors on US soil who may have wanted the Liberty to "go to the bottom".

And... the Liberty Incident was a failure. The US was not drawn into bombing Egypt as the suspected planners of the incident had hoped for. The makers of Missing Links segue this failure into footage of the WTC Towers being demolished. Suggesting that just because Israeli intelligence agencies couldn't properly set off a few bombs, and just because Israeli jets and torpedo boats couldn't sink a practically unarmed intel boat, it doesn't mean that they couldn't do one of the trickiest top-down demolitions ever caught on film.

My money is on the home team, with other assets in supporting roles.

Missing Links then mentions controlled demolition, DEW, TV Fakery, and mini-nukes with equal deadpan delivery. The film states that CD is the most likely of the bunch, but why muddy the water with implausible ideas? Why, indeed.

Missing Links seems to have an agenda. The agenda? To muddy the water, or as Alex Jones would say, "They leave a big ole turd in the punchbowl". The biggest turd that the filmmakers drop in the bowl, is to blend 9/11 research with racial profiling. While the film depicts Jews in stereotypical garb in the background, the narrator sounds the alarm;

"The reality is, that Neocon is just another layer of the onion that covers up the existence of the "Jewish criminal network" So long as they keep calling the network anything other than specifically, a Jewish criminal network, then their greatest strength which is their racial cohesion, goes undetected.. PNAC, the Project for the New American Century, was not a Neocon or even a Zionist thinktank, but a Jewish criminal thinktank. .This crime network existed long before Zionism was ever codified.. Therefore, it is absolutely appropriate and necessary for us to refer to it as the Jewish criminal network, as opposed to merely using the term Zionism. Although that term is sometimes employed."

Not even 20 minutes in, and Missing Links has let the cat out of the bag.

To investigate individuals or state players who may have provable links to the 9/11 operation is one thing. To single out Jews, and identify "their racial cohesion" as the prime motivator for scrutiny, is racist.

By consciously choosing to conflate 9/11 research with racism, the makers of Missing Links degrade the value of their production to racist propaganda.

On top of that, we know that groups like the Simon Wiesenthal Center are already monitoring 9/11 Truth websites... so why would these filmmakers go out of the way to make the SWC's job any easier? Despite denials, the SWC has already tried to conflate 9/11 Truth with terrorism, when all that real 9/11 Truthers do is deconstruct "terrorism", in an effort to get to the truth.

Why would anyone hand the SWC a big fat racist video to hang around the necks of the 9/11 Truthers like a ten-ton albatross?

Racial profiling makes Missing Links useless to the 9/11 Truth community, and even worse, dangerous.

Remember that legislation like H.R. 1955 is out there, awaiting justification, and that the SWC and think-tanks like RAND would be more than happy to cite films like this to spur Congress into action.


Some other, random bits of dodgy information in the film;

Missing Links tells us that there was "ONLY ONE ISRAELI KILLED ON 9/11 AT WTC".

False. There were 3, "Shai Levinhar, 29, who worked for a subsidiary of the Cantor Fitzgerald brokerage in the north tower, and Hagai Shefi, 34, who was on the 106th floor of the north tower when American Airlines Flight 11 hit. The fifth Israeli killed, London-born Leon Lebor, 51, was working at his job as a janitor in the twin towers when they were attacked."

Missing Links conflates the reports of "celebrating" Israelis with "Dancing Israelis", and more, they once again roll stock footage of stereotypically attired Jews dancing in a traditional fashion, though what was reported was "high-fiving" and "jumping for joy". The filmmakers are eager to blend Jews in traditional roles with the New Jersey Israelis, two of whom have been reported as Mossad agents.

Missing Links mentions ICTS, but ignores Bush-linked Securacom.

Missing Links mentions Israeli transportation company Zim's departure from the WTC building, but does not mention that fact that their departure was announced six months in advance, with Sept.4 as the target date. The film rolls out "one week before 9/11" over and over as if it was a rushed, surprise pullout.

Missing Links claims that a CIA NOC claims that, "Israeli movers moved explosives into the 17th Floor office space after Zim moved out."

This is apparently based on this report by Wayne Madsen;

One unverifiable report by an unidentified CIA guy. I'm not going to cite a long list of other anonymous claims by Mr. Madsen, that's what google is for;

When it comes to such bold claims combined with anonymous sources, caveat emptor.

Missing Links does much damage and little discernable good.


