9/11 claims one more victim

DAILY NEWS SEPT 4th 2008 writer Michael Daly

WTC hero Kenny Johannemann, who pulled a burning man from WTC, poses with talk show host Jenny Jones.

After Kenny Johannemann shot himself, relatives found a letter on White House stationery in the one-room apartment he shared only with his cat.

October 31, 2001

Dear Kenny,

We send you our heartfelt thanks and the thanks of a grateful Nation for your selfless efforts in responding to the tragic events of Sept. 11. Your actions in the midst of this national tragedy were truly heroic. Your saving a man who was on fire by dragging him out of an elevator and getting him to an ambulance reflected the best of the American spirit.


George Bush
Laura Bush

Johannemann was a part-time janitor assigned to clean rest rooms in the north tower on 9/11 and was, indeed, credited with saving a man.

His family says that day changed him, that he became withdrawn and began drinking heavily, falling in and out of work.

Twelve days before the seventh anniversary of the day he saved a life, Johannemann took his own.

The police then vouchered another letter, the suicide note the 43-year-old wrote on Sunday afternoon, shortly before the 5 p.m. deadline his landlord had set for him to vacate for nonpayment of rent.

"The reason I killed myself was 'cause I was getting evicted and I can't handle being homeless. I also am very depressed since I was in 9/11. I've been drinking way too much and it's ruined my life. I've lost friends and family over drinking and I'm very lonely. There is nothing left for me to be happy about other than my cat. Sounds weird, but it's true. I just wanted to say sorry 2 any people I ever hurt in my life. I really was a good person when I wasn't drinking. I hope people remember that!


Kenny Johannemann"

On a separate sheet was a plea: "Please find my cat a home. His name is Papa-Boy and he's a very special cat."

The police brought Papa-Boy to the 122nd Precinct stationhouse on Staten Island. The tabby was trembling when one of Johannemann's cousins, Gerald Maya, picked him up. Maya also collected Johannemann's cell phone. He dialed every number in it to pass on the tragic news.

"Everybody I called on his cell phone said, 'I would have given him the money. The guy was beautiful.'" Maya said Wednesday. "Nothing bad on this man."

Maya had offered Johannemann a place to stay, as had another cousin who lived nearby. Johannemann had declined.

"I really can't tell you why," Maya said.

The other cousin, Joseph Maya, spoke of the Johannemann before 9/11; a man who seemed content in his work and who delighted in his extended family.

"He had a job and he was happy," Joseph Maya said.

Johannemann often said he might have been killed on 9/11 had he not stopped to get a cup of coffee just before the plane hit.

Otherwise, he might have been on an elevator when a jet crashed and flaming fuel poured down the shaft.

Instead, he was waiting for an elevator when he heard a huge bang and the doors burst open. A man tumbled out on fire and Johannemann helped him to an ambulance.

"He was burned up bad but he was still alive," Johannemann told People magazine.

In the aftermath, Johannemann appeared on the "Jenny Jones Show" and received the letter from the White House. Privately, the hero became a reclusive alcoholic.

"He just started backing away and not bothering with anyone," Joseph Maya recalled.

He avoided family, even on the holidays he had always loved. He seemed convinced he was friendless and alone.

"He said he had nobody, but meanwhile everybody loved him," Joseph Maya said.

In May, he moved into a single room on Rome Ave. He landed a job as a custodian at a Manhattan museum two weeks ago, but he had fallen two months behind on his rent. The landlord, Anthony Mallazzi, told him to be out by 5 p.m. Sunday.

As the deadline neared, one of Mallazzi's sons heard a sound like a popping paper bag. Mallazzi arrived home soon afterward and went to see if his tenant had moved out. The door was open.

"I said, 'Kenny? Kenny?'" Mallazzi recalled.

Mallazzi entered and saw Johannemann. Nearby lay the two letters, the one on White House stationery and the suicide note.

"He was a 9/11 hero," Mallazzi said Wednesday. "He saved a person on 9/11."

Mallazzi paused.

"Who the hell's to blame?" Mallazzi said. "I feel a little guilty. Everybody feels a little guilty."

On Wednesday, Johannemann was waked at a Brooklyn funeral home.

Papa-Boy was at the cousin's house, cowering in corners, but beginning to venture out.

"At least he stopped shaking," Gerald Maya said.


are insufficient to describe the magnitude of this Tragedy.

