German "Auslandsjournal" yesterday on WTC 7

Yesterday the german ZDF /second german state channel brought their longer teaser for the german version of BBC/Mike Rudins take on WTC 7.

Here it is on youtube (german language)

It was quite good- besides they don't point out Richard Gage name and profession and Dr. Steven Jones profession.

I would like to see the good German people participate even more

in 9/11 truth, considering how they fell into Nazism merely 65 years ago! I'm certain they don't want anything like that to ever happen again, anywhere in the world!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

The teaser leans on Richard Clarke...

... to explain that the government would have been incompetent to accomplish 9/11...

Interestingly, it claims that WTC 7's destruction took over 30 seconds. ?!

Quite good?

No, the main point was that the "conspiracy theorists" are wrong. Unfortunately I didn't see it live, and the audio is garbled at the end, but I did understand something like, "A better explanation than what NIST offers doesn't exist." Wrong. A better and more rational explanation is the theory that is (to give ZDF credit) at least mentioned earlier, which is that the US govt did it themselves. It is clear, however, that this theory is not given credence by ZDF (and by implication, God Almighty).

In general, since I live in Germany, I can tell you that the disinformation here is exactly parallel to the disinformation in the good old USA and I suspect everywhere else, except on the internet.

I agree

Yep I agree,
It was a hit piece trying to get the WTC 7 ghost back in the box.
It does mention Pr. Jones's name and profession as well as publish it in a text box across the screen by the way.