* In James Bamford's Body of Secrets, (New York: Anchor Books, 2002), Bamford confirms that Johnson was in the loop on June 8, 1967, and even after the Liberty was a smoking wreck, recalled fighters dispatched to the Liberty through the Joint Chiefs, and said that, "he didn't care if the ship sunk, he would not embarass his allies." (p.226) Bamford also reveals that the Liberty was on a mission directly for the the JCS. (p.188) The JCS, at this period in American history, were practically deranged.

** Scott, Peter Dale. The War Conspiracy, (USA) Mary Ferrell Foundation Press, 2008, p.180.

The hyperlink to the film is broken on purpose.

I don't want "Missing Links" siphoning hits from this website.

At the same time, the 9/11 Truth community at large needs to know about this Trojan Horse.

Just google "911 missing links" and you will find it.

As a head's up; direct hyperlinks to the film at this site will be broken.


wow, that was easy to shut down 911 blogger. do you own the site reprehensor? maybe you should hand off to someone else with bigger balls?

people are confusing religion with nationality and politics. AIPAC have done a good job blurring the lines.

israel = country

what if israel and US zionists had a role in 9-11, have you not just given them a free pass?
(note, i am not saying "what if jews did 911")

I have not seen the film, so i do not know what it ihas merit.

I have noticted that 911blogger seems to recoil at any notion that arabs were not behind 911.

who is responsible for 911 is the most important question. to rule out specific people based on political intimidation is outragous for a "truth" movement.

"I have not seen the film..."

No kidding. The filmmakers make it clear that they are not talking about Zionism, and that the racially cohesive 'Jewish criminal network' predates Zionism.

They then suggest that the word Zionism may be deployed to mean 'Jewish criminal network'.

It's tactics like this that Rob Kall of OpEdNews.com had in mind when he decided a while back to ban the use of Zionist or Zionsim at OpEdNews.com

From what I remember, he claimed that some users were using the word Zionist interchangeably with Jew. (I don't remember if this ban is still in effect, but Missing Links offers proof to Kall's observation. What a coincidence.

I believe

Anti-Semitism - i.e. blaming the Jews for everything wrong in the world is just another ARM of this New World Order Globalist Military Industrial Complex which is silently pulling the strings behind the scenes using various puppets and regimes.

Hitler was part of a New European Order supported by many tycoons in London and Wall Street during his rise to power. His Anti-Semitism was a powerful tool used by these International Criminals to forge PROFITABLE CONFLICT. Hence the 2nd World War etc.

Someone is trying to blame Jews, Arabs and Christians etc for all the evils in this world.

More Profitable Conflict.


What has a person's racial, cultural , religious or heck even sexual background have got to do with anything anyway?!!!!!

How dumb can we get to fall for the same trick again.

Hitler and the Milner Group would be laughing.

Here is some Breaking News.

People who celebrate Hanukah, attend Bar Mitzvahs and who are circumcised DID NOT CARRY OUT OR ENGINEER 911.


It is unwise not to be able to see the difference.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Nice write up.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Is it just coinincidence...

...that nutters on all sides are banging on about "Jews"--as we approach the anniversary?

At 911oz they let an admitted Jew hater rage around the site not just making 911truth look bad, but making certain "clowns" look like victims


At the forum the "clown" runs threads openly declare "Jews did it".

At "jewmoonhoax.com", the protocols of Zion are something to seriously study, "even if they are fake" :roll:

Is it just me or does it look like another 911truth = anti-Semite smear campaign in full swing? Isn't that SO 2007?


911oz site

Much to John Bursill's (the guy who started the 11th of every month movement in Oz, and amazing activist and an all round awesome man) chagrin I might add.


We look at

..............everything ! The fact of the USS Liberty being attacked by Israel is a fact. I don't hate anyone!
Let's not explore all options!...........
Why do we support Israel unconditionally?............................
Nothing hides from our questions ! NOTHING !.............More important....The truth hides from no questions!
We know........... Something is very Fuc*ed up !............What the hell is it?
Rep we look at everything here. We don't assume. I want ask you one question Reprehensor. Does Chertoff hold duel citizenship?......... If he does something is very fu*ked up here!
I am also troubled by the the fact that Israel's were filming the collapse of the towers prior.
How the fu*k did they know?...................
Let's not bash this!....................Ask questions ........Demand answers !

I have a better idea.

You email me proof that Chertoff is a dual citizen.