Rest in Peace.
The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

The Same Person Interviewed On 9/11 By CNN?

There is a well known clip of a man of similar appearance being interviewed on 9/11 by CNN before either tower fell who described rescuing a man inside one of the towers before evacuating.



Tony Nicer
"Real Eyes Realize Real Lies"

here's the clip you mentioned Aidan

it is indeed him. he states his name in the clip as "Johannemann". truly heartbreaking.


That's The One

Very unfortunate.

Kenny even provided great evidence is stating that he was "in

the basement & the elevator blew-up." (Near the end of the clip.) That's about 800 feet below where the plane hit! Why would the elevator blow-up down in the basement if it weren't for explosives???

In this Japanese video, Kenny appears at about 1 minute in. (Note: no audio until about 30 seconds in. Also the second half of the video is intense.)

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321


Too upsetting to even explain. As bad as I feel for this stranger to me, I can't help but be upset for his family. What a loss, a tremendous loss.
Great man lossing his life too damn early. I apreciate what he did that day for his fellow American. We have lost and continue to lose too many innocent people from this mind-numbing horrible sick event. We have to remember these great people when we are up against scutiny for demanding the truth. We must continue to fight for justice for them.


My condolenses...

To the Johannemann family.

Edit: We had a moment of silence for him on last night's call.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

I wish i knew him

I wish i knew him...i wish i had found him on myspace or something stupid like that---just some way to connect with him. He definately needed someone to talk to and sometimes you need the annonimity of the web for that---sometimes it is hard to open up fully to those who are around you and love you---you are afraid to scare them or disapoint them with your problems--you dont want them to know how depressed you are or lonely you feel. My cats have helped me too---so, his rely on his cat for compnionship is nothing silly.
My tears for him now dont do any good, i just wish i could have met him. He is someone i would have loved to have met.
Kenny---I really wish you to have beautiful peace now and I'm so sorry---we all are, for your pain and suffering.

Nicely said.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

We all knew him...

We all knew him, Tonya, in our hearts anyway. That's why we are doing what we're doing here. If anything, I'm feeling a little bit guilty. For all of my bitching and moaning about the "perps," I haven't yet given any money to groups like the Fealgood Foundation. I need to change that -- today!

This is how our gov't takes care of our heroes with post

traumatic stress & alcohol addiction--leave them to fend for themselves & let them be evicted onto the street! Absolutely disgusting!!!

May he now R.I.P.

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

New 9/11 Film: The Elephant in the Room on Google Video

Currently #13 on Google video:
(covers first responders)

And, this from BrasscheckTV:


9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars

PTSD Can Affect Many

We all should make room for some compassion to those who are suffering deep traumatic depression. Someone you know may be dealing with it. Go and talk to a friend who has withdrawn from you, that might help them a little through his or her day.

No one is immune to developing these severe conditions...be kind to yourself and others.

great advice

Thats great advise and very very true im sure there are many NYC inhabitants that suffer from this in various degrees.

We are all a little damaged since 9/11. I have struggled with "PTSD" since 9/11 in varying degrees. My personal issues my ups and downs are similar to Kenny's. Those that know me Know of what i speak of.

A lot of times I just want to tell someone what I'm feeling and going through but I also know that many people I know are going through similar issues in varying degrees, so I just keep it to my self. That is a major symptom of PTSD, being alone with our sickness.

Sometimes I get the feeling that people are burnt out with my issues. There have been many people that have supported me emotionally and in other ways. John Feal was one that helped me when i was in a dark place and even called the company I worked for and got my Job back when i lost it because of these issues. William Rodriguez is another person who has reached out to me and helped me through some tough times also. I say all this to say many of us have issues many of us get burnt out many of us need one another.

As this 7 year marker approaches I think of those I could of helped and didn't because of my own insecurity and issues and make a commitment to --- day by day reach out to someone I know and just ask 3 simple question "how are you my friend? are you doing ok? is there anything that I can do for you?"

I will honor the memory of the fallen and of Kenny and pledge to myself to never never forget so that i may forever remember that i am not the only person going through issues and that i am not alone...... And my Hope is that by reaching out to someone else I can once again "FEALGOOD" that some day I can get better --- i will get well.


Tony Nicer
"Real Eyes Realize Real Lies"