Rocky Mountain News - You Tube Video: DNC: UNCUT Police slam Code Pink to ground

More police state civil liberties violations . . .

Fascism in Denver

Defend the Republic!

This video...

gets me more and more mad every time I watch it.
Not only is this completely and utterly ridiculous, but for a man with a baton to do that to a woman, and proceed to call her a "Bitch" (I believe...) right after he shoves her... Ugh... makes me want to spit.

See everyone in NYC... one week!

Mark in Philly

I am with you 100%. This,

I am with you 100%.

This, and many of the other videos taped at the DNC & RNC are very upsetting, to say the least.

Silence is complicity.

We all must speak out ('get up, stand up") at every opportunity. 9/11 can be the crack that breaks the dam.


What do McCain , Obama and McKinney have to say on this ?

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,

I also am shocked and shamed to see this violence. Is this going to be the future of America ?

What do the presidential candidates John McCain , Barack Obama or Cynthia McKinney have to say on this.

If they nave nothing to say, then I will be scared for America because the gangrene sets in there by these type of free violent acts going un checked.

Towards this policeman we have to keep OUR CALM as we are not like him ( we are not violent citizens but peaceful and responsable ) , and we should proceed in such a way so that he is publicly sanctioned for his act.




the mainstream media who even make mention of this stuff say that the protesters "aren't really protesting anything" ... yeah, we're just the unwashed masses whose tax dollars pay the politician's salary. why would we have anything to say about two illegal wars, the gutting of our constitution, and the politics of fear used to keep a stranglehold on this nation? i wonder what the republicans' plan D is now that babygate has blown up in their faces.

it's getting pretty scary.

A brutal jab/shove like that could have easily disrupted that

petite lady's heartbeat or breathing & been fatal! That blackshirted thug is a vicious maniac who needs criminal charges pressed against him immediately!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:


Another sadist in uniform getting his kicks from beating up on the defenseless.

Will something be done about this?

I hope so...

They can't be allowed to get away with this shit.

I hope this gets pushed til those asswipes are procecuted. Somebody keep us posted.

Some other cities...and approaches...

Some civilian got pissed and tackled the arresting cop.

...but here is another approach trying to avoid violence or problems of arrest in Chicago...