No Need to Apply Israel's "Law of Return"

It is interesting to note that Israel's "Law of Return" confers Israeli citizenship automatically, without the immigrant having to apply for it, attend any ceremony, or swear any oath of allegiance.


I've heard that the US has a special agreement with Israel permitting people to be dual US/Israeli citizens. Is this true?

No. It just happens that Israeli citizenship law does not require renunciation of one's old citizenship in order to become a citizen of Israel.

In this regard, Israel is really treated no differently than Canada, the UK, France, or other countries which permit people to become citizens without giving up their old status.

As best I have been able to determine, the US does not have any sort of treaty facilitating dual citizenship with any other country. Dual citizenship arises, not out of explicit bilateral agreements between nations, but because each country makes its own laws respecting who is or is not its citizen, often without regard for whether a given person is considered a citizen by more than one country at once.

It is interesting to note that Israel's "Law of Return" (under which any Jew may immigrate to and become a citizen of Israel) confers Israeli citizenship automatically, without the immigrant having to apply for it, attend any ceremony, or swear any oath of allegiance. The Israeli law may originally have been written this way to encourage American Jews to move to Israel; they could, in theory, argue that they had not explicitly requested Israeli citizenship and were thus still entitled to keep their US citizenship. (Note that Mr. Afroyim, subject of Afroyim v. Rusk, was alleged to have lost his US citizenship, not because he had become an Israeli citizen, but because he had voted in an Israeli election.)

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the US ratified a series of citizenship treaties (the "Bancroft treaties", named after American diplomat George Bancroft). The intent of these treaties was to prevent dual citizenship by providing for automatic loss of citizenship by foreigners who obtained US citizenship, or by Americans who obtained foreign citizenship. As a result of the various Supreme Court decisions on dual citizenship, however, the Bancroft treaties became legally unenforceable, and all of them have by now been formally abrogated by the US. One of these treaties (the one with Sweden) is mentioned in the Supreme Court's decision in Perkins v. Elg.

Yeah but...

You still have to emigrate to Israel to obtain Israeli citizenship.

I would prefer

proof that Chertoff is a genuine US citizen instead. And by that, nothing on paper please.

Citizenship is not defined by birthright, just like nobility. It is defined by ONE'S ACTIONS. At least in my book.

Looking at what the Department of Homeland Security is doing one wonders how American or Constitutional the DHS is for that matter. And her leaders.

Is Bush an American? How American do we think Cheney is?
Or Wolfowitz? How American was the EPA?

Heck , how American or Federal is the Federak Reserve?

Bush is as representative of the United States of America as Chertoff or Wolfowitz are of Israel. "Dual-Citizenship" notwithstanding.

These people represent THEIR OWN INTERE$T$. And their Master$.

Manipulating National Ideaologies for Political and Financial Con$olidation.

It is as old as history. Roman Emperors were masters of this. We end up being pawns on THEIR Grand ChessBoard when we allow ourselves to be divided by racial or national boundaries.

911 was engineered for by a GLOBAL MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX for purposes of Global Dictatorship.

THAT IS WHY the MSM in China, RUSSIA, the ARAB States, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia etc played along. Thus far.

This is not about Israel, America, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the Jews, the Muslims or the Christians.

It is about a group of highly connected BU$$INE$MEN who have been profiting from major conflicts since before the 1st World War.

Corporate Financial Interests were served when 911 was engineered.

We should be targeting the INDIVIDUALS behind this CORPORATE INTERESTS. Rather than wasting time on their racial, religious or national backgrounds.


Not races.

They want a CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS so that they can PROFIT from it. Just like the 2nd World War.

Lets Learn about who and what financed HITLER. Their descendants control Washington D.C. , London still etc.

Let's wake up people and not dance to their tune. They are laughing all the way to the bank( the Fed included) when they see us self-destruct in our confusion on being unable to identify the real enemy.

Individuals and the Corporate War Machine they control have been behind these atrocities. Not Nations, Racial Groups or Even Religions.

Don't CONFUSE the Vehicles they use with the Drivers.

Its time to stop these Drivers. Once and for all.

G. O. D.




The individuals profiting from this G.O.D. war machine are the real enemy. Let's focus on that. All of us please instead of dividing ourselves into groups blaming races or religions or nations.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

I agree Wisdom. We look at everything!

Rep's panning of this film is unduly harsh. What if there were a cabal consisting of Jews (or any other ethnicity) behind much of what's wrong with the world? Should we not name it?

Accusations of anti-semitism are a kneejerk, routine reponse to criticisms of Jews and Israel. Jimmy Carter heard it, Walt and Mearsheimer heard it. It's so overused it's become meaningless.

Hence the need to make distinctions

'Accusations of anti-semitism are a kneejerk, routine reponse to criticisms of Jews and Israel. Jimmy Carter heard it, Walt and Mearsheimer heard it. It's so overused it's become meaningless.'

Ay, there's the rub. Just because it's so widely misused and overused today doesn't entitle us to overlook that the same old antisemitic canards of yesteryear still exist to some degree. Such accusations are often BUT NOT ALWAYS kneejerk. Sometimes they are misapplied to valid criticism of Israel and the pro-Israel lobby in the US; sometimes they are accurately applied to still-existing purveyors of 'Jews-run-the-world' plot lines.

'What if there were a cabal consisting of Jews (or any other ethnicity) behind much of what's wrong with the world? Should we not name it?'

'If' 'If'? What's being addressed is a film ostensibly about 9/11, not some random 'what ifs'.

Moreover, history's been full of attempts to demonstrate the existence of just such a cabal, and further attempts would likely show themselves to be the same-- red herrings, drawing the mass of people away from who and what is really oppressing them.

I'm sure Paula Zahn is

I'm sure Paula Zahn is preparing a hit piece as we speak.

And she did her best to make Christopher Bollyn look like

a racist already. Bollyn did nothing but stating facts.

Personally, I think there's

Personally, I think there's quite a bit to the Israeli connection. However, I really wish it wouldn't be 'jew jew jew'....the perception is certainly anti-Jew, when it should be anti-zionism or anti-Israeli-backed terrorism.

If the evidence leads us to Zionists & Mossad agents, then

that's where we'll need to go. (I'm quite sure Zionists & Mossad agents are not typical Jews anyway, and neither are hardcore Israelis. They are nuts-jobs & warmongers, like NeoCons, and many are NeoCons, in fact.)

It seems the U.S. & Israel have been partners-in-crime ever since Israel was invented in 1947. Religious beliefs were exploited to create Israel in Palestine & destabilize the entire Middle-East, just like the military/industrial complex desired. (Something had to help replace the m/i complex's endless profits after WWII ended in 1945, so there's Israel to the rescue merely 2 years later. Endless wars & fighting ever since.)

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

How does criticizing Zionists, Mossad agents, & Israelis make

one an anti-Semite? I don't believe it does. It's a great smear tactic though, as this has been ingrained in us by social engineering & the media.

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321


Person 1: I'm anti-Zionism
Person 2: Oh, you hate Jews?

Not criticizing Mossad or Israeli government policies for fear of being labeled an anti-semite is bad for the movement too. There are lots of Jews in Israel who criticize Mossad and Israeli policies too. Do they all hate Jews as well?

EDIT: Not defending the movie. Haven't even seen it. Just don't understand this knee-jerk reaction to avoid all criticism of Israel to "protect" the movement. Even if Mossad was subordinate to the CIA on 9/11, they were still involved.

EDIT 2: Upon further reflection I think Reprehensor is right in condemning this movie. I think Mossad and Israeli foreign policy should be criticized whenever and wherever appropriate. But this movie is full of baseless lies and racist slander which can only harm the movement. This movie should be roundly denounced in the same vein as DEW and TV fakery was a few years ago.

"Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government." -The Declaration of Independence

Reprehensor plays RepreCensor...

Interesting time we live in nowadays...

The interesting thing about people who act as barriers is that the pressure behind the barriers builds up exponentially BECAUSE of the placement of such barriers...and when the dams finally break, its always much worse than if information was allowed to flow freely in the first place. Because then it takes even longer to sort out all the crazyness.

In the end the truth will come out...and in the meantime...uneccessary boundaries are established...boundaries on BOTH sides.

But there ARE both sides...and that's the truth...

So, I suggest that its best to let stuff be, don't try to shape it how you think it "should be interpreted", and go for the facts wherever they lead...

Reprehensor, I do not desire the position that you have chosen to try and sustain...

...and of course, my name is:

Robin Hordon

...and this public admitance realy separates us quite a bit, I mean QUITE A BIT...dontcha think?

Who are you?



Rep is all for legitimate investigation into Israel's (mossad's) role in the attacks. There is definitely alot to the Israeli connection. The reason Rep seems to be coming down hard on things is because he wants this site to be clear of disinfo and trolls. Those folks provide the "debunkers" and hit piece creators with ample ammo. There have been a number of sites who have provided credible Israeli involvement info, then link to other websites that claim that Jews are the source of all the world's ills. We provide ammo to debunkers by uncritically endorsing such material. I think he's doing a fine job and some people are less comfortable than others revealing their real identity to the world when they are as prolific an activist on this subject as he is. When he feels comfortable, he'll use his real name. My real name is Adam Syed. I was awe-inspired by your testimony as I read it in "Debunking 9/11 Debunking." :)

EDIT: I haven't watched the film yet. I see some people believe Rep is "unduly harsh" this time (Sheila) so I'll reserve a certain degree of judgement for the moment.

since when has the 911 truth

since when has the 911 truth movement been a movement to combat "debunkers" ?

its about the truth isn't it?


You are not welcome to call me out on my use of a pen name, just as you are not welcome to call out others on the use of a pen name here. It worked for 'Publius', but unlike 'Publius', I'm a single entity.

I met you in Vancouver at the 9/11 Truth conference in person, and we also correspond privately using our actual monikers. So this is just unnecessary innuendo on your part.

Your posts here have varied from great, to needless potshots at WeAreChange, and not just a few. I cut you some slack on this, because your unique experience as an air traffic controller is definitely respected.

Why don't you try praticing CIVIL Informationing here at 911blogger.com?

That would mean dropping ad hominems like "RepreCensor" directed at me, or others here, and dropping your never-ending jihad against WeAreChange which you carry from thread to thread like luggage. Until then, please enjoy our roomy moderation queue.

"......needless potshots at

"......needless potshots at WeAreChange..."

I agree. We all can be more supportive of WeAreChange. They are doing some of the best work out there and critcising them for being passionate and VOCAL is just silly.

We need more Passion in this movement and those who try to pour cold water into the Fires of Freedom should check to see if their own Fire inside has died sometime ago.

Inspired People like WeAreChange should be commended for their Actions.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

I support civility

"Why don't you try practicing CIVIL Informationing here at 911blogger.com?"

I agree. I support the idea of CIVIL information and CIVILITY in general and I do not support name calling. For example, a recent entry on Robin's civil information blog (which I almost completely agreed with) had words like "sheeple", "stupid", "kool aid", "selfish", and other divisive attacks. I completely agreed with most of the blog entry except for the use of this language in a blog ironically calling for civility. I support the idea of CIVIL information, but we need to practice what we preach. Even in the face of people who do not share this mandate.
A 9/11/2008 Resolution: Start Your Own 9/11 Blog


I only watched ten minutes and I am thoroughly convinced this is cointelpro BS. Anyone who can't see this is asleep. Rep, I appreciate your play-by-play analysis, but it's not necessary. This is worse than a trojan horse. This is not to say that there may not be lots of "truth" and facts in it. That's what good cointelpro does best -- poison the waters with facts to lead you to a place where you can be destroyed. Here is my breakdown:

1) It's anonymous. This should be the first give-away. Who the fuck does this type of slick production anonymously? No one except someone who wants to hide their identity. Truthers aren't that humble.

2) I can't say for sure because i didn't (and won't) watch the whole thing, but there are no original interviews. No one was consulted. No one knew of this film while it was being made. The whole thing is a big fucking secret -- for good reason, I'm sure.

3) The only "producers" are "Prothink.org.", a website as innocuous as "911missinglinks.org" There are no people associated with either of these sites except for one guy named Mike Delaney and a phone number. If you're not already on Homeland Securities watch list, call that number and ask for Mike to be added. There is no mission statement, No nothing. It's a conitelpro front. I'd bet anything.

4) This is a professional big budget production made to look and sound like an amateur production. The two narrators were carefully chosen to sound like 20-something amateurs. But in the ten minutes I watched, the script was slick, well-written and researched. The archival footage alone tells you that huge amounts of research went into this. Go ahead, ask Jason, or Dylan or Alex or anyone else who has made a 911 flick or sat down with an editing program. It's production values are professional and no professional who is a truther would not credit anyone, it's just not done.

5) It's intent is multi-purpose.
a) to make truthers look anti-semetic
b) to get us off the track of Israel and the Mousad for fear of being labeled anti-semitic
c) to put us in a "catch 22" regarding Israel. If we attack the film, we undermine our legitimate efforts to implicate any real Israeli connections. If we embrace ANYTHING about this film we are garuanteed to be labeled anti-semites and a real threat to national security
d) in many ways, the damage is already done because it's out there and there are some truthers who buy right into this. We are now on the defensive, which is also part of its aim. It's a distraction and a very clever one

The movement needs to be very careful in responding to this, publicly, but we need to destroy this film. Thank you, Rep, for not allowing hyperlinks. But that's only the beginning. This fucking piece of crap needs to be slammed, and slammed hard. If we know it for what it is, we can do it and still retain all of the pertinent references if they are ever needed in the future. Most truthers have their facts straight and their heads screwed on. But anyone who is in the public eye needs to disavow this film and avoid, at all costs, discussing these issues in the context of the film. Some of us who are well-researched and who have good diplomatic skills might even consider being proactive and approach a few Jewish organizations and express our distaste for this type of evil propaganda. This is not much different than the plants in St. Paul who broke windows and started fires to make those protests look evil for the cameras.

The good news, here, is that they are doing this to us because we are really starting to win. Can we all get back onto some solid shit, like WTC7........ PLEASE.

A few random remarks

The film is not anonymous and it was announced a very long time ago by Mike Delaney at his site. Bits of it were shown at his site a long time ago.

The accusation that the movie is a professional production to look amateur-like is based on fantasy.

And it's called missing links because it shows not the things we already know but the opposite.

Show "We're not in any danger here" by Sheila Casey

Good piece

I get the impression that a lot of the folks commenting here have not seen the film in question.

Joo this. Joo that.

Blaming 911 on "the Jews" is not only foolhardy, it protects Israel and her intelligence agencies from proper scrutiny by muddying the waters with prefab "anti-semite" bait.

I get that impression too

Reprehensor is providing a public service here and being attacked for it by commenters who haven't even watched the damned thing. Kind of pathetic...

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Show "For those who haven't watched it..." by Sheila Casey

"Point of view" versus propaganda

"However I see no danger in exposing myself to all points of view".

I think you are missing the larger point here. If I give you information and it deliberately misleads the audience it is no longer a "point of view", it is propaganda. We don't need a manipulative "point of view", we need an open discussion of the facts. When a film, article, or any other source misleadingly portrays the facts it is no longer a "point of view" it is manipulation. Intentional or otherwise.

Reprehensor's critique of the film has met some interesting criticism. He points out many glaring omissions in the film. An omission is a kind of lying. As an example, if I tell you I went to the bank to get some money, but I omit the fact that I actually robbed the bank, I am deceiving you by not giving you all of the information. This is a technique of propaganda. Reprehensor in his review has clearly revealed that this film uses propaganda techniques. I said that Reprehensor gets some "interesting" criticism, because these issues appear to be largely ignored by the people criticizing his review. In other words, they seem to be missing the point that the film is manipulative in its treatment of the facts.

NO, not all information is equal and not all "points of view" are equally valid. Some points of view purposely omit information for their own agenda.

I don't know about you, but I don't watch Fox News for a reason. Their "point of view" is actually deliberate manipulation with techniques such as omission.

The MSM has made it their "point of view" that the 9/11 truth movement does not exist basically by avoiding to discuss the 9/11 truth movement. This is another example of propaganda through omission of the facts. Understanding how perceptions and "points of view" are manipulated through the SELECTIVE presentation of facts is a very relevant subject for the 9/11 truth movement. The official story of 9/11 itself uses the technique of OMISSION to hide glaring contradictions in the official account of 9/11.

Again, I will emphasize that we do not need "points of view", but an open and transparent discussion of the facts. What we do not need are misleading and selective presentations of information. This is an example of disinformation.
A 9/11/2008 Resolution: Start Your Own 9/11 Blog

excellent analogies

It's also surprising (or not so surprising) and revealing to watch how Rep's original critique of a FILM, has for some, turned into a critique of THE JEWS, and Arabesque's examples show precisely the power of media (especially film and television) in blurring critical distinctions and disguising manipulation. That's why this film is so dangerous. One of it's intents is to ignite latent hatred based on misconceptions and prejudice, and some of the comments on this thread clearly attest to it's ability to do that. So for all of you who are touting "critical thinking" concerning Israel, go back and reread Rep's original remarks. The clearly stated focus of his critique is on the blatant omissions and distortions in the FILM, omissions and distortions as obvious as those in the 911 Commission Report, itself, and why for that reason it should be suspect. It really has little or nothing to do with "the Jews."

The type of critical thinking we need more of is the type used by Rep to open up this thread.

Someone in the movement...

Recently sent this film out to a few people, and included myself (a jew), and another person (another jew), in the CC list, singling us out, and said that we have to address the "Jewish Problem." I took offense to that. I responded with...

If I made a movie that focused on all of the non-Jews that are suspects for the 9/11 crimes:

Dick Cheney, George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Myers, Ralph Eberhardt, Condoleezza Rice, John Ashcroft, Robert Mueller, George Tenet (nope, not a Jew), Richard Armitage, etc... etc... etc..

And put a big Cross on the cover, would you send out an email saying that we have to address the "Catholic/Christian Problem?"


This movie is CLEARLY "anti-semitic." I did take the time to watch some of it, and turned it off after hearing so many times how the "Jews" were responsible for this, and the "Jews" were responsible for that. Thank you Reprehensor for addressing this piece of crap film.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

I think Prothink is cointelpro

That dude hit me up and myspace and I looked at his site and it had lots of disinfo. I have a really hard time believing someone as well read as this Prothink guy can possibly be so well informed but at the same time so completely stupid. Those two characteristics don't coexist in individuals. I think he's an obvious shill, of the wolf in sheep's clothing variety.

Is it really so surprising that the same global network of facists that scapegoated Jews in the past, not just in Germany either (everywhere, they did it in Russia to undermine communism, and here to undermine democracy, Ku Klux Klan anyone) is back again running their standard playbook. Think people. It's obvious why they choose Jews as their most common scapegoat. Scapegoating 101, you have to start by picking a minority. Bingo, Jews are a minority, and the reason they're scapegoated the most is because they live all over the planet.

Evil men are always somewhere telling the clueless majorities that the minorities living in their community are the source of their problems. Doesn't matter where you go you can find this. It's the way of rulers. How else can you take a small group of people, and get the masses to give them all their wealth and power against their best interests. It's called divide and conquer. You pit the masses against themselves and then all they have to do is swoop in like scavangers and literally make a killing swooping up the remains. So the next time you hear somebody blaming somebody for something using some blanket term, know that they're probably full of shit. If they really knew what they were talking about they'd name the individuals.

Its not like that this is the only scapegoating going on. The PNAC Neocons, to be specific, are running lots of disinfo campaigns to obscure what they're really about.

You have one camp referring to them as socialists, ex-Troskyites, when that is in fact way off from the truth. They are nothing if not capitalist to the core. This has two effects. The first is to prey on leftover cold war paranoia, cause hey why not stretch their propaganda dollars for all they're worth. The second is to create distrust of socialism because god forbid people in the US notice that socialism is working for our neighbors in south america and improving their lives in the countries that have thrown off the shackles of imperialism.

Then you have have another camp referring to them as globalists. There is is big difference between those that think the world should come together in a spirit of co-operation and those that believe in global domination. This also has many effects in their interest. First off it pits people against the people that would like to see an end to the age of mans' conflict against itself. Obviously these folks don't fit the bill. They believe the opposite of of the PNAC Neocons who are into the old school methods for instituting and continuing empires. Rebuilding America's Defenses is more about destroying rivals to America's dominance of the globe and stealing other countries resources to enrich us and cripple others rather than creating a one world government. Think about it people. Why would a group of people that has been profiting from manufactured conflicts have any interest in creating a world where wars no longer existed and the people of the world got along. These facists are into divide and conquer, not can't we all get along. Once again they are shifting the blame onto their idealogical enemies. And the proof of this globalist conspiracy is a highway being built and some wall street banker on tv talking about the amero, as if he couldn't be put up to it in order to get people to support the red herring NAU conspiracy theory. I wonder why the the North American Union scare came about the same time that 9/11 truth started getting big. 1+1=2. Come on people, get with it.

Why do so many Americans have a hard time seeing the face of the enemy. Maybe it's because the enemy looks so much like us. Maybe it's because the enemy is our shared legacy with the people we so despise today. Maybe it's because the enemy is our real history as a country. We were so propagandized growing up in this country that we ignore what our country was built on. Don't get me wrong, a lot of good ideas were born with the US, but not without dirt attached. Land of the free, for land owning white men, but bondage for their African property. Democracy for white men, but not for their wives and daughters. A land of opportunity and plenty, unless you were the people that already called this land home, in which case you need to be shuffled to somewhere of no value. A nation born in theft and imperialism and inequality. Maybe the problem is that the enemy is us. The enemy is the people we are empowering and have always empowered due to our apathy and indifference and lack of ambition and willingness to step up to the plate ourselves and carry the mantle of responsibility. We the people, historically always so proud and willing to choose a representative to lord over us. Not surprisingly they have always been willing to support atrocities for financial gain and power. Like the great words of Malcolm X, "White power imperialism is the enemy. It was the enemy when it brought us in boats 400 years ago, it is the enemy today." Imperialism is the enemy. Its the root cause of of all these things we don't want to see happening in our world. Scapegoating happens because it also happens to be our way of life. Think about that.

I fully support Reprehensors critical analysis of this film and others' call for our community to openly attack this film. And I agree that Robin Hordon's attack on pen names is some bullshit. People don't use pen names to protect themselves. If they were concerned with their own safety they wouldn't be doing anything in the first place. Pen names protect the people close to us by giving them more distance from our activities. It can prevent some Bill O'Really, Rush Lovessmack consuming pawn from fucking with our loved ones out of a mixture of dumb ignorance, misplaced anger and copious amounts of alcohol. The people we're exposing can find out who any of us are and they have the power to ruin any of us at their will. They choose when and where to destroy us strategically.

Joe Biden called himself a Zionist

Biden said ” “When I was a young senator, I used to say, ‘If I were a Jew I’d be a Zionist.’ I am a Zionist,” he said. “You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist.”


Great minds ... think for themselves.

Truth about this film being spead on nationalist sites...

I see the truth is being spread on nationalist forums (MUST READ): http://www3.stormfront.org/forum/showthread.php?t=516165&page=4

Positive posts have been made since the abovepost by 12monk, such as:

"I think one should watch this film first, then read its numerous critics (regarding the info, the sources, etc.), but one should refrain from making a hasty judgment, either for good or bad, before they read ALL its critics (I mean the critics coming from our side)."


"I understand your point 12monk, and I respect your opinion highly, though my criticism of Missing Links may not be as harsh as yours. My main criticism is that DeLaney promotes Hufschmid and Bollyn, and that the movie is filled with misinfo (though not necessarily *disinfo*) coming from Bollyn's flawed work. I agree that it gives a bad image to 911 researchers pointing out to Israel's role in 911, because it jumps to conclusions many times. I recommend this one: *Montreal: The Next Terror Target?* If you liked Missing Links, it's a must watch for you. This documentary by Montreal 911-Truth exposes the Isrel-Mossad surveillance company - Verint - that had the contract for the London subways when the 7/7 bombings happened and also for the Montreal subways (third on the terror list after London and Madrid!). The documentary tells a lot about that jew-boy and wanted criminal Jacob Alexander, founder of Verint. See http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1188892712056990070"

and: http://www3.stormfront.org/forum/showpost.php?p=6778068&postcount=10

Although, the producer of that 'Missing Link' propaganda film (Mike Delaney, aka 'prothink') responded to 12monks excellent commentry:

"I find it hilarious that you try to persuade and protect Jews from the crime of 9/11 by posting what? An attack article full of STRAWMEN written by none other then JEWISH Alan Goldman of 911blogger.com, which is completely overrun by Jews who do what they do best when they commit crimes, control the dissent. His internet name is 'reprehensor'. Mr. Goldman is the same type of guy who wants to have 9/11 stay as far away from the holohoax issue as possible as well as who the real perps are from 9/11. Doesn't it bother you that over 90% of the bogus '9/11 troof/conspriacy movement' is controlled by Jews? And whoever that was that posted that on here got suckered by one or maybe the faceless account has more nefarious reasons. I became aware of race issues and such in the past year or so but I wouldnt have learned about it if not for studying 9/11 and fiiguring out it was Jews behind the crime. Listen to this recent radio show I did and see if you have any room to complain about what I do: http://prothink.org/?p=896 [Reference for this comment is here: http://www3.stormfront.org/forum/showpost.php?p=6777605&postcount=7]

And from the Exec Producer(myself - Mike Delaney) of Missing Links and other WN's comes this new film to expose the Jew behind the banking systems. Watch the rats scurry to attack this one as well! lol. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O80QxetR6RQ " Reference for this comment is here: http://www3.stormfront.org/forum/showpost.php?p=6777605&postcount=7 [Reference for this comment is here: http://www3.stormfront.org/forum/showpost.php?p=6777648&postcount=8]